I quit!

Yep, I’m quitting. I am quitting all the running around. I am quitting all the stressing over buying presents. I am quitting worrying about decorating for Christmas. 

Why is it that this time of year is sooo stressful for so many of us?? Shouldn’t this be the time of year when we relax, hole up indoors, spend time with loved ones, and maybe quilt a little?

Of course it is! And I don’t know when this turned into a crazy time of year that more people dread than look forward to. Maybe it’s the stores that make you feel like you have to buy MORE, decorate MORE, spend MORE. Or maybe it’s the social media influence with all its perfect pictures of home decorated to the nines. Does anyone’s house really look like that? And do they actually live there? With kids? And dogs? Well I have to tell you that I have a kitchen right now that has dishes that need doing. And a family room with a desk that needs clearing off. And a quilt room that is a HUGE mess.

But my tree is up, the lights are twinkling, the beds are all freshly washed and made and piled with quilts, and pretty soon I will have a lasagne baking in the oven. I am going to bake son’s birthday cake and then I’m going to make myself a cup of tea, light my Christmas candle, turn on some Christmas music, and work on a Christmas quilt that I can finish whenever I feel like it. Won’t you join me?



27 thoughts on “I quit!

  1. Yep, you’ve done enough, time to stop and enjoy without adding any more stuff or any more pressure to your life. No one will notice if something did not get finished.

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  2. Good for you! Our family quit years ago. We try to keep things as simple as possible. We expect nothing from anyone. Gifts are optional. Most gifts are homemade or small store purchases. The little ones in the family still get showered with gifts but we try to keep those reasonable as well. This year we will have Christmas sometime in January, very low key pizza party! No one will have to slave all day to serve a meal as long as Papa Johns is open. Well I might make some cookies…maybe.

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  3. Monique, each year I say that Christmas will not sneak up on me and I will finish projects, buy gifts, and have time to enjoy the season. That’s what I intend to do, but life happens and here we are. Relax and have a Merry Christmas with your family. P.S. Dishes will wait!! Lol!

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  4. That plan of yours sounds perfect. Well my kids are out with Dad, so Im moping bathroom floors,and doing the dusting, we have had lots of dust storms and all the cleaning we did for Xmas has been undone. Then maybe Ill sit down and do something fun. Enjoy.

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  5. I stopped going crazy years ago and that includes fixing a feast. I shop all year long and store everything in a closet. So don’t give me your wish list because it ain’t gonna happen. I am planning a meatloaf dinner, take it or leave it. That’s how I roll at 66 years old after a lot of years of making everyone happy and myself exhausted.

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  6. After filling out over fourty cards this year and stuffing each with a flat snowflake ornament I decided this would be the last time I do something so crazy. I love Christmas but also enjoy relaxing with my puppies and drinking a hot coco if I not quilting.

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  7. My family has decided to go minimal this year! In fact, the tree will be decorated with only cloth ornaments (hmmmm, wonder where I got such cute patterns from even if the owl looks like an alien) so no one has to clean up broken ornaments compliments of the kitty who is so into discovering what everything is and how to get to it! She has actually tried climbing the wall to see a picture up close!

    I shopped last night with a zillion other people helping our local Sears deplete inventory at 70% off before they close at the end of the month. Have to go today to do a bit more once I do inventory and see who I have missed on the list. Plus, grocery shopping for Christmas Eve, that is when youngest son and family come to eat and open gifts so my grandgirls can be home all day Christmas and not have to leave their new toys behind. I love it because Christmas day is so relaxed, we fix leftovers when we are hungry, and just hang out.

    May the remainder of 2018 be safe and joyful, everyone!

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  8. Hi. I was like that to a few years ago. Rush stress not enjoying myself, 2_4 years ago I really didn’t have much xmas spirit and thus was always my favorite time of year. Now it’s much better I don’t get stressed. So long as the tree is up, everyone has one gift under the tree…or. a few more for our your grandson, and the meal is ready I am good to go. Have a wonderful merry christmas!!!


  9. Sounds and looks like you are ready. Now it’s time to enjoy! That is one reason why I have my decorating done by Thanksgiving! I can enjoy it longer and sooner and besides my sisters family comes Thanksgiving not Christmas and they want to see Christmas. Also our first Christmas Party always is the 1st Tues of Dec. Happy Restful Christmas Season!

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