Our little secret

This past Saturday was National Quilting Day. I think it’s important to honor this day by working on a quilt project, or at least doing some shopping for fabric for a future quilt project….Quilt room

I did none of those things to honor the day. In fact, quite the opposite. My quilt room got dismantled and turned back into a dining room. Let me tell you that cleaning up a quilt room ( or at least mine) is no task for the faint of heart! It took quite a while, because while some items obviously get packed together ( fabric, books, magazines), other items are just so miscellaneous that it’s hard to know what to pack together. So I spent quite a few hours just twirling around in my room, trying to figure out how to organize boxes. On top of that I was also sorting through the fabric and books and magazines ( still a work in progress~ I own a lot of magazines!), so that didn’t help with the efficiency. Sigh. But it got done. The room got repainted, and then refurnished, and I have to admit it looks really nice.

My table and chair project that I started a few months ago look really great in the space and they actually came out rather like I had envisioned them ( that doesn’t happen too often 😉 ).

For the next few months my sewing desk has been relegated to a dark corner in the basement where I can at least still access it, but with all my fabric pretty much packed up I can’t imagine working on too much. I did try and keep out a few projects to possible work on, like son’s graduation quilt, a Springy table runner, and my lady bug quilt:

But other than that I have resigned myself to working on some handwork….hey, maybe I will actually finish hand quilting some projects!

I figure if I start to suffer from quilt withdrawal too much, I am going to treat myself to a little teeny trip to my favorite quilt store….and shush, don’t tell anyone, but that buffet in our dining room? That is really my cutting table! It was hubby’s great idea to leave that piece in the room, because it matched our hutch anyway. So potential buyers are going to think that my good dishes are all stacked inside, while in reality this is what’s hiding behind those doors!

I hid my cutting mat under the sofa so that when I need to cut some fabric, I can quickly empty off the top of the buffet, place my mat, and cut away. Then when I’m done, undo that, and it looks perfect again. Such a clever solution.secret cutting table So today I did just that. I have issued a new challenge in the facebook group. Interested participants can send me a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope ( or SASE) and I send them a stamped image, which they then embroider and turn into something cute. Today I received 9 envelopes in the mail, so I quickly had to cut some more fabric and stamp some more images! stamping the images for embroideryThese are all ready to be popped in the mail tomorrow. It will be so fun to see what everyone does with their girlies and I can’t wait til May when we reveal them!

So although I didn’t celebrate National Quilting Day in quite the way I wanted, I hope you all did something special! Please share in the comments how you spent the day. I would love to know!

Until next time~Happy creating!


19 thoughts on “Our little secret

  1. Monique, a friend and I visited a fabric shop about 60 miles away, called The Little Red Hen. Some very sweet ladies run the place. My friend Tina bought fabric for 2 quilts and I took care of my addiction. I bought about 20 fat quarters, no specific l plans for them. I just love them and the shop always has a table full of them for $2each. Then we went to a quilt show where my friend had 2 quilts entered. It was a good day. This has been our yearly thing for 4 years now.

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  2. I don’t envy you the sorting and packing, Monique. I love your little girlies. I have an idea, but don’t belong to your group. They are just too cute!!!

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  3. Hi Monique,
    It’s a little sad to see your house is being cleaned up for moving.
    And it’s a great idea that your group members can get those cute girlie stamped fabrics!
    Sorry, I haven’t contacted you for a while.
    I miss you!
    Let’s have some tea and chatting time together soon:)

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  4. I had my Mum and daughter to fuss over and heaps of ironing, but while I ironed I dreamt of a day that I will have the perfect space and the time to actually quilt. So that sort of is quilty related, I hope. Love your little secret quilty space, great idea. Take care.

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  5. It must be sad to pack up your sewing room but on the plus side the chair and table look fantastic-you did a great job.
    Another positive will be to think about the new sewing space you will be able to set up when you move to your new home-I hope you can find a great space to set up in.

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  6. A very practical little secret Hehe 😂😁 so glad you’re seeing the best in the situation xxx I did get to do a little sewing, not as much as I wanted of course, but some little mug rug projects got some work done on them, and some pressing of one of my quilt projects 😊

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  7. Ach I myself had “other commitments ” I could not break so I could not even get close to my sewing machine until well into evening ! I did manage to make some “Ted in the bed” for kids Easter Baskets though ! Not exactly quilting but I did get to sew ! Got my material fix in for the day 😊

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