Life’s ups and downs

Oh my goodness, I can’t believe how long it has been since I wrote a blog post! Packing up and getting ready to sell a house are obviously not my muse, because I haven’t been inspired to start any new projects. Luckily I have a very active facebook group and I live vicariously through those wonderful ladies that like to share pics of their projects ;).

I have managed to do a little bit of stitching in the evenings and my redwork is coming along very nicely! red work. I think when this is done I might just splurge and get it framed professionally and then give it a place of honor in my new quilt room….speaking of which….we have bought our new house! Yay, it is so nice to know that we have a new home to move to, although this house is pretty old and it does need a LOT of cosmetic work (can you imagine wallpaper on every…single…..wall….( including some of the ceilings!)). We also have dreams of finishing the basement and the attic, as well as redoing the ancient kitchen….I think I better start buying lottery tickets to afford all these dreams~hahaha. But we are looking forward to doing a lot of the jobs and making the house “ours” and I figure it has to be good karma that the one and only owners of the home lived there happily for 40 years!

So just because I haven’t been doing many ( any) new projects, it didn’t stop me from dreaming about starting some new ones :). On Instagram I discovered Margot Languedoc who owns The Pattern Basket, and I bought this amazing pattern from her:Trinkets by The Pattern BasketIsn’t that the sweetest looking quilt? And I’m sure I have the perfect layer cake to start this one! ( Probably several, but shhhh, don’t tell hubby). I also treated myself to Lori Holt’s Scrappy Project Planner ( which I also saw in use on Instagram~yep, spending a lot of time Instagramming these days….).Lori Holt Scrappy Fabric Planner by Fat Quarter ShopThis is a mash-up of a planner, journal, scrapbook and pattern book really. There is a place to plan your projects, a place to take notes about the projects, 6 patterns only available in this book, plus so much more. I just had to have it and I can’t wait to start planning my next project!

In the evenings I have also started hand quilting this happy quilt that I pieced together quite a while ago already….but you know how it goes….you get distracted by a new project and before you know it, the old one is at the bottom of a pile somewhere…Big Churn Dash quilt

I am stitching this one with a BIG stitch ( that’s all these eyes can take anymore!) and I think it is going to be a charming quilt when it’s done. ( This is a pattern by Camille Roskelley and came out of one of her books).

On a sad note, we lost our beloved pup of 14 years this past Wednesday.  I always told him he was the best pup ever, and he really was. I miss him like crazy. Luckily my daughter and I got to be with him until the very end and I think that comforted both him and us.  Losing a pet is always difficult, but I am so glad that we got to enjoy him for so long. Forever in my heart, my sweet Canyon.Canyon

I found this quote ( well, a partial quote) and it really spoke to me:

“You have to take the good with the bad, smile with the sad. love what you got, and remember what you had”.

Until next time,


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16 thoughts on “Life’s ups and downs

  1. Good to get an update on your crazy life right now! I am so sorry about your dog. Perhaps a new 4-legged family member after the move.

    So glad you found your new home! I remember that feeling of “houselessness”. But, I don’t envy you the removal of wallpaper. It was a true disaster when I removed the paper in my kitchen. Let me just suggest a good undercoat/sealer and spray on texture, then paint. It will look like new and you won’t have to worry if you remove the paper if the texture that was under it will come off and take you directly to the sheet rock. Gee, wonder how I know that – lol!

    So when is the moving date? Has your current home sold? So much goes into moving that is stressful and a disruption of “life as we know it”!


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    1. Thanks, Paula. I like your suggestion of just going over top of the wallpaper! Whatever made people decide it was a good idea to wallpaper the ceilings?? 😉
      And yes, moving is disruptive and stressful and I’m not planning on doing it again any time soon. 🙂


  2. Hi Monique,

    I’m so sorry for your loss of your pup. I’m sure he was the happiest pup because of your family’s love. I like the quote very much. Thank you.

    Congratulations on buying your new home. I know it’s so hard to find a newer and nice home in the area. But I’m sure that you are going to make a cozy and beautiful home!
    Let me know whenever you need any help.

    Take care!

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  3. Hi Monique,

    Pets ARE family, it’s hard to say “Good-bye”. Thinking of you at this time.
    I love seeing your on-going projects and the progress of each. Glad you’ve found a “new” place to call “home”. Hope your move goes well. It will be fun setting up your new creative space. Please share some pics of it when you’ve got it set up. 🙂


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  4. You certainly have your hands full. Im sorry about your beautiful pup, its so hard to loose them and you never forget, love the quote. Congrats again on your new home, sounds like our place, we have wallpaper in the toilet, yes very pretty not…. But like all things if you have the time you usually don’t have the money and vice versa, so I am thankful that my kids and hubbie are healthy and the rest will come and if not, so what Im kind of getting used to the wallpaper. Take care.

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  5. Monique, I am so sorry about your dog, Canyon. Sending you lots of hugs. I’m really happy you found a new house. Think of the fun you’ll have fixing up you new sewing room.

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  6. Our fur babies provide so much love and companionship unconditionally and all they expect in return is the same. It is so difficult to lose one that has chosen us to be in their life. Remember the good times and know Canyon is always with you…thinking of you and your daughter at this time.

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  7. We had a lot of wallpaper to remove too! Then a niece told us a trick used by interior decorators. they take a scoring tool (which you can get in any home improvement store) and a clothes steamer. Score the paper and steam. let set a few minutes and just peel it off. 🙂 It REALLY worked!!!!

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  8. So glad to hear that you have got your new house-yaay! It will be great to make it your own-just think of all the new things you could make to add to your decorating to make it even more your own!
    Hope all goes well, and glad to hear you are still crafting with your redwork and quilting. The redwork looks great!

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