Organizing the quilt room~part deux

Hello there,

As promised, here is part 2 of my quilt room organization plan…after this, I’m done. There may be more to do but this is enough organization for now….. πŸ™‚

Last week I shared how I organized my fabric scraps ( you can read that post here) in my new space. My old system really wasn’t working so it was time to try something new. I am really hopeful that my new system will work out well, but I will have to let you know.

As well as fabrics, I also own an insane amount of quilt BOOKS. I can’t help myself…I just love books. Books of any kind really, and they do like to take over our house, but books are a pretty good thing to have too many of in my humble opinion.

I don’t know why I decided that I should organize my quilt books, but I figured it can’t hurt so why not?Β  Of course, the smart thing to do would have been to organize my books before I moved them so I could have placed them in the right spot right away, but I was so excited to move in, that I decided to leave it till later.

I decided to organize my books by theme.Β  So I wrote out pieces of paper with themes on them and laid them around my room on the floor. And then I started pulling my books off the shelves and ordering them on the correct piles. This took a while, I will tell you!

These are some of the themes I decided to divide my books in: Paper piecing, Organizing, Modern, Historical, Christmas/Winter, Embroidery, Applique, Reference, and Scrappy.

As I was making my piles, I would realize that I had a number of books on a certain theme and so I would add a category. In the end I ended up with 19 categories. Some books were really easy to classify and others could have gone into more than one category,Β  but I placed them where I would be more likely to look for them. I added a Miscellaneous category for those books that I really felt didn’t fit in any of my other categories and that pile really didn’t end up too big, so I am happy about that! If I had a large-ish number of books by a certain author ( *ahem* Lori Holt, Kim Diehl) I gave them their own category as well.

This was also a great time to purge some books that I wasn’t interested in any longer. So I made a pile to either sell or donate. Having this huge number of books I was a little worried about finding double or even triple copies, but in the end I only found 1 double…pretty good, don’t you agree?

When I had all my books sorted, I printed off my categories and organized all my books on my shelves and taped the titles underneath. Now I can hopefully find a certain book pretty quickly, but at least I don’t have to look through every one of them!

If you want to know exactly what categories I used in my book organization you can check out my link here: One category you may find odd is my “foreign” one. I have quite a collection of quilt books written by people from Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Australia…I love the different vibe they have and am always adding those to my collection. So I wanted to give those books their very own category, even though they could have been added to existing( and more common) categories. So now if I’m looking for a book by Sarah Fielke or Anni Downs, I know to go straight to my “foreign” section.

One additional note: I own a LARGE number of little mini skinnies ( very skinny quilt books that easily get lost in between the bigger ones). I decided to put all them together on a different bookshelf,Β  no matter what the theme. This way I won’t lose them and they are easier to find and pull out.

Well, there you have it. I am just amazing myself with all this productivity and organizing…let’s hope it really makes a difference!

Okay, now for the fun part! As I mentioned earlier, I found one double book among my collection that I would like to give away to one of you! I’m sure it has been opened, but it looks brand spanking new so I thought it would make a nice give away!IMG_5099

Leave me a comment on this post and I will randomly choose a name from all the comments and send that person this book ( I happily send overseas so everyone please feel free to comment).

Until next time~happy creating!


84 thoughts on “Organizing the quilt room~part deux

  1. What a clever way of sorting…good for you. I like traditional quilts the most and would love to be included in the group for random selection. Thanks Monique. I live in Canada πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

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  2. You are certainly inspiring us to do better with our “spaces” whatever that may mean. You are so right about the skinny ones getting lost, and having to hunt through everything. Thank you, and enjoy your new space.

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  3. Thank you so much for the ideas for organizing a sewing room! The classification system for quilt books is going to make my quilting time much easier πŸ’™

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  4. I only have about 1 shelf of quilting books, but they are special….but then there’s the sewing ones, the cross-stitch ones, the decorating ones, etc.

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  5. Girl, you inspire me to get my sewing room more organized. I’m spending the day taking notes and tomorrow will be the day to spend in my sewing room. I have my eye on a new sewing machine but have told myself I can’t get it until I organize every inch of space. Thanks to your blog my job will be much easier.

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  6. I only have one shelf of quilting books, too. I used to buy them pre-internet. Most of them would probably be classified as reference or how-to. I like books of blocks, since I like to make samplers. With the internet now, I get WAY too much inspiration!

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    1. There are so many ideas out there, aren’t there? Personally I love to curl up with a good book, have a cup of tea, and dream away about quilts I find in books. For me it’s just not the same sitting at my computer or with my phone…


  7. I love your ideas about organizing my books. Right now they are just shelved rather indiscriminately. I have lots of books also and it would be nice to go to the paper piecing section if that’s what I’m looking for. Hubby is putting up a new shelf for me so I can spread out a bit. Maybe I’ll make it my book shelf.

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  8. You made the organization look easy but I know that it is a lot of work revisiting your stash and other quilting accessories. Now, enjoy the space.

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  9. As I recently moved, I am in reorganization mode also and this was helpful πŸ™‚ that book would be a wonderful addition to our Latimer quilt textile center library, after I finish reading it of course LOL if I were lucky enough to win it πŸ™‚ I am the volunteer library in there 4 our Museum

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  10. Wow! What an ambitious endeavor. I’m sure you’re happy to have your books organized. This is a thought I had, instead of taping the categories on the shelf maybe insert an upright divider labeled with the category. Maybe a small binder? That is if you have room! Not a criticism just a thought.

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  11. About a year ago I went through easily a couple hundred quilting magazines I had accumulated. I still have a large stack I need to find a home for! I kept maybe a handful. If there was one or two patterns I liked, I made copies of those pages for the binders I keep. If there were more than two patterns, I marked the pages and kept the magazine. It took me forever to go through each magazine, but I love looking at them. I just can’t get as excited about looking at a screen, but I have oodles of those, also! Speaking of organizing, that is what I have this afternoon blocked off to do, so bye!

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  12. I LOVE having my books in order, which makes it easy to find things, Unfortunately, since my hubby’s surgery a year ago, I have not had a chance to spend any time at all in sewing room. Now it is filled with stacks of books, magazines, etc. Grrrrr….can’t wait until I can get the time to get in there and work!!!

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  13. Last week you inspired me to sort my scraps….all done…hooray. Now I have to do my books!!!!!!! It will be so good to have them in sections. Thanks. πŸ˜€

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  14. Something I need to do! Maybe soon. I love looking at different books and patterns for inspiration,
    And you give great inspiration for organization!

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  15. Although it has taken a lot of time to do this, you will have probably saved yourself hours of time in the future. Unless you can look without getting distracted.

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  16. I recently got a new shelving unit and did the same thing! I don’t have nearly as many as you do but still had very respectable purge pile. I love your idea of labeling the shelves! Enjoy organizing the rest of your new space!

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  17. Love looking at your new house. I know you will enjoy that great sewing space especially now that you know where everything is…..or not??? Have fun and thanks for sharing your great ideas for the books. Would love to have this one as I am a history buff and am now working on Civil War blocks. Thanks! Helen

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  18. I love the idea of organising quilt books. How lovely to have bookcases in your sewing/craft room.
    I hope your organisation makes your sewing/crafting time more enjoyable and easier-it should be as now you can see your fabric stash more easily which should make choosing fabrics easier. AND also allow you to see what fabrics you need to buy to complete the fabric selection-have fun with that part!!

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  19. I was glad to read how you put books in categories because I did that too except “Foreign”. This has always worked for me. I found I have more in the Christmas category.

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  20. I too have a bunch of skinnies as you say 😁 they’re great for that one project. And I too have a couple of foreign books, although majority of mine would be classed as foreign, I’ve got one written in French that I’m so happy to own – my quilt store lady gave it to me 😊

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