Redos and finishes

Hello friends,

As many of you already know, my husband and I purchased a new “old” home  about a month ago. This house is 40 years old and was lived in by only one couple! From the moment I stepped inside I felt welcome. Does that happen to you when you enter certain spaces?

Well, this house was like that for me ( and really  “us”, because that same afternoon that we first saw it, we put in an offer!).new home This house is older than all of the other houses we have ever owned combined ! And so it has some funny little quirks and definitely needs some updating! For example, there is wallpaper everywhere….I kid you not. ( Funnily enough, there are cable outlets everywhere too, even on the sun porch and in the unfinished attic….I guess that the previous owners really wanted to make sure they could watch TV in every room!). Some of the wallpaper in the house is really charming and cute and totally goes with the cottagey feel of the home, but others simply had to go! What will be my new quilt space has adorable wallpaper which I’ll happily adopt!new quilt roomBut the dark family room, without any windows, had to have that wallpaper removed! It might have looked good in a brighter room, but in this room it just wasn’t working for us!family roomSo we ( mostly hubby!) have been happily working away at removing wallpaper and repainting walls and ceilings! So far we have removed the wallpaper in all the downstairs rooms where it was a priority, and many of those rooms have also been giving a coat of paint already.

Looks so much better already! That dark brick just had to go because this room is a dungeon! We also picked out a new laminate that will go throughout the downstairs rooms:

new flooring picked outIsn’t that much better than that old carpet?! Luckily we ( and mostly my hubby 😉 ) are pretty handy and so we will tackle the installation of the flooring when it arrives. It’s nice when you can do a lot of the work yourself because it saves you some money. Our oldest son was a real trooper and tackled the downstairs bathroom on the weekend…this room was wallpapered from TOP to BOTTOM, including the ceiling! It made it feel incredible small and cramped. But our son went in there with the wallpaper steamer and came out several long hours later having removed it all! Now we just have to figure out how to remove the vanity and mirror  ( which seems to be glued on the wall, I kid you not!), and then we can start making it pretty in there ( chiefly my job…yay!). I have been having a ton of fun “shopping” for possible vanities and such and I really feel like one of those famous TV designers ( except I am missing that BIG budget that they always seem to have ;). No matter, we are going to replace things as time and budget allows, but we are of course trying to get as much of it done before we move the family in!

So amid  house renos, I came to the realization that middle son’s graduation was sneaking up fast ( as in in 2 weeks time!). I had started a quilt for him months ago, and then put it aside thinking I had tons of time to finish it up….oopsie!final layout grad quilt So last week I pulled out the blocks and finished up the last 3 that I needed and then started putting the top together. My intention was to just sew the blocks, quilt it, and add a binding, but when I laid out the blocks, the quilt seemed to be missing something. It was really a smidge too small to cuddle with, and those blocks seemed to be asking for a border….hmmmm. With all my blue fabric packed away I faced a dilemma, but I finally decided the quilt HAD to have borders so off I went to buy some fabric. Luckily I found something that I really like so here is the final look:Grad quilt top completedNow it’s all layered and ready to be quilted and I think I can pull it off in the next 2 weeks….any volunteers out there that want to help sew on the binding?! Ha! Don’t be like me and procrastinate on your projects, okay? Quilting is more fun and relaxing when you are not in a time crunch;)

Until next time~ Happy creating!


33 thoughts on “Redos and finishes

  1. Oh my gosh! No windows in the family room???? Good for a viewing room but I sincerely would hate that…but then again, I HAVE to have light and bright Good job at removing the wallpaper and painting the brick. Is it a totally inside room or is there a possibility you could add a window in the future?

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    1. I’m with you…I need light and bright…the room has a patio door but it comes out on a covered sunroom which of course makes it super dark still. I am hoping that if we paint everything a light, bright color ( including the sun room 😉 ) that it will at least not feel so dark. And yes, a window is definitely a possibility in the future 😀


  2. Your new to you home is lovely and situated so nicely. Best wishes on the Reno…..we,not really me,did a new floor in our bedroom this past weekend. Similar laminate….looks awesome. Keep us posted on your progress 🌸

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  3. Love the house renovation pics — keep ’em coming! Yikes — your graduation quilt (gorgeous) reminds me that I will have a senior graduation next year. I’d better start on his quilt now…;)

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  4. Your new house is beautiful. We felt the same way as you when we walked into our current home. We were home. Just turning into the street we live on and see those huge mountains I feel at peace. My hubby spent a month painting, plumbing, putting in new engineered wood flooring etc before we moved in and we’ve spent the past few years remodeling one room at a time as budget allows. It’s really fun picking out new goodies for a home. I hope your new home brings you much joy and you and your family will be very happy there. Love your son’s new quilt, especially the border. It just finishes off the quilt.

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  5. Beautiful home. Oh it’s so pretty. It will be even prettier with your quilty things in there. Awesome graduation quilt too. So pretty. Y’all are doing a wonderful job on your home. Have a great day!!

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  6. What a beautiful home! Your changes will make it perfect. The quilt for your son is very attractive! Hopefully it will be well cared for as well as used and be a treasured keepsake.

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  7. Thank you! As for the well-cared for quilt?? I don’t hold out very high hopes for that when I see the state of his bedroom floor…( although I have to admit that our kids all have a well-ingrained respect for quilts 😉 )


  8. Monique, Your house looks cozy and the quilt too! I know you will have everything just the way you want them in a few weeks. My husband and I hope to be moving in a month to an in-law-suite at my son’s new house being built. We have been living in a spare room right now. We sold our house
    before he did. Downsizing from 2,300 sq ft to 750 sq ft, I have a lot more to give a way or sell coming up. I made sure I have a craft room! Pictures later.
    Love your blog and ideas. I so want to try your latest stamp and embroidery project.

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  9. Wow the place is looking really great, yes I agree get as much done when its empty, because afterwards its a construction nightmare. Love your sons quilt, wish I lived closer would adore sewing on the binding (my super favorite thing on a quilt). Would your older son like to come for a visit and to remove some more wallpaper?? pretty please??? Take care.

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      1. Yeah… I’ve been researching redoing old homes. Lots of money, isn’t really an option. But… we will see. There’s another home on 10 acres that’s only 20 years old, move in ready, and more to finance. Hoping to get a nudge about which is the best fit. ❤️ Lots of prayers got me to this point.

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  10. I’m sorry- I wouldn’t be sad to see wallpaper go bye-bye! There are some fabulous modern wallpapers these days, great for powder rooms, the only place I’d venture trying one. You surely have a great redo on your hands! I can’t to see what you do with everything, of course the studio and kitchen!

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  11. How lovely to find a house that you feel is home when you step inside! It sure would take all the pressure off trying to decide which house to buy.
    Your renovations are looking really good-it’s always exciting to see your decorating visions become reality.

    The quilt for your son looks great-very effective. I love the blue border-and what a great excuse to buy more fabric!
    Hope his graduation goes well, and that he enjoys the quilt made with love just for him!

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  12. How did I miss this?? Remodeling is fun – mostly! You should check out your local Habitat for Humanity for some things, they usually have some great deals on home improvement stuff. Your quilt top looks great!


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