Helloooo….remember me??

Hi everyone, I am finally back with a new blog post! Around this time of year things get a little out of routine with our boys having time off and that means more time spent with family and less time doing anything else ( including cleaning and laundry and grocery shopping, which then need to be taken care of first BEFORE playing 😉 ).

Seeing all the pretty Christmas photos all over the web has really put me in the mood to decorate and our house is getting there….very…..slowly……. In our old house I had a spot for everything all figured out. In our new house I need to figure all these things out again, which means decorations shift around…a lot…..

I love having a Christmas tree in every room of the house ( and I don’t mean a BIG, real tree in every room, but at least a cute little  fake one, with lights and some sweet trimmings) but discovered that I do not have enough trees…GASP! I told hubby we need more trees and he just looked at me unbelievingly. ( Did I mention that while we were in the process of moving he had my trees stored in his rented apartment for 6 months?? Apparently those trees really kind of ate up his space…). Anyway, in our 40 year old house, with all its separate rooms ( no open concept in that era), we need MORE trees. I also decided that we need more Christmas quilts. I have lots of little ones to hang on walls and drape over tables, but what I really need are some cuddle-sized quilts that can hang over the back of sofas for easy grabbing during cozy winter nights!









In  my facebook group I shared this free project:IMG_9396-copy_thumb1 It is by Cluck Cluck Sew and you can find the instructions here . Isn’t it sweet? And so very simple really. I decided to use my handy dandy  Accuquilt Go machine with the 5″ square die and had those pieces ready to sew very quickly and easily. If you are interested in checking out all the machines and dies they sell, click here. They are super easy to use and would be especially handy for people who have a hard time with rotary cutters. Here are some photos of my work in progress on this quilt.

I am planning on sewing the blocks together in chunks rather than rows and will quilt as I go to make it even easier.

Another Christmas quilt I want to finish is this one that I started last year:

I found these cute Gingerbread man shapes at Target in their dollar section and made some appliqued men, with scrappy, elongated Courthouse blocks in between. My objective this next month is to add the borders and cornerstones and then have that one ready before Christmas too.

IMG_4889Luckily the men and blocks are all already quilted so I just need to QAYG the border and then sew everything together, add a backing, and finish her up. ( To see how I approach QAYG, you can check out this tutorial). And if you are interested in the Gingerbread man shape, let me know and I will make a link for him!

Finally, I started this project last year too, and I am going to do my very best to finish it up, but that might be stretching it.

I don’t think you can ever have too many tree quilts and this one I loved because of the scrappy nature and the sweet, soft colors. It is also a free pattern, designed by GiGi’s thimble and you can find the instructions for it here. All my blocks are sewn but I have to *just*  assemble the top, along with the sashing and I’m trying to figure out how to use QAYG….maybe I will construct in rows for this one ;).

Well, there you have it…. As you can imagine, my quilt room is a GIANT mess with all these projects laying around ( not to mention birthday cards that needed making this week too!). I might have to leave a trail of bread crumbs so I can find my way back out of my room….but wait….why would I want to leave?? Silly me!

Have a great week and as always~ happy creating!

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25 thoughts on “Helloooo….remember me??

  1. I adore the gingerbread men…would you be so kind to send a link? I think I have the Christmas tree pattern somewhere…must look it up!! Merry Christmas to you and your family.

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  2. I love your house and I’m so happy for you. I know what you mean about not having time to blog, sew, clean house, etc. I can’t seem to find time to get in my sewing room. I hope things slow down after Christmas. I would love to have the link to the Gingerbread men. Your quilts are beautiful!

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  3. I love the little gingerbread men, so cute. Good to hear from you. I always enjoy reading your posts. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas season and you enjoy every minute of it.

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  4. Your home looks beautiful and so inviting.
    Every house we have bought gets the initial walk through and the deciding factor has always been- is there a great place to put the main Christmas tree?
    I guess it’s not a secret in the family, my son recently moved into a small house, we were over for dinner, while we were playing a game, I was admiring the living room, and apparently i gave a small nod. My son and daughter said in unison – if you’d just move this couch into one of the bedrooms ( one is entirely empty) you’d have a great place for a Christmas tree. He called last night and informed me the couch has been relocated and he was in need of a Christmas tree~did I have one I wasn’t going to use?
    Happy Holidays and stitching!

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    1. Hi Marlynne, you do quilt through the backing but that is almost your last step. First you quilt your block “fronts” along with the batting, then you sew your blocks together as per usual ( 1/4 inch seam) and then you add the whole piece of backing material and quilt through everything, but this time you can just stitch in the ditch or do very simple straight lines that do not require you to wrangle your quilt in odd positions. It might seem odd, but it makes the quilting of your blocks so much easier because they are small pieces at that point, plus you can turn them any way you like more easily. If you only quilt straight lines then this would not be a headache saver, but if you like to freemotion or do more intricate quilting it is definitely worth it.


  5. Lovely! That is one thing I do not have for my house (and I have a lot of quilts around the house) – a Christmas quilt! It is on my to do list someday. I like how you have a little tree in every room of the house. I also like scrappy tree quilts, I plan to make one someday. Oh and creative use of what you found in the Target dollar section!

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  6. I would love to have more than one tree, but hubbie isn’t into all that stuff. We have our main tree and he decorates the outside of the house (only because I love it, so he goes to the trouble), but he hates lots of stuff hanging around the house, so no hanging quilts on walls or furniture. Its too hot here at Christmas to have a quilt, I did make one ages ago for my daughter, but she doesn’t use it, it gets too hot 34-40 degrees here so quilts are not wanted at xmas. I shall enjoy seeing your photos of how you decorate and dreaming of all the snow you have. Take care my dear.

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  7. Your house looks beautiful! Great job for decorating nicely during this busy time.
    I love the gingerbread boy shaped patchwork. It’s so adorable!
    Stay warm and take care!

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