Hello friends,

Today, as I started to write my blog post, I had the word TITLE staring me in the face…ugh….titles for my blog posts can sometimes be so hard because I don’t have one clear subject that I’m writing about. And I don’t want to use titles that I have used before…

So today I asked Google for help and this is what it came up with:

See that word” patchwork” there? Perfect! 😉

So I know I already sent out a blog post earlier this week about the Sweet Little Spring Sew Along, but I don’t want my blog posts for the next few weeks to be just about that….so I will stick to my regular schedule of the usual types of blog posts on Saturdays and I will pop in the instructions for the sew along in between. Sound good? And by the way, if you need to find out what the Spring sew along is all about, you can check this post here and this post here. And please feel free to share pics of your work with my via email or on the Fb pages. I would love to see your progress! Here are a few pics of blocks that people have shared already, as well as mine, in case you missed seeing them:

So cute, right?! And they look so different depending on what colorway is used…I love that!

As well as doing the Sweet Little Spring Sew Along, I also issued a challenge project in my Fb group, but there is no reason why you can’t join in, even if you are not into Facebook. The challenge project is a “quilt mash up”. The idea is that you take 2 or more quilt patterns and “mash” them together to come up with a new quilt. Yesterday was a cold and rainy day so I pulled out a few books and mags and had a looksy.

I finally decided to combine the applique from one quilt,with the blocks from another quilt pattern:

My idea is to make just one block from the quilt on the right ( this is Lori Holt’s planner btw~you can find the link here ) with the applique from the book on the left ( which is from a book by Barbara Brandeburg called “The best of Cabbage Rose”). I am excited to “mash” these two together and see the result! If you want to participate, please do! I have set a “deadline” of June 15th, when I will ask people to share the results and I will share those here and on Fb.

Okay, on to other business…..I finished my Stars quilt ( pattern by Pat Sloan, only slightly altered by moi). It will look perfect hanging out on our sun porch this Spring and Summer with those soft pastel colors:

And finally the BIG news! Construction on our basement is finally finished! Yahoo! It looks so fantastic down there…all nice and new and bright. No more battleship grey paint on the stairs….

No more spidery, cold cement walls or floors ….

And most importantly ( to me!) a very pretty and organized laundry ROOM:

And do you see that utility sink? Yahoo! A place to wash paintbrushes and all those other sorts of messy things and we no longer have to use the kitchen sink! I am not going to lie, the laundry room is my favorite part, but we are pretty darn happy with all that new space down there ;). We have come a long way since we bought the house 1 year ago!

Anyway, that’s enough “Patchwork” for today..enjoy the rest of your weekend and until next time~happy creating!


19 thoughts on “Patchwork

  1. Congratulations on the basement finish! Yes naming blog posts can be daunting but you came up with a great name. I have some of the books you have too! Someday I want to make a quilt from the Sunday Morning Quilts one. Your stars quilt looks very happy!

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  2. Congratulations on your finished basement. I like the color you chose for the laundry room walls. So pretty. Your star quilt looks very spring like. I have my 9 patch blocks sewn and I’m working the embroidery.

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  3. Un joli MÉLI MÉLO (mot français qui désigne un mélange plus ou moins organisé)
    J’aime particulièrement votre courtepointe aux étoiles.
    Je n’ai pas encore eu le temps pour votre petit QuiltALong…
    Bon dimanche,

    Muriel la Française

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  4. Love your projects and your daughters room looks fabulous. I adore the stained glass window in the bathroom. I am also in love with that tile in your laundry. Take care.

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  5. I love this little quilt. I have just come across this and want to try it, especially the embroidery and the way you finished the corners. I can hardly wait to see your hand quilting. I would like to try that too!

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    1. Thanks so much for responding. I am so old that I don’t even have a smart phone, and I have this old laptop on which I only look things up and email. All that to say that at this point I don’t have a way to send photos, but maybe at some point I can join the new world and get some one to help me with that. I always look forward to reading about what you are up to!

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