A cute little tea towel!

Hello there,

Yesterday I found these plain tea towels at Walmart, already hemmed, with a loop for hanging, ready to do something crafty with. Oh, the possibilities! Now it just so happens that I treated myself to Lori Holt’s latest templates “Farm Sweet Farm“. She is doing a sew along on her blog with these templates, but I am SO FAR behind with other Lori projects that I decided I could not commit to this one…..

However……I was Instagramming a few weeks back ( that’s a verb, right??) and saw someone’s block and they used the sweet little bunny template. I can’t resist bunnies…..many of the projects that I have shared while blogging have had bunny themes. We OWN 2 bunnies….I mean, come on! I obviously needed to have those templates!

This is one of our lop eared bunnies. Mocha thinks she’s a cat and likes to jump on the back of the sofa!

Anyway, with the templates safely at my house, I decided that some of those templates would be perfect for my tea towel project!

And they were! I am completely in love with my little tea towel….and let’s get something straight here: This one will in no way or form be used for drying dishes! Somehow at our house teatowels always end up with inexplicable stains on them that will not come out! So this pretty thing will just be eye candy ;).

If you would like to make your own, here are my steps:

I iron my teatowel ( and notice that it is not quite straight….oh well, that will add to the charm).

Next I decide on some trim for the bottom. I have had this pompom fringe for ages and think the light blue would be a good color for Easter and Springtime.

I cut a piece of trim the same size as my towel and sew it on using my walking foot. No pins, I like to live dangerously ;). I decide to sew the trim to the front of the teatowel because I like the way that looks. 


Looking so cute already with just the trim!

Now to add some Springtime shapes….the bunny and heart are perfect!

I trace 4 bunnies and 1 heart onto fusible web and then go to my newly organized scrap stash and find some sweet fabric. I must say it is so nice to find exactly the color I need so easily!

These prints will work perfectly! I fuse the shapes to the back, and then cut them out, and fuse them in place on my teatowel ( after marking the center of the towel with a pin).

Now it’s time to applique these shapes! I go to my handy dandy thread collection and find just the perfect complimentary colors…I decide to go a little darker so that you can see the stitches better ( notice that I choose brown for the yellow at first, but then change my mind!)

Now it’s time to applique! I change my foot and stitch plate to accommodate a blanket stitch ( ooohh, so dusty in there!).

( I keep a little cheat sheet next to my machine so that I can quickly get to my blanket stitch 😉 )

I blanket stitch around all the shapes:

And done! Isn’t that the sweetest little teatowel? I of course have to take LOTS of pictures, ALL over the house!


Too cute! I have one teatowel left that I can play with, but I’m seriously considering running back to the store to get more…this was so much fun to do!

{For your convenience I have included links to some of the products I used in this project. If you buy something through one of my links I will receive a small commission, but this in no way increases your cost!}

Until next time~happy creating!


21 thoughts on “A cute little tea towel!

  1. Really adorable. I too buy the tea towels at Walmart and use them for appliqué and embroidery. My mom made me a set of tea towels when I got married. They are day of the week dogs. Too cute! But they are getting stained. Now I tell hubby, this one is just to look at, no mopping up that spill.

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  2. That is such a lovely tea towel, you should make some into placemats for Easter. I love it and the pom pom is perfect. You always come up with the most amazing projects. Thanks for sharing my dear.

    Liked by 1 person

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