2 finishes!

Hello again,

This week I have 2 finishes to share..one quilty, and one house reno related!

Let’s start with the quilty one: On Tuesday this week I was at Homegoods ( looking for something totally unrelated) and ran across these adorable Gingham napkins! Now you have to know that my daughter has been asking for more pillows for our couches ( the ones we had on there have not resurfaced yet since our move) and when I saw these big, square napkins a lightbulb went off: Why not use these napkins to be my pillows? They are 100 % cotton and feel very sturdy and solid, and certainly I can’t buy the material for as cheap as these napkins were, plus they already have all their edges beautifully finished. So in the cart they went ( along with more goodies, which I will share later!) and at home I quickly set to work making a cute pillow.

I used my Autumn Love templates by Lori Holt and pulled all the templates to make the milk can with some corn stalks in it.

After some quick tracing, fusing, and cutting out, I was ready to applique my pieces!

( Notice that I decided to add some mice to my design!)

I used a simple straight stitch in brown to quickly “sketch” around all my shapes…you will notice that some I went around twice, and others I went around 1 1/2 times, just to add interest and draw attention to details:

Then I added some hand embroidered details, like the greenery on the cornstalk, and the tails and eyes on the mice.

I won’t go into all the nitty gritty details in this post ( but if you want to know details, let me know, and I will write a detailed post about how I did everything!) but in the end I ended up making an insert ( with removable ticking stripe cover) that peekaboos out ( is that a word??) of my gingham pillow cover. This way I can just remove the cover and replace it with a different seasonal one, if I wish to do so.

IMG_4814 So here it is, all finished! And some more pictures, with closeups of the insert and ties:

So sweet and it was SO easy! I am going to make another pillow out of the other 2 napkins, but will use a different design on that one ;).

Okay, now for my house reno finish: My sweet hubby  finished our master bathroom. ( Well, there are a few little details to wrap up, but it is so close that I just had to share!) Do you remember what it looked like before?? Let me remind you:

The cabinet was missing paint, the closet door wouldn’t close ( AND held the tp roll on the door!), the floor was very old and worn, plus, when we moved in, we were left with a lot of anchor holes from decorations that had been removed. So we removed practically everything, other than the shower, and got busy taking down wallpaper,  reframing and drywalling the closet, and installing everything NEW. New floor, new wainscotting, new vanity, new mirror, new toilet, new trim. And it looks AMAZING! It is still a teeny, tiny bathroom, but it feels so luxurious now and I love using it!

Gorgeous! I am very lucky to have such a handy husband and he is very lucky that I always have a “vision” for what I want something to look like..hahahahaha.  But to be fair, I did help with the painting of all that white woodwork ;). Oh, and I was the one who ordered all those fabulous new items too. By the way, most everything you see in these photos came from Wayfair! If you have never shopped with them before, I highly recommend them! You get FREE shipping on all orders over $49 and their items come packaged super solidly and they generally ship very fast too. All three of our bathroom vanities came from them and they all included the sink and beautiful hardware too ( yes, even the faucets!).

Well, that is my exciting news for the week! Don’t forget to check out my new private FB page just for blog members here: Farmhouse quilts and friends and be sure to let me know if you would like a full tutorial on how I made my pillow plus insert! Oh, and if you are making the Happy Farm Girl quilt, please let me know how far along you are and if you are ready to move on to the letters. I have 1 block left to make and then I’m ready to move on.

Until next time~ happy creating!



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26 thoughts on “2 finishes!

  1. I wish I lived close to you so I could see your house in person. I know it will be beautiful when it’s all done. I love your pillows and your bathroom! We have bought several things from Wayfair, too. We just recently bought some new end tables for our living room. Lori Holt is one of my favorite quilt and fabric designers. I’m not making the Farm Girl quilt only because I am so far behind on other quilts I need to finish. Thank you for sharing your pictures and your life with us. I really enjoy reading your blog.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love your Sweet Bathroom Monique.
    What a Fabulous Pillow using the Gingham Napkins
    I can’t seem to get to your Farmhouse Quilt and Friends on Facebook. I’m going to sew a few of my Farm Girl Blocks together today..

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Your bathroom turned out great! I’m sure it is great being able to use it now that it is all finished! And as pretty as it is, cleaning it won’t seem like a chore!!! Sure wish you lived closer so you could share some of your decorating visions with me!! We could do some serious damage I’m sure!! Love the pillow, but I’ve alrrady told you that!! Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Visions and handy husbands are the best combination! Love the new bathroom. The previous owners sure were into wallpaper! Or, maybe they moved because they were sick of the wallpaper, but didn’t want to do all the work it takes to remove it. – LOL

    I’m doing inventory of what I have in “kit” form (either purchased as such or personally put together from stash). Scary how much I have, but discipline and focusing will get it all done eventually! Love your pillow from napkins! Cute, relatively quick to make, and finished! We all need those once in awhile!

    I’m concentrating on Christmas items to make and sell in my StitcherMade store on my website. I pulled all Christmas/winter related fabric from my stash yesterday and was amazed at how much I have accumulated! Love combining embroidery and applique in projects. There is a sweetness about that combination, I think.

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  5. Love it!! Many years ago, when chintz was popular, I bought a couple of gorgeous napkins at Dayton’s Dept Store (later Marshall Fields, later Macy’s) and made a couple of beautiful pillows for my couch. Would sure like the pattern you used!! Thanx for sharing your lovely home


  6. I am so in love with your bathroom, so here is the deal. You and hubby come over and help me do my two bathrooms and I will be eternally grateful. Free room and board, what do you think??? Your cushion is so cute, clever girl you.

    Liked by 1 person

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