Where to start?!

Oh my goodness! I can’t believe how long it has been since I have written a blog post! Life is C R A Z Y right now and I just don’t know where my time goes ( seeing as I’m not spending it quilting….)

Okay, where do I start…our house still has not sold…we are so surprised because our realtor told us it would sell in 2 weeks ( back when we put it on the market in APRIL!). We have gotten all kinds of great feedback from buyers and their realtors, but have not found that special family that wants to own it.  We are flabbergasted and so is our realtor…so if you know anyone who is looking for a 4-5 bedroom house in Lancaster County , with inground pool, large yard, fruit trees, and raised garden beds, send them our way, would you?! I will reward you with fabric ;).

Work on our new house continues. In a way it has been a blessing that this house hasn’t sold, because it has given us time to whip the new one into shape before we all move in. And there has been a LOT of work, way more that we originally planned! I guess that’s what you can expect when you buy an older house. At this point we at least have one room ready to go, with furniture and everything. All it needs are some pictures on the wall and quilts hanging over the backs of chairs and it will have that nice homey feel that I strive for!

Now for some crafty bits 🙂 I did a wee bit of shopping on the weekend…I figured this was my last chance to visit my favorite quilt shop so I wanted to stock up on some “essentials”~ Ha! Here are some of the goodies that jumped into my cart and begged for me to take them home some goodies from the local quilt store. Of course I did just that…I can always be relied on that way ;). Oh, and if you are participating in the FREE Christmas Sew Along that my friend Kristie and I are hosting, there might be a few prizes hiding in the photo that will be part of our giveaway in December! More details will follow soon 😉

In other crafty news, I finished this sign that I started a couple of weeks back! quote I saw this quote in an online store and loved it, but not the price tag, so decided to make my own version. I think this is going to hang right in our front hallway where everyone can see it as they walk in! I will share a full tutorial on how I made mine soon!

I also decided to paint our dining room table….yep, gasp if you must, but that table had way more stains and distressing than was pretty and I figured it was time for a change. So I bought some Annie Sloan chalk paint and got to work.

I still need to wax the top and paint the legs and then I think I will distress the edges with some sandpaper to give it that nice, antique-y, farmhouse look. It is going to look gorgeous against our dark laminate floors and my bling-y chandelier! I think my kids and hubby think I have gone off the deep end because I am changing up my decorating style, but I figure this is my chance to make a change! I am a HUGE Fixer Upper fan and if I can make my rooms look half as beautiful as those of Joanna Gaines, I will be a happy camper! ( And even though my big kids were making fun of my blinged out chandelier, it was the 3 of them that were all busy following the diagram and hanging all that bling! busy adding "bling"

Finally, I shared this little project with the folks in my FB group. I bought this cute little girly gnome stamp at Tuesday Morning ( I ADORE that store and spend wayyyy too much time and money there!) and just had to make a card with her. So I pulled out my watercolor paints and had fun making 3 versions.

Someone in my group suggested that I should stamp her on fabric and embroider her and I think that is a FABULOUS idea 😉

Well, that is all for now…it is supposed to be a rainy day today so maybe I will play with my new fabric purchases! I wish you a great day!

Until next time~ Happy Creating!


P.S. Our FREE Christmas ornament sew along has started so please check out Kristie’s blog for the first pattern! I will reveal mine on August 13th, right here!

13 thoughts on “Where to start?!

  1. Oh, I love the Fixer Upper shows, too!!! It must be a challenge to change the taste of your house with keeping the same furniture. But I know you will create such a beautiful but welcoming home design. I can’t wait to see next pictures of your house:)

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  2. Your place is looking perfect and I love the white table, I wanted to do that to ours, but hubbie put a stop to that, so Ill just have to make some nice table runners. Love your new stamp and your house will sell, Ill just keep on praying for you. Take care.

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  3. Love what you have done with the decorating, Monique. Both rooms look great! Maybe it is a blessing that you have been able to live in your previous home so that it’s easier to do the renovations.
    Glad to see you still have time for some craft shopping!

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  4. Addicted to fixer upper also. Between my son and I we have 15 houses… rentals… and are always wanting to fix up or flip one ! Such inspiration ! I,too, I’m in the middle of moving and my realtor also says the house will sell quickly. LOL I wish you luck and I wish me luck! And in the meantime, I now have a huge sewing room that I am soon going to enjoy… Once I find everything and get unpacked!

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  5. Oh..your house is beautiful! Some say if you bury one of the Saints in your yard upside down..it will help you sell your house quickly..sorry..not catholic..but someone will know what I am talking about!!
    Your sign came out great..I just bought a Cricut Air 2..going to use it to make the sign for my classroom…but, alas..vbs at church is wearing me out!!

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    1. Yes, we tried the St Joseph’s statue and that didn’t help at all, but I figured it was worth a try ;). I have been eyeing those Cricut machines and am wondering if I would use it enough to warrant the cost…Do you use your lots?


      1. Now with the new classroom and VBS…it will get used frequently..plus I do glass etching for Christmas gifts. Many use it to cut their fabric..but I like my rotary cutter and mat too much to replace it with a machine!
        Initially, I was going to switch to a silhouette machine or a Brother Scan and Cut..but I have a ton of cartridges from my old Cricut and these new machines can cut various files now…so it did not make sense to switch.
        All in all, they are lots of fun and useful!

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