Super easy (and fast!) quilted table runner~tutorial

Recently I needed a quick quilted project for a friend. I had seen a quilt made with these types of blocks, but they were not in the size ( not the blocks, nor the quilt) that I was looking for. So I thought to myself: “Why not make blocks in a size that works for my needs?” and I came up with this really fast and easy project. This project took me less than an hour and a half, including the machine quilting! That includes the time it took for me to pull my fabrics, and press them, and cut them. See how fast this is?! Now, this time does not include hand sewing the binding, but I’m guessing that that added maybe another hour?? Probably less.

When I went to my quilt room to make another quilt so I could measure and take pics of the whole process to write this tute, I decided that I wanted to make the table runner a little bit bigger than the original so this one might take a little longer,  but you can easily leave off 2 of the blocks to have it truly be a 1 1/2 hour project ;).

My  “table runner 2.0” finishes at 32 by 16 inches.  I used  7 Fat  Quarters ( from hereon in known as “FQ’s”) ,  but you could easily make it bigger by using more yardage or by using more different FQ’s. (And you will have lots of leftover using 7 FQ’s!)

You can ofcourse also use your scraps. As a matter of fact, if you have a lot of these type of gifts to make, may I suggest that you start cutting up your scraps into the sizes for this block, throw them in a shoebox, and then pull them out when you need them. Even faster ;).

Now please don’t misunderstand me. I don’t think that quilting is all about being quick and fast and taking as little time as possible. But sometimes you might just be in need of a quick project because you *ahem* forgot someone’s birthday, or because it’s Mother’s Day, or because you want to bring your new neighbor a sweet welcome gift. See? Lots of reasons why you might want a quick gift that doesn’t take days or weeks or months to make.

Have I convinced you yet that you need to read my tutorial? Okay, let’s get to it then 😉

Here is what you will need for a table runner in a 32 by 16 size. If you want yours bigger, simply increase the fabric requirements.

7 Fat Quarters. I suggest 1 “focus” fabric and then 5 “friendly neighbors” for the front. You will also use 1 FQ for the binding.

Batting  approx 18 by 36.

Backing  approx 18 by 36.

I started by pulling a FQ that was “themed” and then pulled in 5 other FQ’s to add to the focus one. Easy-peasy. ( It was a super sunny day the day I took these pics so the shadows are a little distracting, but there was NO way I was going to shut out the sun 😉 ).

Next, cut your focus FQ into 8 1/2 by 4 1/2 inch bricks. You should end up with 8. (By the way, the focus fabric is called Vintage Market and was designed by Tasha Noel).

Cut your 5 friendly neighbors into 4 1/2 inch squares. You will need 16 all together so just cut an assortment. ( Like I said, you will have lots of leftover fabric).


Start sewing your 4 1/2 ” squares into pairs, making sure that the squared pairs use different fabric.

Press seams open or to one side, whatever you prefer, but just know that you might have to reverse some pressing if you press to one side.

Lay out your pieces, as well as your big bricks:

I just turned my long bricks this way and that, until it looked pleasing to my eye. I also made sure that I did not have any of the same colors squares touching.

Now sew your pieces into blocks:

Trim all your blocks to 8 1/2 ” square if necessary.

Lay them out again and sew together. You will sew them 2 blocks wide by 4 blocks long.

( Did you notice that my colors and blocks shifted? It doesn’t matter if they don’t end up in the same spot, as long as you don’t have the same fabric SQUARES next to each other).

Cut your piece of backing and batting to approx. 18 by 36 inches. Layer your quilt top on top of these, pin, and quilt.

I quilted in the ditch using my walking foot. I started on the center line and worked my way out from there. I stitched on every seam. When I was done quilting, I used a BIG basting stitch to stitch around the entire quilt, about 1/8″ in from the edge. Trim your backing and batting even with your quilt top.


Now cut your last FQ into 6 binding strips that measure 2 1/4″ wide. Sew them together into 1 long strip, fold double, and attach all around your quilt. ( If you need a refresher on how to make binding, this is a good one:

Finish sewing on the back of the binding by hand and voilà, you are done!

Wasn’t that easy? And fast? And I think the possibilities are so great with this block. You could really coordinate, or you can go very scrappy, and I think it’s all going to look great. If you want to make a lap sized quilt, just make more blocks until you get to the desired size.

Okay, so just to have a quick overview, here is a recap:

You will need:

  • 7 FQ’s, 1 focus, 5 neighbors, and 1 for binding
  • backing and batting at 18 by 36


  1. Cut your focus fabric into 4 1/2 by 8 1/2 bricks, your neighbors into 4 1/2″ squares.
  2.  Sew squares together in pairs.
  3.  Sew squares to bricks.
  4. Sew blocks together.
  5. Quilt.
  6. Bind.
  7. Enjoy!

Let me know if anything is not clear, I am happy to help.

And if you decide to make one, please share pics in the Facebook group~ I would love to see your creations! To become part of my private fb group, you must be a subscriber and you must provide the email you used to sign up so I can verify you. Click here to join: Farmhouse Quilts and Friends.

Until next time~ happy creating!


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    > farmhousequiltsblog posted: “Recently I needed a quick quilted project for > a friend. I had seen a quilt made with these types of blocks, but they were > not in the size ( not the blocks, nor the quilt) that I was looking for. So > I thought to myself: “Why not make blocks in a size that ” >


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