Welcome Peter!

This past weekend we finally had some nice Spring weather! About time too…I was getting a little grumpy waiting for warmer temps and sunshine to make an appearance. And I have been super eager to get into our yard to get planting and make it my own! I just adore our backyard….it is just as old as the house ( so about 40 years old) and has that wonderful old feeling…mossy stones, big trees, roots heaving up the earth here and there…

We added a wonderful shed to the garden, something really in style with the feel of the house and the yard (in our opinion) and I was very excited to plant some Geraniums in the flower boxes this weekend. These are the only color to be found on the entire property so far so I am really enjoying them!

The previous owner was apparently a big gardener and he had a HUGE vegetable garden, which was rather overgrown by the time that we bought the property ( in fact, I don’t think there were any veggies left to be had, just a lot of overgrown brambles!). My favorite thing about his garden though, was a little wooden gate. I called it the Peter Rabbit gate because it just looked like it came straight from England and Beatrix Potter’s imagination. I love Peter Rabbit, I love Beatrix Potter, and I love anything English!

The original garden was in too much shade and wham bam right in the middle of the back yard. It needed to be moved to a sunnier and more out of the way corner. Unfortunately the little gate did not survive the moving of the garden space. But this past weekend we put in out own little fence, complete with a new little gate, and this space will become my new veggies,  bees, and butterfly garden. I even have a little rabbit statue ready to stand guard over my new little garden!

Now my garden is nothing to look at yet. It was grassy lawn and needs to be completely overhauled with some nice dirt and compost. But I have planted a few little twigs and plants already, just to get started. And then I’m planning on making some cute little crushed stone paths in there, along with heaps of veggie plants and herbs, as well as pretty flowers. Check back in a few years to see how it all turns out, okay?

Speaking of Peter Rabbit, a few months back I had a coupon for Joanns and picked up this sweet book with Peter Rabbit themed stitcheries!

You all know I have a slight book addiction and I couldn’t leave this one behind, especially with that sweet Peter in there! I  really think I  should take a trip to England and visit the place where Beatrix lived and wrote all her wonderful tales! Anyone else out there want to join me? I’m sure we could squeeze in a visit to a few tea and quilt shops if we try 😉


Until next time~happy creating!



16 thoughts on “Welcome Peter!

  1. Sweet post, I love Peter Rabbit, when my husband went to England he brought me back a Beatrix Potter tea set and the set of mini books, it was such a sweet gift and your post brought back those memories for me. I hope some day to get to England so much to see. Good luck with your new garden this year, time well spent will reap huge fresh rewards.

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  2. I have a confession. My mother took me to England on a Children’s Literature tour knowing that Beatrix Potter’s cottage was on the tour. We were told no flash photography, but I took one secret little photo. I just couldn’t leave there without that pic. I LOVE everything Beatrix Potter! I was thinking that the illustrations really lend themselves to embroidery and coloring with the colored pencils as in Crabapple Hill. It is so my next purchase!!!


  3. Hi Monique, I love your new garden shed. Did your hubby make the flower boxes for you? W just received 5! + inches of snow so it will be a while before I can get out into my garden.

    I love Beatrix Potter. I followed the links and came across some adult coloring pages to print out for free. I may embroider them.
    Loved your blog as always!l

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    1. That’s great! I must have missed those…
      And no, the shed came with the flower boxes ;).
      We had a glorious day here today…sunny and warm, not what they were predicting, but I’ll take it ;). Tomorrow is supposed to be cooler so we’ll see.


  4. Hi Monique.
    I love the beginnings of your little garden-and the gorgeous fence which looks just like a cottage garden fence should!
    What a great idea to go to England and see Beatrix Potter country in person-go for it.
    I too love Peter Rabbit and all Beatrix Potter creatures-they are soo cute.
    Being a bookaholic myself I quite understand the pull of a coupon-sooo tempting; especially when there is a book on Beatrix Potter stitichery designs. Two great things, stitching and Beatrix Potter, in the one package makes it even more tempting and hard to resist.
    Hope you enjoy both the book and your new garden.

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  5. yes, Peter Rabbit. So so cute. I felt like Mr McGregor today, making little fences out of metal rods, and other vertical posts to attach tulle netting (originally purchased mass quantity to protect trees from Cicadas in some years past) Every year it is a re-evaluation of the plan and what worked the years past. I just want to grow the zinnias and sun flowers, but they have a tough challenge with our ravaging bunnies. Today was cooler, and probably the last week-end before the flies arrive and fly around my face.
    YOUR shed is adorable. I think your yard is incredible I hope you enjoy many happy days playing outside

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  6. Hahaha, you mean Mr. McGregor! But I understand about wanting to keep your flowers safe. I also want to protect my veggies, especially the Basil, which bunnies LOVE. Everything else I grow they don’t seem to like so we get along pretty well ;).
    I am hoping to make our yard wonderful but it has a long way to go…however, I did got to the garden center yesterday and picked up a few flowers so I can get started at least. A little bit each time 😉


  7. Oh Wow, its taken me a long time to catch up, but wow is all I can say about your great garden. Would love to visit England with you, so when I win the lottery I will give you a heads up. Take care.

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