A little bit of this and that

Hello again!

I hope that wherever you live that you are enjoying some nice spring weather?! Here in central Pennsylvania we are still waiting….can you believe that it snowed just last Friday? I keep looking for buds on the trees, but still nothing. Oh well, at least the Robins are back so that is a good sign ;).

This week I have a lot of little disconnected items to share…no theme…just ramblings. So this will be totally familiar to my dear hubby..hahahaha.

Okay, first off, I want to share a great deal for my blog followers: Last summer I received the sweetest little tea cozy from my friend Diane as a house warming present for our new home.

Isn’t it darling with those little tiny quilts hanging on the line? Anyway, Diane has developed a pattern for it and it is now in her shop. And as my readers, she is generously offering you a discount of $2 off each and every pattern you buy from her! Just use the code ‘farmhouse’ at checkout. Personally I think this would make a great  Mother’s Day present! You can find the pattern by going here: https://lookoutmountainquilter.com/shop/.

Have you been following along with the APQ UFO challenge? I had every intention of following along…I made a list…got started on the one for January and made a little bit of progress…then along came February and I got started on that one….March’s project I went and found….haven’t touched it yet…you can see this is not going well. HOWEVER, I am starting and finishing lots of other projects!

I started this sweet scrappy project ( rather than organizing my scraps, I decided just to use a whole bunch of the ones in my “strings” bucket). It used a lot of scraps and I love how happy it turned out. The binding is  finished and now it needs a wash and a dry to get that nice crinkly look I prefer. And of course I need to add a label ;).


I shared this free pattern by Pat Sloan.

I have a HUGE collection of charm squares that have just been sitting in a basket so this was the perfect project for those. I changed up the pattern a bit ( I omitted the borders and just made 4 stars), and made this top in about 2 days. Super simple, quick, and easy…just the way I like my patterns ;). This one is almost done being machine quilted and then just needs the binding put on. (And a label…I can’t forget a label! )


Another free pattern that I found was this PLUS pillow.

I have a thing for pluses and crosses, if you didn’t know already ;). Anyway, I HAD to make the pillow of course. Super quick and easy…even with some big stitch hand quilting thrown in! I liked this project so much that I decided I needed to make another one, which I did.

For the people in my FB group  I decided to run another Quilt As You Go tutorial. So making those blocks and making the videos has been taking some of my time as well ( as well as that of our 11 year old who has been the best at recording and editing for me~thank you Luke!)

And finally, we are having part of our basement finished into a bedroom, bathroom, and laundry room. I am super excited about the laundry room especially because this will be my first! I have had my laundry in an unfinished basement, a mudroom/entry from the garage, and a closet, but never in its own dedicated room. It is not going to be a big room and it doesn’t have any windows so it won’t be a bright space, but I’m planning on making it as beautiful as possible. So this past weekend, I picked out a tile floor and paint color and we got busy painting.

I just love, love the color on the wall! And I’m so excited about the tile because when you put them together they form a secondary pattern that to me looks like a quilt!

I cannot wait for this room to be done ( well, I want the whole project to be done because I am tired of having construction crews here) and I will share more pics when it is all finished.

By now you probably understand the very appropriate title of this blog post, don’t you?!

I can’t wait until next week when I’m planning on sharing a new project that I just pulled out this week…I am so excited to work on it!

Until next time~happy creating!



22 thoughts on “A little bit of this and that

  1. I love your tile and wall color! Don’t be so hard on yourself with your ufo list, you have accomplished so much more who cares if it’s not what you had listed to be done. It’s all forward progress in my opinion and now you have some super cute projects to help you decorate your new home. Thanks for all you do to inspire us and keep us sewing and quilting.

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  2. Good morning, Monique!
    Everything Marlynne and Barbara just said, ditto!
    I’m so glad you like the tea cozy, and thank you so much for mentioning my patterns!
    I love the tile you picked out! It does look like a quilt pattern!
    Luke has been doing a great job with your videos! They are very helpful!
    Have a great day!

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  3. Much appreciation for the “Quilt as You Go Tutorial.” It will really help with my UFO list 🤗. Thank you for sharing the adorable patterns & lovely pics to brighten our days. I LOVE your choice of tile for your new laundry room! The paint color you chose really compliments the tile pattern.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hi Monique
    I always enjoy reading your blog. I love that tile, it really does look like a quilt. I have been traveling for the past three weeks and have not really been doing anything crafty other than a small wool centerpiece for my dining room table with acorns on it. I’ll share a picture when I’m done. It’s an easy project to work on in the car. I’m looking forward to getting home and starting three small baby quilts that need to be finished by June. Happy Saturday!

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  5. Loving it all, especially your wall colour with those quilting tiles 😃 Ive got heaps of charm squares too, I think I’ll find some projects to use them in. I tried the UFO challenge the year before last, I ended up getting half of it done, more than I expected, as I moved house halfway through.

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  6. You are such a little busy bee. Love your projects and that floor tile is perfect. After finishing the quilt top for Kim’s quilt I started on much needed place mats, finished one set and have come to a halt on the 2nd set (great idea, but not so great application), anyway I am doing embroidery for a little while, then I desperately need to go to my ufo list and try to finish some more stuff, BEFORE I tackle anything new (keep your fingers and toes crossed for me please). Take care.

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