Why is it that time seems to pass so quickly in November and December? Just when I know we all need time to move very s l o w l y, it seems to fly past! Anyway, things have been super hectic around here ( we finally SOLD our house~ YAHOO!!) so I have only had a chance to wave “hello” to my quilt room this past week…no visiting allowed :(.

Because there is no progress on any of the quilty projects that I shared last time, plus the fact that the last ornament for our Christmas sew along is coming out on Monday, I thought I would just skip this week’s blog post. But then I thought you all might like an update on our house renos! So here you go, some before and after pictures ( with Christmas decorations to boot ;)). Some rooms are done, some still need a little bit of work, and others we have not even started on, but I think you will see we have been working hard to make this house our own. Okay, ready to begin?

First up: The living room. This room had matching wallpaper and curtains ( even the outlets and switches were wallpapered, making it a little tricky to find them πŸ˜€ ). We stripped the wallpaper and repainted, as well as replaced the carpet with laminate flooring ( All replaced by sweet hubby and my hardworking dad, with some help thrown in by our 2 oldest boys as well).

Dining room: This one still needs to have the wallpaper removed , but my mom and I just whitewashed over the top to make it a little less bright. I am envisioning this room with tall wainscoting and a cozy paint color. Eventually. For now I think it looks just fine.

Kitchen: Where to begin…the kitchen had 3 different wallpapers, a dark brown floor, and dark brown cabinets. It felt very dark, especially because it is at the back of the house where 2 big trees cover it with shade. We thought about getting new cabinets, but that was pricey and there were other things we wanted done more than the cabinets. SO we opted to paint them instead ( bought a paint sprayer, which was very handy~ and fun!). A light yellow paint on the walls, a new laminate floor that floats over the old one, and some new pine boards ( left over from our Master Bath redo) to serve as a backsplash for now ( I painted that white, but lots of the pine shows through and I like the way it looks), and the kitchen looks a million times better.

More kitchen: This is the eat inΒ  part where I placed the table that I finished last year. Hubby installed a new light fixture, we painted the dark brown wall white ( with the paint sprayer!) and used the same flooring. I really love this space!


Family room: Even though it doesn’t look it in the before picture, this room was super dark. Dark ochre wallpaper, a dark brown brick wall, brown carpet, and NO windows ( just a patio door) made for a bit of a dark hole. So we painted the brick white, the walls yellow, and replaced the floor with wood look laminate. Just this week we installed the mantel over the fireplace and I love the way it looks! Plus it gives me a place to put my Jim Shore santas( well, some of them anyway πŸ˜‰ ).

Sun porch: This space was totally fine before, but I saw a picture of the inside of a ” she-shed”Β  that I just loved. So a picture formed in my mind of what I wanted the sun porch to look like and bought the paint before we even moved in! That painting project was put on the backburner because there were more important rooms to finish first, but our kids surprised me one weekend by painting it! ( It isn’t completely finished because the weather turned too cold to paint, but you can get a pretty good idea of the overall effect)

Down bathroom: This one was covered in wallpaper from top to bottom…yep, even the ceiling! All that busyness got removed and the walls were painted a soft yellow. A new toilet, vanity, and light fixture, and the bathroom is complete.


Master bathroom: In here we took down the wallpaper and replaced it with pine wainscoting that we painted white. New toilet, vanity, mirror, and light fixture, and the place has a completely new feel!


Kids’ bathroom: More of the same in here. Took down wallpaper, painted, replaced flooring, toilet, vanity, mirror and light fixture. The funny thing about all the bathroom renovations was that we wanted to replace the vanities, which were old, worn, and ugly. The new vanities today are all much taller than the ones used back in the 70’s, which required us to move the mirrors. Except the mirrors were all glued to the wall. Taking those off took down drywall, which necessitated the removal of the wallpaper ( not that I was a huge fan of it). You can see where one replacement led to the replacement of practically everything.

We are feeling pretty good about all we have accomplished so far and are so excited to have finally found a contractor who will finish the amazing ( but very cold and dark at the moment!) attic into a bedroom for our two oldest boys. Can’t wait to share that transformation with you all!

See you back here on Monday for the final Christmas ornament reveal! Don’t forget that both Kristie and I will be giving away a prize to 2 lucky winners. Here is a little sneak peek at mine:Β You will get an entry for every different ornament you have made and shared, so get making!

Until next time~Happy creating!


30 thoughts on “Why?

  1. Your renovation of your new home is wonderful…so much brighter and cheerier. Would love to update our 1980’s home as you have, but husband loves oak and I love white….. and he doesn’t want to change it. 😦

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  2. You’ve been busy girl, looks amazing. We have spent the last five years doing the same thing. It looks amazing, keep up the great work and thanks for all the inspiration,

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  3. Having made a major move to another state this year, I understand what you’ve been going through and doing! I ABSOLUTELY love your changes,. Congratulations on everything. You’ve given me even more ideas. Thanks!!

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  4. Wallpaper. Oh gosh. Some wall paper is amazing, but some is just bad. And, all over the house.
    I love what you did to the porch, that is amazing.
    I love the after photos of all of your redo’s Ugh, that wall paper would make me nuts

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    1. Hahaha, well, the wallpaper was the “in” thing to do back then. We don’t mind and I’m leaving the sweet flower wallpaper in my quilt room. And luckily a wallpaper remover makes the work not too bad πŸ˜‰


  5. Wow I just love what you have done, will be keeping lots of photos for my own place (inspiration and copying ha ha). Great job on everything, what a wonderful home. Thanks heaps for sharing.

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