A great exercise plan…and is it like riding a bike?

Hello there,

Last Sunday I turned on my sewing machine for the first time in 3 or 4 weeks. WHY? You may ask unbelievingly? Well, as many of you know, our house will be going on the market in the next few weeks and we have been busy getting it all ready to look its best. Looking its best unfortunately included having to turn my quilt room back into a formal dining room ( you can read more about that post here). I packed up pretty much everything ( which took a LONG time, let me tell you!), but I was NOT going to pack up my sewing machine…no sir, not going to happen. Obviously I couldn’t keep it in the dining room so I decided to move it to the basement. There it sat for a number of weeks because I was busy packing up and decluttering and doing all that other “fun” stuff that comes with moving. If you think that I didn’t get to do anything creative you are wrong~ there is no way that I couldn’t have anything crafty to do~ so I worked on hand embroidery projects like this oneredwork project and these:

But on Easter Sunday I decided it was time to go downstairs and get reacquainted with my machine…let me tell you that I wasn’t sure if I remembered how to sew! dark little basement cornerThat may sound funny, but when you sit at your machine practically every day and then you don’t use it for so long you are out of your routine. Luckily it turns out that it IS like riding a bike…you might be a little rusty at first, but everything does come back pretty quickly! Are you wondering what I worked on? Well, remember this table runner that I started a few months back?wonky Log Cabin table runner It has wonky Log Cabin blocks and a free form tongue border. I just loved the happy colors ( Sundrops by Corey Yoder) I found in the Moda scrap bag that I bought and I thought this would be a fun, free-form project. The runner had been done for a while and all it needed was the binding. ( Dumb me packed up the fabric I was going to use for the binding so I ended up making a scrappy binding from the same fabric line as the quilt~ luckily there was enough left!). Anyway, now I happily have a binding to sew on in the evenings when I don’t feel like embroidering!

Are you wondering about the other part of my title? Well, remember when I admitted to my little secret hiding space in the dining room? So my cutting table is in the  dining room, my ironing board is upstairs in the bedroom, and my sewing machine is in the basement. Great exercise plan? Maybe, but I prefer to have everything on the same level :D. Running from cutting table to the ironing board, then to the sewing machine in the basement, and back up 2 stories to press may be a good workout, but it does take away from the flow of creating! I can’t wait until we have this move behind us and I can be happy in my new sewing space! P.S. Still no new house bought. We have found one, but a home inspection turned up quite a few issues that would have to be dealt with right away, so we are not sure this one is going to work out. Keep your fingers crossed that we find the perfect place soon!

Until next time~Happy creating!


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6 thoughts on “A great exercise plan…and is it like riding a bike?

  1. I feel for you Monique! I would be a cranky crafty if I couldn’t get to all my goodies & had to run up & down stairs to do anything. We lived in a house that was so small I could vacuum it all from one plug & you couldn’t open the oven & fridge at the same time. Needless to say, my crafty things were in boxes! It took more effort to find what I needed than it was worth sometimes. Hope you find your space soon!

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  2. I feel for you. We moved to different states twice and it was so difficult. I still miss my big, open plan, Home in Texas. I would have brought it to AZ if I could have. I do love our home here but we decided to downsize, I’ll never do that again, and I miss all the lovely space I had before. I’m hoping you find the perfect house with the perfect sewing room. I love the redwork embroidery and the table runner.

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  3. Very persistent of you not to stop sewing despite the difficulties Monique. I feel for you! I am sure you will find just the right house in the perfect timing but is is hard to wait not knowing how long for etc but I hope that everything go well for you all in the meantime; and that you all manage to keep positive despite it all!

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