Are you ready?

As most of you know, we moved this past summer.  In our old house my quilt room was in the formal dining room, which we knew we would never use anyway ( we are not formal type of people,  never mind that our huge farmtable didn’t even fit in that space!). In our new house I decided to take a large bedroom for my space, hoping to consolidate ALL of my crafty stuff in one spot, at the end of a hallway, where no one would ever have to see my creativeness (aka mess).

It is a wonderful room, with 2 windows that let the sunshine and light in, plus the cutest little flower wallpaper. I love how the angled rooflines make it feel so cozy and cottagey too. My sweet hubby put vinyl flooring down so that I could move furniture and my rolling desk chair around without worrying about scuffing up the floor, and this type of floor makes it super easy to find anything I drop.

When the movers were moving us in, I told them just to place anything that looked craft related into that room. I figured I could move it all around later. That may have been a bit of a mistake, because I felt like I was trying to play a game of Rush Hour Traffic Jam, where you have to move one item before you can move another item, so that you can get to the item that you are trying to move :).

This is what it looked like before, plus many, many cardboard boxes and plastic totes. I started moving everything around until I thought it was in a good space, keeping in mind all the access to outlets and such. And then I started unpacking and organizing. Boy, that took WAY longer than I thought it would! But I think most everything has found a space now and I have given myself permission to rearrange if I need to. But first I think it’s important to live with the space for a bit and see if it works.

So here are some pictures of what my room looks like now: I have 3 bookcases filled with book, fabrics, and some pretties, all next to each other. The bolts don’t fit on the shelves so I placed them in a pretty basket in front. The little ironing board I use as a prop in my pictures sometimes so I keep it handy. Those shoeboxes hold scraps that I actually sorted by size or shape.

My yardage I fold and keep ( sorted by color) in my bookcases, and my FQ’s fit perfectly in this hanging display shelf that I purchased years ago when a local craft store closed its doors.

I like to surround myself with pretty or meaningful items too, so that is what you see on top of my bookcases and on this sweet little shelf. In the little wire hanging baskets I have my collection of glitter for cardmaking.

My design board and spool holder are right next to each other, located right behind my sewing desk. Most of my spools used to fit on the rack, but I have been purchasing a lot more thread lately for doing applique, so a lot of that is now hidden behind closed doors. IMG_4862 My cutting table is really a free standing kitchen island and I love how sturdy it is, as well as being a perfect height for cutting at! It also has a ton of storage in those 2 drawers and those cabinets for my marking pens, pins, scissors, etc. ( and yes, this is how my cutting table usually looks…this may even be “clean” for my standards 😉 ). IMG_4859 It turns out that I have a LOT of rulers! The ones I use all the time are on a nail hammered into the side of my cutting island, and on nails on the wall above my cutting table,  but the specialty ones I decided to put in this little wire plate holder that hangs above my ironing table. Hopefully when they are out in the open like this, I will remember that I have them and actually use them!

Now the not so pretty stuff! I decided to take the closet doors off my big double closet…it is way easier to access everything, plus I can see what I need at a glance. This side of the closet holds my UFO’s and kits, as well as my selection of batting. Specialty fabrics, like Christmas, 30’s and wools are stored in plastic bins on the bottom. On the left hand side I have my paper crafting items and roll-out bins that hold card embellishments, paper punches, and ribbon.

On the door I placed a shoe organizer. All the little pockets are perfect for holding a variety of items, from bundles of FQ’s, to small patterns, to ric rac and ribbons. I’m hoping that by walking by these items on a daily basis it will remind me to use them.

And finally there is my big papercrafting desk. It is stuck in a corner right next to the closet. That front part opens up and becomes a writing surface. This desk also has tons of storage, but it is all for cardmaking so that I have it all in the same space. On top of my desk I have a set of drawers, also filled with cardmaking supplies, as well as a candle and a CD player ( yep, I am very old school ;)). While I’m working I love to light my candle and listen to CD’s or the radio.

Well, there you have it, a tour of my new crafty space.  I hope that you have enjoyed it, and maybe I have even given you a few ideas for organizing your space. And if you have some clever ideas for organizing your space please feel free to leave me a comment. I would love to know what you do in your space!

Until next time~ happy creating!


40 thoughts on “Are you ready?

  1. There isn’t one quilter/crafter alive that would want a space like yours. So much room….enough to even dance to the music from the CD player. I”m so jealous!

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  2. excellent space. I hope you can hide in there and not be distracted by the “rest of the world” It is actually a great plan.
    I love the wallpaper. I adore all of your animals and collectible sweet things. I have so many of those too. You just want to hug them all.
    This room will be in perfect shape once you get the flow the way you like it, but right now, you have everything in it place on the shelves. The floors are so easy to keep clean with a swiffer, I love mine.
    I have my sewing space in the room next to the food preparation room (kitchen) and it is only half of my supplies, the other half is in a spare room upstairs. Our girls are grown and gone, and we are still in “the big house”
    Thank you for sharing your inspiration!!

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  3. I’m so happy for you! Your room looks great. I know you love going in there to sew, etc. I just recently reorganized my sewing room. I just sit and enjoy the sight before I get busy. Congratulations on your new house and your new sewing room.

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  4. Your space is neat and well thought out and adorable. I have used three storage units made from Martha Stewart’s line each will pull out drawers that I keep all my fat quarters in and my big board on top. But my view on that side is awesome looking over the lake, best part, no one will climb those stairs but me!!! I love your space and your blog, it inspires me to stay creative and happy, Thanks!

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  5. I love your sewing space. It’s so beautifully organized. I must admit, I’m a bit jealous. My room is also the guest room so I have to leave space for a sofa that pulls out to make a full size bed. The bookshelves are perfect and you’ve made everything so pretty.

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  6. Oh, so very nice. I’ve been doing a little sewing up in my messy room lately. Thank goodness. But the other day I tripped over stuff and almost made it to the floor. Somehow I caught myself and proceeded on to the table and my machine. I WILL get the room in order after the holidays! Seeing your room made me realize how much I miss my bookcases (we didn’t move most of them) so think I will ask my hubby to make some, I think they are much nicer than just shelving across the big wall. Thank you for the great ideas, and enjoy your space Monique.

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    1. Ooh Lonna, I’m glad you are okay…you definitely want to make sure your room is SAFE ;). I think shelves would be a great addition to any room. In our previous house it made more sense to have bookcases so I didn’t have to damage the walls, but if you already have great shelves I’m sure you can make those work very well ( they certainly would hold more than bookcases 😉 ).


  7. Monique, I love your sewing space. That gorgeous wallpaper gives it a real cottagy feel-which I imagine is a lovely environment that inspires the creative juices.
    I’m sure the flow thing will sort itself out the more that you create in it but as it is now it looks so organised that it would be a pleasure to step in there are being creating.

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  8. I love how you’ve set up your sewing room! I especially like how you’ve stacked some of your fabric sideways. I really need to do that. I hate having to take a whole stack down to get something. It always has to be on the bottom too. Ugh! Great job!

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  9. I love your space. I am a little jealous. 🙂 I have my sewing machine set up in the guest room but use the formal dining table for cutting and ironing. I would love to have a totally dedicated space! Maybe someday I will expand up into the attic and make an attic guest room then the guest room becomes all mine. Thanks for sharing your space!

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