Got any advice for me?

Hello, it’s me πŸ™‚

Last week I didn’t share a blog post becauseΒ  my hubby and I had been busy doing house renovation stuff and I had nothing creative to share….this week I still have nothing creative to share either, BUT I do have a new quilt/craft space to show off! Are you ready for a sneak peek? Come on in!

As I explained in this post, this newly finished attic space was supposed to be a shared bedroom for our oldest boys. However, when I went to measure the space, somehow the dimensions had changed and their beds were not going to fit where I had imagined them. Long story short, we decided that this attic space would make a perfect quilt studio for me! So this past week I hauled my furniture into there and I am slowly organizing it. Even though the space is much bigger than the bedroom I was using, I have to say that it is a bit tricky to work with all these sloped angles. My taller pieces HAD to go where they would fit, and not necessarily where I wanted them, but I guess that’s a small price to pay for getting to use this huge, bright space ;).

On top of moving in, I also decided to get organized right away. So I went through my scrap drawers and ironed, trimmed, organized, and donated everything in those. I had them (sort of) organized by color, but really I never used them because they were such a jumbly mess! So I bought some see through containers with lids ( stackable!) and am sorting and organizing EVERY SINGLE SCRAP ( I will share more about my process in next week’s blog post!). I also decided to organize ALL my quilt book by subject or theme….I don’t know why….it just seemed like a good idea. I am predicting that my Christmas pile will be the tallest, but then again, maybe it will be my “precuts” stack of books that wins…

For this week, I am just sharing some pictures of my new space and my furniture placement ( for now). As soon as I get a chance to sit down and sew, I am hoping to figure out if this layout will work well, and then I will start hanging permanent stuff like my design board, quilts, pictures,Β  etc. to give my room a more welcoming look…it is looking a bit austere in these pictures!

If you have any advice on how and where you have your quilt”stuff”, please leave me a comment with what works well for you ( or what does NOT work well for you). I would love to have your input now, before anything is permanently installed.

Until next time~happy creating!


29 thoughts on “Got any advice for me?

  1. Don’t be afraid to use the center of the room such as the ironing station could come off the wall positioning its short side against the wall this way you can use it from both sides. I love the color of your space. Also wasn’t sure if book shelves could be configured into a corner L so you could add a cozy chair for reading all those books. I think the best thing to do is work in the space for a bit and see what works, thanks for sharing all you do.

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    1. Thank you for your ideas. I love the idea of a comfy chair by the bookshelves ( unfortunately they cannot be placed in an “L”, but the shair could sit in front!). And yes, the ironing table could definitely work off the wall. πŸ™‚


  2. Great room. I have my sewing machine so I can look out my window. The upside is great light during the day and I love watching the squirrels and birds outside. The downside is I feel like I’m on display especially on a cloudy day when I have the light on or at night. I usually keep the curtains drawn in the evening. You will enjoy your space so much.

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    1. Yes I thought about having my machine at the window but was afraid of the same thing as you…being on display. Also, that window does not overlook trees or yard, just driveway, so nothing much interesting to look at. Thanks for your idea though….I might move my sewing desk all the way to the back where it would overlook the backyard! Thanks Ceecee πŸ™‚


  3. Hello Monique-lucky you getting a nice new sewing/crafting area! I love the color of your walls also. One thing I might do is to move your sewing machine table under those windows. I am sure you know by now that you need all the natural light you can get, and that window is so pretty. The view for you when you are resting your eyes looks like it might be very nice. Right now you have that pretty little table under it, which looks cute, and I’m sure is impressive especially if that’s one of the things that people will see upon entering the space. But it is taking up valuable real estate, in my opinion. Also, your cutting table should be near natural light as well, and hopefully can be put ‘centered’ or almost ‘centered’ in the room so that you can move all around it on four sides if needed. Also, do you have a window at the other end of the room where your ironing board could be put? I know that last piece is pushing it, but I thought I would throw it in there. You have some lovely storage pieces, and I love your idea of putting bolts in the wicker basket! I, too, have some plastic ‘stackers’ for small pieces and other ‘stuff’, but I also buy those pretty boxes at JoAnn’s (with a coupon, or on sale). I am sure you know what I am talking about. They are pretty and they also stack well, especially if you stack different sizes. They are not see-thru, but a small label would let you know what treasures reside there! Good luck to you, as it can be fun to experiment with your space. Please post your final results!

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    1. Peggie, you have some great ideas for me to ponder! I never thought about having my cutting table so I could walk around all sides….that would be super handy. I will have to try some different configurations and figure out what works best in the space I have. Thanks for all your thoughtful suggestions!


  4. Looking at the ceiling with all those angles, this may cause a lighting issue for you. I have a buffet in a corner of a room with poor light. I think the mirror built into the back of the buffet reflects just the right amount of light. Not sure if you still need more lighting, but if you do try mirrors on the ceiling as it will reflect much light

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  5. I’d suggest a center “island” made of cubbies for a cutting/ironing station..on wheels, of course, so you can push to the side for your planned sewing sessions with friends. I’d also put the 2 bookcases side-by-side with no space between and utilize a pegboard for all the things you have hanging off of the sides of them in the pic. I’m not purchasing any additional storage unless it is clear & has a lid for stacking. I like the stackable, square 14″ x 14″ containers to keep my projects organized & visible. I would have my sewing machine set up to look out the beautiful windows. I love the color of your room! Thank you for sharing your creative ideas with us πŸ’™

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  6. Monique, what a great space, my quilt studio is similar but divided by two walls with a center room for storing I have my fabric (fat quarters) in bins and built a big board to cover these three pieces which I use mostly as a cutting table. Trying to press larger things up against a wall does not always work as my walls are sloped. My sewing table is up against a window because I like to look out and watch nature. Plus I need the light. My twin Barbara has her cutting table,aka also a big board cut down that she can walk around and she also uses it to cut on. It is in the center of her sewing room. I wish I had that luxury, it’s so convenient. She used a baby dressing changing table for her base. My boxes of projects are on shelving. When money was tight I spent it on good strong wood but used cinder blocks to hold got this girl, you are so creative, just keep it up, thanks for sharing.

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  7. Oh my goodness I’ve gone back and forth on fabric scrap organization, here is one of my blog posts about it
    I’ve currently settled on, and it seems to work, of keeping them all in a large bin under my cutting table, organized in those super large zip lock bags by color and then a bag for those that are multicolor or hard to categorize. Then I have several separate large bags of collection specific scraps – I have a Kaffe Fasset scrap bag, a Tula Pink fabric scrap bag, a Marcia Derse fabric scrap bag, a Stonehenge fabric scraps bag, and so forth. I will perhaps do an updated post of the current organization of my beloved scraps πŸ™‚

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  8. I bought two sets of the metal heavy duty shelves from Target. Don’t know how to explain them — they are not a solid shelf, but sort of criss-crossed metal? Does that make sense? then I also bought a bunch of magazine organizers, both the cardboard ones and the plastic ones, from Target, TJ Maxx, etc. In those I have orgtanized the magazines that I want to keep intact…others, that I just want a pattern or two, I remove those, give the remainder to my quilt guild. The patterns I’ve removed, I put in plastic document protectors and into 3 ring binders.

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  9. Monique, what a lovely space to have for sewing and crafting. I probably would put the machine in front of the window; both for light and to look out from.
    I think you have been given some great ideas in the previous comments to think about and try out. I imagine you will probably have to try out lots of configurations until the space fits with the way you like to do things.
    Enjoy the excitement of having a new space to organise and enjoy!

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  10. You have lots of great ideas to work from so my only suggestion is to look at your space on a dark, dark day to see how the lighting and shadows fall and you will know what to change. Also those little doors…if they don’t need to be open often hang a little valance from them maybe. We have a cape cod so we have some angles upstairs. I think they are limited but fun to play with.

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