Back to a routine….

Hello friends!

I am happy to report that we are all moved into our new home! new houseWe still have lots of boxes to unpack and items to organize ( and to find that ” new house groove”…you know what I mean??), but we are getting there. This week was also the first day back to school for our youngest. Usually that means it is time for me to get back into a more scheduled routine, after a summer of being very unstructured and ( dare I say it?) lazy. Usually I am ready for it after a some long weeks of summer activities, but this summer has not felt like others. Of course our house being up for sale, house showings, packing up, and eventually moving have not contributed to that lazy, relaxed feel of summer at all. But in talking to others ( who were not moving), I have found quite a few people who don’t feel like it was much of a summer. I blame the weather! We had a very late, cold, and rainy Spring, and then Summer was a bit wishy-washy with its sunshine and temperatures. Let’s hope that Fall is wonderful!image from Internet


I have been trying to get my quilt room all set up, but it has not gone as fast, or been as easy, as I thought it would be!

I am trying to fit all my crafty supplies in this room, and it turns out I have a LOT of crafty supplies…. But I’ll just keep plugging away at it. Maybe the best way to figure out where to put what is just to start crafting and see what “flows” best….sounds like a perfect excuse not to unpack and organize anymore, but just to start having some fun ;).


So that is exactly what I decided to do! I started work on the challenge project that I shared in my Facebook group earlier this month. I found a big basket of scraps ( left over from my Bee Happy quilt by Lori Holt) and decided to use those to try and make a dent in that ever-expanding scrap pile. Believe me when I say that I could easily make scrap quilts for the next one hundred years and probably not make much of a dent!

Anyway, the project is coming along super fast, especially because I *ahem* cheated and am using fusible web, rather than needle turn applique like the pattern suggests, but hey, it’s my quilt and I get to decide how to make it . That’s right QUILT POLICE, take that! ;).


This one is “due” September 15th, so I’m going to try and have it ALL finished…yep, quilted, and bound, and everything. And then I want to start this project:Farm Girl Vintage patternIsn’t she adorable?! I have had the pattern for a while and can’t wait to make her! I think she will look pretty cute hanging out on our kitchen wall!

And finally, I have to share that I have decided to discontinue my facebook group after we share the challenge project on September 15th. I have loved running it and “meeting” new friends from all over the world, and finding fun projects and memes to share, but it is just taking too much time away from crafting. On top of that, Facebook is changing the way it runs ALL THE TIME, and is making it more difficult for my followers to see my posts. So I just don’t feel like all my hard work and effort is worth it anymore.

I WILL continue to have my business profile ( you can find that page here:


And if you hit the “follow” and “like” button( as seen above),  you should be notified when I post something, but like I said, Facebook changes its rules constantly so I can’t promise anything. Because I still want you to share photos  of your projects with me,  I am starting a Facebook group that is JUST for my email followers, so we can still share photos of our projects and “chat” online like we do now. This will be an “invited” group and I will share more details in the next few weeks. So if you are not an email follower of my blog, but you would like to keep in touch, please sign up today. I will not share your personal info with anyone, but you will receive a blog post in your email inbox when I publish one ( no more than once a week, and most times less often than that). You can find the sign up on the right hand side of my blog. It looks like this:

sign up

Just fill in your email address, and click the “FOLLOW” button. You will receive an email confirming that you asked to be added. Follow the instructions in that email and you will be all set!

Well, that is all for now. It is a gloomy and rainy day here today and that makes for a PERFECT quilting day! ( Those boxes that need unpacking can wait!).

Until next time~ happy creating!


( My post contains affiliate links. If you buy something through my links I will receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you~thanks for your support!)

28 thoughts on “Back to a routine….

  1. I will really miss the interaction on Facebook and miss you, but I totally understand how much time Facebook robs from us. I look forward to your blogs 🙂 Happy New house to you… and to me too ! My old house goes on the market Tuesday… and I am looking forward to my own guilt free sewing room time myself 🙂

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  2. Your house is gorgeous! I love the rolling hill it sits on! I will miss your Facebook group but totally understand. It’s been so great getting to know you! At least we still have Instagram to share projects 🙂

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  3. Monique, I can’t click on to enter my email. I’m hoping i can do so here. Your new home is absolutely lovely. I can understand you giving up FB…It does take up a lot of time. Please add me to your email blog (although I think I may already be on it?)

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  4. Though I hate to see you go I do understand and will follow your business page. I wish you the best. I’ve enjoyed your Facebook page and the interaction with all the great people who are in the group.

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  5. Monique your new home looks lovely-so pleased for you to hear that you are all moved in. The craft room is looking good so far-can’t wait to see it all completed. As you say using it will probably cause you to make changes but you’ve made a good start.
    I will miss the Facebook page but I totally understand that timewise it is a wise decision. I look forward to still hearing from you via your blog.

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  6. Your home is beautiful! I also really like the landscaping. A charming feel to it. Will you be doing a video tour? Your sewing room is coming along nicely. Take time to enjoy it.

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  7. I love your new place and that quilt you are making looks wonderful. The grey background really makes the scrap fabrics pop, love it. Cant wait to see your take on the farm girl quilt. Totally understand about needing more time, I will miss the posts but will enjoy reading your blog, its one of my highlights. I haven’t touched any quilting, until I am fully recovered I am working on a cross stitch for my future new kitchen, hopefully in a few years it will be a reality. Take care my dear friend and enjoy your new craft room and the new home xx.


      1. I think I am signed up now. Could you please let me know what email it’s going to? I have several, and when I clicked the sign-up button, it just told me I was signed up. Didn’t show a place for me to type in an email address. I have checked my email accounts, and I don’t have a confirmation email. I am so sorry to be a bother, but I really have enjoyed your posts on FB and don’t want to lose touch with you. Thanks so much.

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  8. Monique,
    Congratulations on your beautiful new home and deciding to pare back. You have done a fantastic job. I’ve enjoyed the FB group immensely, found new friends through it, and learned many new tips. (I agree FB is very temperamental ~ you disappeared from my feed for sometime 😦
    I enjoy your blog and look forward to continuing following. I think I’m on the email list, hope so!

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  9. Thanks Barb, I did notice you were absent for a while ;). I am glad you enjoyed the group and happy that I will still see you here on my blog! I don’t see your name on my list of email followers so you might want to sign up ( right hand side of page ).


  10. I love your Facebook page but completely understand how time consuming it can be. My house just sold and we are moving in a few days. I have missed my “happy place” this summer but look forward to creating my new space. Have fun spending more time in your happy place and I will continue following your blog.

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  11. I am so happy that you decided to just jump in and have fun 😊 and hope that everything starts flowing again, and fully understand with your thoughts with facebook xxx


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