Hey, it’s a crafty post!

Hello friends,

I am so excited to be sharing a crafty type of post for a change! There has not been a lot of crafting going on of late, but this past week I decided to pull out my one little box that holds some fairly recently acquired goodies, and start on a new project…YAY!!

( This post contains affiliate links, meaning that if you buy something through one of my links, I will receive a small commission at absolutely NO extra cost to you~this helps keep my blog running; Thank you!)


I decided to use a Cake mix recipe book and this cute bundle of Fat Quarters that I had picked up at my local quilt store:


Have you tried one of these Cake Mix Recipes before? They are really fun and easy to use! What they are is a book filled with ALL THE SAME pattern pieces on paper. The idea is that once you sew your fabric (following the sew lines on the paper ), and cut your pieces apart, that you end up with perfect little blocks ready to assemble into a quilt.

This method is easiest and fastest if you start with a layer cake ( 10 inch squares), but you can easily cut your own squares from your stash if you wish ( which is what I did). What you want to do is place a light and a dark 10 inch square together ( right sides together) and then you place one of the papers on top and pin. Now sew on the marked lines and follow the numbers ( yep, they start at 1 and you just follow them along). Each paper tells you exactly what to do!

just follow the numbered lines!

Once you have sewn on all the lines, your back will look like this:

back of fabric squares

Now you turn it back over to the paper side and cut on the marked lines:cut on the lines

Remove the paper and press your pieces (open or to the dark side) and voilà, your blocks are practically ready to assemble into a bigger block or quilt!

Easy-peasy, right?! There are currently 8 different varieties of Cake Mix blocks available ( see them here), as well as Cupcake recipe books and they all  make different blocks. What I like about them is that my blocks come out pretty darn perfect and that is not usually the case when I make half square triangles the conventional way ;).

Next up in this project, I needed to trim my squares so they don’t have those pesky dog ears! I like to use these Cute Cuts trim-it rulers designed by Lori Holt. I first was introduced to her 4.5 inch Trim-It ruler and loved it so much that I decided to treat myself to some more sizes. The 2.5 inch trim-it ruler was perfect for this job!

Trimming is not my favorite job, but because these rulers are exactly the size of my block, I just lay them on my square and trim away. A rotating cutting mat makes this job even easier, but unfortunately mine is currently packed away. I love the fact that there are all these wonderful items available to us that are certainly not necessary to own, but if you want to make your quilting just a little easier and faster, they are a wonderful item to add to your tool caddy!

And here are my squares, all ready to be arranged and sewn into a little table mat of some kind! If you look carefully at the front of my cake mix book, you will notice all the different combinations I can now make, so the fun is just beginning :).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


If you are interested, the cute fabric I used is by Stacy Iest Hsu and is available right here: Fat Quarter Shop.

I hope you have enjoyed this crafty post. Lord knows that they have been far and few between lately! I really need to make time for crafting for my own sanity, you know what I mean?! Luckily one of you will get to be crafty because of my pattern giveaway from last time! pattern give away

The winner of this little bundle is………Nancy Call!

Congrats Nancy, I hope you enjoy your gift! Please email me your full name and mailing address so I can get this out to you ASAP 😉

Until next time~ Happy creating!







15 thoughts on “Hey, it’s a crafty post!

  1. Thank You Monique on explaining the How to’s to use these Cake Mixes patterns. I just couldn’t figure out how they worked and I shied away from purchasing them. I’m really a visual person lol. Another project to add to an ever growing pile of TO DO’s. Great post

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Monique – did you get my mailing address for the winner of the cute pattern? I haven’t heard from you. Happy Crafting. Nancy


    1. Thanks Aggie! Yes, do go look for those Cake Mixes….they are a fun and relatively cheap addition to a quilter’s repertoire ;). And I find those papers go a long way!
      I went and checked out your website this morning and am sharing your yoyo tutorial in my Facebook group tomorrow :). Thanks for getting in touch!


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