January blahs?

Hello friends,

After the Christmas season is done, and all the decorations are put away, the house, weather, and life, can seem a bit blah. Admittedly for me, because we run straight from Christmas into “birthday season” at our house, I don’t have too much of a problem with that because I’m kept busy with 3 (!!) birthdays within a 16 day timespan.  However, taking down Christmas can be a bit depressing so I thought I would share some ideas on how I keep the cheer in our home for the next few wintery months.

While I do take down my Christmas decorations, I will leave out anything that can pass as a winter decoration.

After all, there is no rule that says you can’t decorate for winter, and why not undecorate slowly, in stages, so it doesn’t seem so radically empty right after the holidays? So I leave my “not too Christmassy” quilts hanging and find my “winter” quilts and hang those on the walls, and drape them over the sofas.

I think that using red quilts is still fine because, after all, we are heading towards Valentine’s Day, which is all about red!

I will also treat myself to some new plants or flowers. Some green is always nice and if you can treat yourself to a nice new pot as well, it is even better ;).( My hubby gave me this beautiful terracotta pot for Christmas, as well as the flowers so I think he knows what I need in January!)


Placing some new table runners on tables is a nice way to warm up your home too ( and if you don’t have any, this is a great excuse to drop everything and go make yourself one!). It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but it will give you great satisfaction ( and maybe an excuse to go shopping for more fabric?!).


It is still winter, so candles are still nice to have out. I am a bit candle obsessed and have many, many, many candles, in all different kinds of scents. I freely admit that I will burn candles practically all year long, except maybe at the hottest points in July and August. Candles just signify coziness to me, and I’m all about cozy ;).

Finally, I find that working on a ” Christmassy” project for next year is a nice way to have the coziness linger a little longer, without it being obvious that I am reluctant to give up the season. It worked out perfectly that January’s UFO according to American Patchwork and Quilting magazine’s UFO resolution for me is my Rustic Pines quilt!


If you have not already joined in with this challenge, I highly recommend it( see last week’s blog post for more details on how to join). There is no pressure, but I do find myself working on just this project during the day and I am getting a lot done! At night I am working on some embroidery ( also Christmassy) so am still knee-deep in Christmas, but only in a subtle way ;).

What do you do to keep your home from looking too bleak after Christmas? Please share your ideas in the comments!

Until next time~happy creating!




19 thoughts on “January blahs?

  1. I must admit that winter is so long here I don’t keep anything out. I do still burn the fresh balsam candles every day until I see the first robin. Delightful read, thanks

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  2. Hi Monique! Your home and decorations are beautiful! I have all my decorations down and put away. I bought a beautiful gold placemat after Christmas. I put it in the center of my dining room table with a large bowl of colorful fruit (fake fruit, lol). I also replaced my Christmas wreath with a winter white one that I made a few years ago. I have a vase on my mantel that is full of red flowers and greenery. I have a cabinet in the hall. I put a table runner I made with wool and I have a matching picture hanging above it. It has rose colored flowers with green embroidery for the stems and leaves. My husband and I decided to change our kitchen and dining room from chickens and farmhouse stuff to 40’s, 50’s vintage/antiques. We have been buying things that are made from aluminum with black trim, handles, etc. The ceiling is vaulted so we have room to put things on the cabinets. I’m really enjoying redecorating. That always makes me happy.

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  3. Monique, you have a beautiful home. I do a lot of the same things you do. I leave out the winter looking quilts and add plants. We can’t do candles because of hubby’s allergies but I do love having fresh flowers in the house. Our Christmas tree skirt got shredded by the cats so I’m making a new one, it helps to keep me in the holiday mood.

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  4. Winter items are up til February when the Valentine items take most of the places they occupy … We change each season … from wall hangings to stuffies that sit around on the floor and tables. Everything has a place and a season …Thanks for sharing ..

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      1. By the way, I love your big snowman. We also have Stuffies sitting around but we don’t have a BIG snowman. Did you make him and do you have a pattern? I’m 81 and live with my eldest daughter. We have a blast quilting and making critters, etc. I love what you do.

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  5. Enjoying Christmas for as long as possible works as long as you don’t tell your out of state children you’ve taken them down and it is nearing March. Got caught in my little fib when skyping with eldest son who again asked if I had finally taken down my tree. My straight face positive response got a “i can see your tree in the background, Mom” busted me big time! LOL

    This year only the tree went up due to my ankle energy, but that was okay. Ornaments have been removed and hubs just has to put the tree in the box. I do have one stuffie snowman sitting out that was a gift from hubs to me. I love snowmen and have in the past left them out until I was ready for spring decor. Even if we don’t have snow on the ground, Mt. Rainier is directly out 95% of our windows, so we see the snow without the shoveling!

    Have a lovely weekend!

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  6. I do a ‘spring but summer clean’, but an end of year clean, getting rid of the years energies and dust. It takes a while with the heat, but I like it feeling refreshed for the New Year. But because of the heat I don’t do much else, I should put out summer decorations but at least it’s all tidy


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