Spring has sprung!

Hello friends,

Spring has finally, finally come to central Pennsylvania! ( Although I should be careful what I say because I just heard this morning that our temps will dip down into freezing temps on Sunday night…sigh….

Well, we at least have had some nicer, warmer temperatures, and the sun has been shining quite a lot! ( Not today ofcourse, when I took my camera outside to take pics for this post!~you will notice the raindrops on the lens in a few photos).

I really wasn’t going to write a blog post this week, because I didn’t have a productive quilting week at all. With the weather nicening up and all, I have been heading outside as much as possible and “mucking around” in the yard! My little Peter Rabbit garden is starting to take shape. I purchased a few hardy plants ( fingers crossed that they are, in fact, hardy) and have been clearing out grass and weeds to make little beds here and there.

I have been recycling found items to make my beds. I want this to look very English and cottagey and hope that using what I find in the yard will add the right touch. I’m envisioning curvy paths in between flowers and veggies, and have been happily puttering away creating new planting beds. I was excited to find some Peonies popping up behind ( and beside, and probably under) our shed! I transplanted one big clump and so far they are looking good!

I also used some wrought iron decorations that used to be on the sun porch and am using them as a backdrop for what will be my little Sweet Pea area. If you have never grown Sweet Peas, they are beautiful, climbing plants that get colorful and very fragrant flowers. I have never successfully grown them, and don’t know if they will like the wet, damp weather we get here, but gardening is a sport, so I will give them a try. 🙂image used with permission

We planted a few new trees and bushes in our yard. The front yard is quite long and , aside from some BIG Red Maples, there is not a whole lot of interesting stuff going on. So we planted a few different varieties of trees and bushes, both for some privacy and to attract birds.

We inherited a few Dogwood trees and I love them! Unfortunately most of the blooms are located high up so we are hoping we can trim them after blooming to correct that habit!

The view from our bedroom window is lovely though, because we really get to enjoy those high blooms there:

Our sun porch is a great little spot and we have already enjoyed a few suppers out there.

Our youngest especially enjoys that rope seat out there! I think all it needs now is a few potted plants, some nice cushions,  and some cuddly quilts! And speaking of quilts, I did manage to sew the binding on the little one that I used for a sample in my Quilt As You Go series, AND finished quilting the Oh My Stars quilt, which now just needs the binding sewn on.

I have also tweaked a few pieces of furniture in my quilt room and now have a cosy little spot for sitting and hand quilting or reading!


I am so very happy with all the little cosy ( and hopefully inviting) spaces in our home!  And that brings me to my final share…I picked up this sign last year, right after we bought the house and I was envisioning what I wanted our sun porch to look like:

So, so true!

Until next time~ happy creating!


23 thoughts on “Spring has sprung!

  1. I want to come be a guest in your home! Everything is so pretty. I am not a gardener and would not know the first thing about taking care of all your garden stuff. I love that you refer to a “Peter Rabbit” garden as a description. Love the sun porch. Would be a great place to sit and stitch.

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  2. Your home looks so cozy and inviting. I love all the little touches you’ve added to make it seem like home. Your yard is pretty. I miss having a yard. We have only a small space in the front and back. Both are xeriscape with gravel and cacti for the desert. I do have roses, marigolds and violas and fingers crossed, some zinnias soon.

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    1. Thanks Joyce!
      I’m sure it is tricky to be a gardener in AZ. I’m impressed that you have roses…those I cannot get to do well at all. I hope your Zinnias do well….I love those and they seem to carefree and easy.


  3. Your home is beautiful, love your porch sign. Your gardens are going to be lovely , I’d say you have a great start to it taking on a cottagy feel. Enjoy your weekend.

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  4. Love sun porches! I’d be tempted to use it as a first floor sewing/quilting room, but the way you have furnished it is so welcoming and useful for the family. Your garden is coming along. And your dogwoods are beautiful. Our yellow one is in bloom now and is a great backdrop for photos. The white ones along the front of the house bloom later. We pretty much have something blooming all summer long. And you did get somethings accomplished in the quilting arena this week!

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  5. Monique, I love what you’ve done with your Peter Rabbit garden. It does indeed look cottagy-can’t wait to see what else you put in there. I love the re-purposed sun porch decorations-they add a lovely touch. What a good idea to re-use them in the garden

    Happy gardening and enjoy the arrival of Spring!

    Kerrie ________________________________

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  6. Love your Quilt As You Go. I think it would make a great Charity Quilt. When I went to that page I find you have deleted it. Will you be doing it again?

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