Pssst, can I share a little secret?

Hello friends,

As many of you know, we have been doing quite a lot of renovations on our house since we bought it in the Spring. Most of these have been cosmetic, meaning removing wallpaper, repainting, removing carpet and installing new flooring, installing new toilets and vanities, etc. Our latest “accomplishment” ( I say that in quotation marks because all we did for this wasΒ  hire a crew to do the dirty work) is our finished attic space. It is not really an attic, but rather the space above the garage, which was very much uninsulated and unfinished when we moved in ( ie….super HOT in the summer, and brrrrrrrr COLD in the winter).

When we looked at the house we thought that this would make a great bedroom space for our oldest boys. This is what it looked like before:

It actually looks fairly light in these pictures, but believe me, it was a dark space!

Here are some pics of what it looked like while under construction:

We wanted some closet space in here, because our house is a little short on closet space elsewhere and we thought this would be a great place to steal some. We also had some bigger windows installed.

And here is the finished space:

Unfortunately, when we measured the space, we discovered that our boys beds were not going to fit! I had envisioned them each having their own “wing” of the space. Sometime during construction the dimensions changed and we are not able to fit the beds where I was hoping they could go.Β  I was so bummed! When I talked to my sweet sissy about my dilemma, she came up with the brilliant idea that I should take this space for my quilt and craft space instead! At first I felt too guilty taking this space from our boys, but it does seem like a shame to have this big, beautiful room, with lots of sunlight and spots to stash my stuff, and give it to them when they are away at college 9 months out of the year…..

So, after some deliberating with hubby and our boys( who are the sweetest guys ever, readily giving me their space!), as well as my quilting friend Colleen, I decided to go for it! So hubby and I have been busily painting ceilings and walls, and are hoping to get started on the floors this coming week! I am SO excited!!

This space is about 500 sf and I will have lots of space to spread out with my quilting and stamping supplies. And I won’t be totally selfish: My room will host the ping pong/air hockey/ pool table ( which I can easily use as a great surface to layer and pin my quilts ;)), as well as a craft table and supplies where our daughter and youngest son can paint, make art, and work on messy school projects.

And might I share a little dream I have? In the future, I think it might be fun to host little quilty afternoons where I can host a small group and teach a project or 2, complete with a warm pot of tea and some yummy little treats!

It is fun to dream, isn’t it?

And p.s., our boys will each get their own bedroom, which will double as guest rooms when they are at school, so everyone’s happy :).

Until next time~ happy creating!



30 thoughts on “Pssst, can I share a little secret?

  1. It’s going to be a beautiful place to quilt and do crafty things. I wish you didn’t live so far away. I would love to be one of your first quilty guests. Post pictures when you get moved in to your new space.

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  2. Wonderful. That will be a great craft room and escape room, and quilting room, something called “my space.” You could make up new names for the room any time you please. I love my room even though it is still not organized. I just don’t know where to begin! Enjoy and have fun.

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  3. While reading, I was thinking “No! Take it for yourself. Your will be amazed at how much more you will be able to accomplish when not in the actual living space of the house! How about doing it in shabby chic? πŸ™‚ You are going to love that closet space! I used our pool table as a great work surface until my long arm came and need the space. Anyone want to buy a beautiful pool table now in pieces resting against a wall in my quilting room? I mean it is taking up valuable storage space! I will throw in the pool cues and balls and all the other stuff cluttering that area! I live on the western side of the Cascades in Washington state. Suggest you live close or it could cost a huge chunk of change to ship!

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  4. I think a space away from everyday life is needed to create and inspire or do nothing at all after catering to everyone else’s wants, needs and demands. What could be better than a get away on your own property.

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  5. Oh Monique, it’s perfect! I am so envious. I wish we lived closer to you cuz I would love to be invited for a small class in that beautiful space. 😊 Please post pics when you get it finished.

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  6. Monique how kind your boys and your husband are to change plans and give you the space for craft. How exciting! I’ve always thought how great it would be to have an attic space to do crafting in while looking down on the world below from the window.
    Enjoy it for all of us! Looking forward to seeing the photos of the completion of the room and seeing how you organise your space!

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