Merry Christmas Sew Along~ October

Good morning and happy October! I love Fall, don’t you?? And now that we live on the east coast again, we actually get to experience a changing in the color of the leaves, which has to be THE best part about Fall. Well, that, and the scent of wood fires in the air, and being able to burn candles again, and wearing cozy flannel clothing, going for walks and hearing the crunching of the leaves under my feet…..I guess I like everything about the season!

October is also my month to reveal the latest Christmas ornament for the sewalong that my friend Kristie of Teadoddles and I are hosting again for the second year in a row! If you are just joining in now, welcome! If you are looking for any of the previous months’ ornaments, click on this link: To add to all the fun, Kristie and I will each also be giving away a prize package to 2 lucky participants! The more different ornaments you make, the more entries you will get, so get making and sharing those ornaments! You can share in our facebook group or on Instagram as well ( use the hashtag MerryChristmasSAL2018).

Let’s get to this month’s ornament, shall we? Here he is! Merry Christmas ornament 2018~October

I have to tell you that this one is super FAST and super EASY and it would be so much fun to make a whole bunch of these and string them from a garland, or attach them to presents as toppers, as well as using them as ornaments ( you could even attach the name and date for the recipient!)…so many possibilities!

Here is what you will need to make this sweet little guy:

  • Some red scraps
  • a bit of ribbon or other type of hanger
  • 2 little buttons for eyes
  • a scrap of pink ( approx 4.5 x 4.5)
  • scrap of COTTON batting (5 x 9)
  • backing ( 5 x 9)
  • some fusible web
  • a small jingle bell ( or use a yellow button!)
  • the pattern ( click here)

Let’s get to work:

  1. Slice your red fabric scraps very randomly into widths of around 1.5 -3 inches and lengths of about 4-5 inches. I sliced mine at angles to make the hat more playful and you can choose to do the same…or not.


  2. Lay out your pieces in an arrangement that pleases you ( but if you angled your pieces, do make sure that together they make a pretty straight up and down rectangle!). You want to have this measure about 8-10 inches high.
  3. Sew your pieces together, first in pairs, then in fours, until they are all sewn together. I pressed in between each step and suggest you press the seams open.

    (If you are working with angled pieces, lay them on top of each other like this and sew them along the right-hand side, like this:


  4. Your pieced pieces should now look something like this:


  5. Grab your pattern and trace the hat and face onto the paper side of your fusible web. Loosely cut them out and fuse the hat to the back of the red pieced work, and the circle to the back of some pink fabric, following the manufacturer’s directions.  Cut them out on the traced line. Your pieces should now look like this:
  6. Grab your COTTON BATTING ( anything else might melt with the heat of your iron!) and layer the face and hat on top , overlapping the circle about half way and fuse the pieces together, like this:


  7. Sew on two little buttons for eyes. I like to play with the size and placement of the buttons because they really can give your elf a different expression depending on where you place them! (Personally my favorite look is the slightly confused one and I think a bigger button and a smaller one accomplish that 🙂 
  8. Grab your backing fabric and layer your backing fabric ( wrong side up! with your fused elf.

  9. Pin and zigzag stitch around the entire outside of the elf.

    It is very helpful to use a stiletto or something similar to keep your edges down as you sew. I tried to have my zig zag come just to the edge of my fabric:

    Don’t forget to stitch across the hat too!IMG_4736

  10. Almost done! Trim very carefully around the outside of the elf and sew on a ribbon hanger and a jingle bell ( or yellow  button).


  11. As a final step, I added a little bit of blush to give him rosy cheeks..just apply with a cotton swab ….isn’t he looking so sweet?!IMG_4743

All done!

Wasn’t that quick and easy? If you want to make the project even faster, you can use a single piece of fabric for the hat, or even felt~it’s all up to you!). I think a little sprig of holly would be a cute addition too! Anyway, have fun, make sure to share pictures of your finished projects to have more chances to win our prizes , and please ask questions if something is unclear!

Until next time~Happy creating!


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