Scraps, scraps, and more scraps!

Hello there,

Before you think that this will be another post about organization, let me set you straight: My books are organized, my fabric is organized, and that is enough organization for now ;). So why is my title all about scraps?? Well, when I see all the sew-alongs going on on FB and Instagram( with just pushes to buy the patterns, not any fabric kits), not to mention the new scrappy quilt books coming out, I figure everyone has a bunch of scraps to use up. Do you? If you haven’t been quilting for too long, you might not have a big bunch of scraps, but, unless you are a super frugal and careful quilter who only buys exactly what she/he needs for a quilt, you are probably the proud owner of a pretty nice scrap bag…box…..tote…..closet….. :).

In my FB group some ladies had the brilliant idea to do a scrap swap, so that is exactly what we did. We have about 16 quilters who are all matched up and sending each otherΒ  a nice selection of fabric scraps. It will be so much fun to see what each of us receives! And it might force us to think and work outside the box when we receive scraps of fabric that we wouldn’t normally choose ourselves. Which prompted me to thinking that I should share some scrappy projects both here and in the group, so here we go:

Please click directly on the highlighted title of each project, which will take you directly to the original post.

First of all I am going to share 2 projects that I made using scraps:

And there you have it! I hope that these ideas will help you use up some of those scraps.Β  I think I have to try those buttons~ how perfect would they be for a quilter?! But that fabric flower is gorgeous and would look so cute added to a cardigan or purse…Which project speaks to you the most?

One last thing before I go: Last week I promised to give away a double copy of this book I found while organizing.IMG_5099

And the person who I will be sending this to is…..

Marci Hallock.

Congratulations! Please email me your full name and address and I will get that out to you as soon as possible.

Until next time~happy creating!


20 thoughts on “Scraps, scraps, and more scraps!

  1. all of these ideas are perfect, and accommodates a variety of sizes.
    I like little quilts, and place mats are always useful.
    Sometimes with tiny pieces I made tiny bunting, silly but cute
    I have made those flowers out of jelly roll strips and they are great for gifts. I ususally hand sew a tie strip to it and also a pin so it can be placed on a sweater or a purse handle. I have one on my purse and everyone says it is so pretty haha

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  2. I found a nice-size US map at a dollar store so I’m going to try the scrappy map project. Great idea for using up all the pieces leftover from projects or our scrap exchange! I would also like to try making the fabric flowers 🌹 AWESOME ideas! Thank you for sharing πŸ’™

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  3. I love the map idea! And, the piggies, and the…. I love all the ideas!!! Still in the organizing my scraps routine. Love your posts on scraps and the ideas from them…..back to!!

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  4. I am trying hard not to go online much, just so I can finish what I have. But its very very hot here, so not creating at all (just reading in front of the fan) and when I can stand it I go upstairsn and online for all of 5-10 minutes, then back downstairs and what do I find when I’m online, YOU my dear friend coming up with lots of stunning ideas to get me motivated to make more ufo’s. Oh well, when it cools down again, I will have to look at my list and then silently put it away and start something fun, then when the guilt is overwhelming I will return to my list. Thank yo Monique for keeping my life very interesting. xx

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