Spring sew along~ part 2

Hello!  Today I am sharing part 2 of my Spring sew along :).

Last time I shared how you are going to make 5 9-patch squares. If you missed those instructions you can find them here.

Now it is time for the embroidery!  You need to cut 4 light squares to embroider on. Cut these at 6 inches square, but they will be trimmed down to 5 inches when you finish embroidering.

Trace one design onto each square using your window or lightbox ( I just used a regular pencil to trace the designs but you can use an erasable pen or whatever you prefer).

You can find the link to the designs here:  Click on the red and you will be taken directly to the PDF that you can print off.

Spring sew along 1

spring sew along 2

Back your embroidery design with some light batting or interfacing ( that’s what I prefer, but you don’t need to do that), and place in a small hoop.

Embroider with 2 strands of floss and use a back stitch. ( For the bee’s eyes I used a french knot).

I recently discovered this embroidery floss and I love it!

This floss comes on a spool and I think that is the reason it just doesn’t tangle the way that regular floss can. When I found out that they are really affordable too, I was super excited! You can buy them by the spool or in a color set and I highly recommend them. You can find them by clicking here.

For my embroideries I doubled this thread to get a nice, thick , visible line. ( Seeing as this thread is supposed to be the equivalent of 2 strands of regular embroidery floss, I would suggest that you embroider using 3 or 4 strands of regular floss if that’s what you are going to use).



After you finish embroidering, press your blocks and trim them to 5 inches square.

I think that’s enough “homework” for this week…see you next week to get the instructions for part 3…guess I better get to figuring out “part 3”  ;).

Until next time~happy creating!



23 thoughts on “Spring sew along~ part 2

    1. I like that combo too. And I find it works great to do some embroidery at night while watching tv with hubby. The designs really don’t take long and maybe I will give you all 2 weeks to get this step done….and give myself time to come up with the next step 😉


  1. I have my 9-patches done. For Mother’s Day, my son is buying a lightbox for me so I won’t have to use the sliding glass door and the sun. It is a cutterpillar. I am so excited! This will be my first project with the new lightbox!!!!

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