What da ya think?

Hello friends,

It has been a rainy and dreary couple of days here in Pennsylvania. The weather was so HOT and HUMID last week and then on Friday it turned and became very chilly ( I think it was 56 degrees this morning!) Time to break out the woolies ๐Ÿ™‚

It is not all bad. I actually think that rainy and cool weather is very cozy, and I much prefer it to humid, but I can only handle so many days of grey skies. Although it does give me a great excuse to light some scented candles!time for candles!

Renovations continue in our new/old home. Today we are having a new front door installed and I am beyond excited! The original door was decorated with plastic mouldings of lions or dragons ( hard to tell which) and it was pretty ugly. Our new door is a little more up to date looking and has little windows at the top, which will allow some light into our darkย  hallway. I am thinking about painting the door a sunny yellow as I think that will look very sweet with the dark brown brick exterior.new door!

Our new house has a very cottagey feel. It is small and cozy and has cute little features like angled ceilings in the bedrooms and a little porthole window by the front door. Which made me think that maybe I need to change the name of my blog to “Cottage quilts”, rather than Farmhouse quilts :). Not that we lived in a farmhouse before, but we lived next to a farmhouse and that counts, right?? Then again, the whole reason I chose the name “Farmhouse Quilts” is because to me it evoked the utilitarian, but cozy quilts that I am drawn to. Not that I don’t appreciate art quilts, but give me tattered and worn and a quilt that you can wrap up in and I’m a happy gal! Just take a look at the quilts that I have thrown over the back of my sofas:

tattered and worn

One I bought at a junk store and the other was actually made by a cousin of my husband’s grandmother! Sure they have holes in them, and there are pieces of fabric missing here and there, but that just shows they were and are well-loved. Of course, loving old quilts doesn’t stop me from making new ones, but I have started making more scrappy quilts to try and give them that time-worn look.

My latest little quilt doesn’t quite fit the bill of looking old and tattered ( the colors are aย  bit too bright), but I am hoping that the scrappy nature will help make it feel less formal.challenge quilt

Certainly washing and drying and getting that crinkly look will help with that. This is the challenge project for the FB group and I am trying my best to get that finished before the 15th. This has been a really fun and fast project ( especially because I cheated and used fusible, rather than needle turn appliquรฉ) and if you would like to make your own you can find the pattern by clicking here. I finished quilting it yesterday and am ready to hand sew that binding.

I thought that using a little basket would be a great way to keep track of my glasses and scissors and thread, as well as keeping my quilt out of harm’s ( aka bunny rabbit’s) way!a little basket to keep everything together!

If you have been following along with our Merry Christmas sew along,ย  Kristie has revealed her new Christmas ornament this week too! These are the ornaments we have revealed so far:

This is ornament #3 already, whichย  means I better get my stuff in gear and work on #4 soon! Luckily I have one in mind, but sometimes things don’t work out quite the way I plan ;). To find the instructions for the previous ornaments, click here.

Well, that about wraps up my news. I wish you all a great week, with lots of crafting!

Until next time~happy creating!



27 thoughts on “What da ya think?

  1. I love the name “Farm House Quilts”! It’s one of the things that drew me to read your blog for the first time. The “Farm house” portion of the name, for me, evokes a feeling of down-home hospitality. I vote – keep it. ๐Ÿ™‚ Love the Christmas ornaments!

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  2. I love your old quilts. I was given an old quilt-can’t say antique as I have no idea of how old it is. Anyway all the wadding has bunched up and is not a pretty look. I am thinking of undoing all the hand quilting, repairing where necessary and then re sandwiching and re hand quilting it. It is in my to do pile!!!

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  3. Love your front door, and yellow sounds like a very happy color. Your place is coming along just fine. Your challenge project is looking really good too, love scrappy. Take care.

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