What makes your heart sing?

A few weeks ago, as you may recall, I started a little Fall wallhanging with my new Lori Holt templates. Everything was rolling along and I was getting ready to add some pieced blocks to the top and bottom, when all of a sudden I lost interest. I could not get up the enthusiasm to work on it. It hung on my design board and seeing it actually made me not even want to spend time in my quilt room because that project kept staring me in the face….has that happened to you?Fall wallhanging

It took me a while to figure out why I lost interest and I finally figured it out! I was trying to use “traditional” fall colors….browns, oranges, rust. All those colors that are associated with Fall. Problem is that I don’t really care for those colors AT ALL ( well, except for orange and you can read more about that in this post). I was trying to follow convention and use the colors that most everyone else would use for a fall project, except they were not making my heart sing. So down came that project and I started something completely different: A wonky, wild, and totally free form quilt made up of scraps in colors that I  L  O  V  E: Reds, blues, whites, and even a few greens and tans. colors that make my heart sing! I started putting these blocks up on my design wall and I would happily walk in there just to look at what I was creating. Now, I realize that making blocks like these is not everybody’s cup of tea. ( Although if you have never tried making free form blocks like this, without measuring or rulers or matching up seams, I highly recommend that you give it a try sometime~ it is so very fun and freeing!). To quote Dr.Seuss:

“If you never did you should. These things are fun and fun is good.”

― Dr. Seuss.

The point I’m trying to make is that I LOVE my blocks because I’m using colors that I like. No, I am using colors that I love!

I am far from done with my quilt. I decided to add a few wonky Churn Dash blocks, and will probably throw in some Flying Geese ( hey, without having seams to match up, and points to worry about I am FEARLESS!). And I am also using ONLY scraps…so not only am I having a blast, I am also busting through my scrap pile like there is no tomorrow ;).

Now maybe most of you have already had this epiphany, but I had mine this week: Only work on projects that make your heart sing. Life is way too short~enjoy your hobby~enjoy your time creating,  and don’t get caught up in finishing a project that you are not enjoying working on. 

There, I have had my say. Now I think I will delve into my pile of UFOs and pull out those that do not bring me joy and donate them to someone who will.

Until next time~happy creating!


P.S. If you have been trying to join the little private facebook group JUST for email subscribers and were having trouble requesting access, I think I have it fixed! You can go here to request to be added: Farmhouse Quilts and Friends. I have been sharing little ideas for Christmas gifts, links for free sewalongs, as well as tutorials, so please check it out.


For those of you following along with the Farmgirl Quilt, I have finished my extra blocks and am onto the letters….how are you coming along? Please post pictures of your blocks in the FB group and I will do the same :).


12 thoughts on “What makes your heart sing?

  1. Monique, I have had projects that I started and decided I just hated it. I have some counted cross stitch like that. I also hate needlepoint. Boring! I gave all those unfinished projects away so I would have a clean slate!
    I used to hate fall, too. My dad died in the fall of the year. I think that is why I’ve always hated it. Everything was dying. Years later I decided to find joy in the fall so I looked for things I did like. The colors are my favorite colors when put together. The trees are so beautiful with all the shades of orange, yellow, red and even the brown colors. I enjoy decorating for the fall the most because of the colors. I like the cooler weather but not cold. I try not to think about winter coming. That works until I have to go out in the bitter cold or my arthritis revs up full blast. LOL
    I’m not crazy about the wonky blocks. I think I’m a little bit of a perfectionist and a little obsessive/compulsive. I keep wanting to striaghten the blocks. I do live crazy quilt blocks and the uneven strip piecing. Go figure!
    I do believe in doing what makes you happy. If you don’t like it give it away to someone who does.

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  2. Making unmatched blocks does require a different mindset. Back when, I couldn’t even make a yellow brick road quilt, because of the color way and mismatching of fabrics. However, I am glad to say, I have conquered that! Love scrappy string piecing, and am working on conquering the mismatched piecing of Kelly Young. No mistakes, only new possibilities!

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  3. Oh yes this has happened to me when a project gets stalled. I like how you figured out why you were not liking the piece and problem solved from there! I think I am stalled on my Farm House block (I think I’ve made 10 so far) is because I used very bright colors with a white background and this does not go with anything in my house. I do not want to give them up so I am going to just have to figure out what to do with them next.

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  4. Sometimes hating projects just proves it was not meant to be. I usually pass that finished part along or take it apart. I must honestly say that living with me static breast cancer and surviving three times, I really only do what makes me feel good. I make every day count and working on projects that won’t make me or anyone else happy, I try to avoid. Thank you for your inspiration and photos.

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