A few favorite finds

A few weeks back I picked up this cute little stamp at one of my favorite stores. If you have a Tuesday Morning somewhere near you, I highly recommend that you check it out sometime! Someone likened it to going to a Flea Market because the prices are great and you never know what you might find ( but everything is brand new!). I have bought everything from toys to shower rods, to fabric, paper, to food, and cute wall signs there! Honestly worth a trip! The last time I went I didn’t grab a cart because I was *just* going in for 1 thing….hahahahahahahahahahahaha. I ended up going back and grabbing a cart because, well, you know, there were more treasures to pick up ;).

Anyway, back to the cute stamp. I brought it home and made some sweet mail for some friends and family:


When I shared them in my FB group, someone clever suggested that I could stamp and embroider this one too! (Remember when I started a bit of a rage embroidering the other little girly stamps? You can read more about that in this post). So I did just that, and here she is, about half way done: stamped gnome girlThese embroidery projects are so fun to work on, and they don’t require a lot of time( or mess!) and so they are perfect for me right now. Seeing as I am also a cardmaker, and own LOTS of rubber stamps, I figure I have a HUGE lot of embroidery patterns to enjoy. I love it when hobbies can be criss-crossed in this manner!

Now onto my other project that I completed recently~ my wall quote:quoteI found this quote on a sign in an Etsy store, and although I try and support small businesses, the price tag on it was just too much at this time. So I thought I might be able to make one myself. While at Tuesday Morning ( see, I told you, you never know what you might find there!), I found this blank pine board.


I thought it might work for my project so picked it up and got to work. First I gave the board a color ( I happened to be repainting youngest son’s room and used what I had left in the tray to quickly give it a coat!)painted board

I typed up the quote in a font I liked and sized it to fit my board.quote all typed up And then I cut up the words and spaced them just so and taped them down with painter’s tape.I could have gotten precise and measured and spaced them perfectly, but that is just not my style!


Next, I used my stylus ( used for embossing on paper) and traced over the letters multiple times to transfer the image onto the pine. I figured that pine is a soft wood and this would be easy……stylusBoy, was I WRONG! This was really tough and time consuming, because that wood is harder than you think! ( Maybe if my pine had been smooth, it might have been easier to see the markings, so I might sand it down a bit the next time!). Anyway, slow and steady wins the race, and every time I got a word done, I would trace over the markings with my chalk pen:  And here it is all done:quote I am really pleased with how it turned out and am planning on hanging it in the entry of our new home! I love it when projects turn out exactly as I envisioned, don’t you?!

Now for a little home reno update….we have been working very hard on our new house and it is coming along so nicely! My parents came down for a week and my mom organized and cleaned, while my dad laid all new flooring in the upstairs!

We decided to go with a vinyl floor that looks just like wood, but is waterproof and supposedly very resilient. I figure with pets and kids this will make a great, long lasting floor! My dear hubby also installed 2 new lights for me, a bling-y chandelier in the dining room ( here “staged” with my patio set that we use to eat meals for now)  and this super cute light that I picked up at a local store (The Blue Dandelion by Tiffany). This store sells vintage and new home decor items and it is super fun to visit and be inspired by her little vignettes:


Ignore the long cord. Hubby is leaving it long so we can decide exactly where it will hang once my French inspired table gets moved in! You can read more about that project right here.

Finally, we started ripping up the old, dirty, dark brown floor that was in the kitchen.


At first we were simply going to buy peel and stick tiles and stick them over top of the yucky floor for now ( figuring we would do a major kitchen reno soon), but now that we have painted the cabinets I think we can live with them for quite a while, so  the new plan is to put in a nice laminate floor ( the same as we used in the bathrooms). I can’t wait for that transformation! Aren’t we lucky to have so many DIY stores and products that make it so easy and really very affordable to make over one’s space?! And seeing all those wonderful shows on HGTV does really inspire me to try it all!

Remember I told you about that cute shop where I bought my kitchen light? That is where I get all my Annie Sloan chalk paint as well, and last time I also found this adorable pillow: Pillow Red Cross

I couldn’t justify the price tag, but my husband pointed out that I could probably make one myself…he’s smart that one ;). So here is one that I  might try, although I might keep looking for a pieced version instead. This one is awfully cute, I can of course change up the colors, and wool is such a great medium to work with: from athomeonthebay.blogspot.comYou can find the FREE tutorial for this one by clicking here.

Already then, I am off to do something crafty on this rainy day.

Until next time~ happy creating!


6 thoughts on “A few favorite finds

  1. Busy lady! I was just talking to my husband about some renovations {and fixing} that needs to happen in our house. We just don’t know when we’ll have time at the moment. It’s been a very busy summer! For now, I’ll live vicariously through your renovations. 😉

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  2. Wow your place is coming along beautifully, like Kristie I will live vicariously through your renos too, I have also been keeping images of things I like, in bathroom and kitchens, so that when we can I have some idea what I want.
    Love your little girl and cant wait to get mine, thanks sweetie I feel so spoilt.
    Take care.

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