Quilt Mash-Up

Hello there,

Last week I shared that I had issued a challenge of sorts to the people in my FB group ( but you all are invited to participate too! See last week’s post for details!). The challenge is to take 2 or more quilt patterns and “mash” them together to create a new quilt. This is such a  fun way to combine elements from 2 or more patterns that you love and make them into something completely unique and yours alone! This week I thought I’d share how I go about making a “mashed-up quilt”, just in case the idea is scary or intimidating to you. I hope that if I explain the steps that I follow you will feel comfortable too and give it a try!

First of all you need to find some patterns! I would suggest that for your first try you start with just 2 patterns. I pulled out some books and magazines and looked through them to get inspiration. 20190510_091950-1 I found my 2 inspiration pieces in these two books ( one is actually a planner that also contains quilt patterns!)


I decided to use the block pattern from the planner and the basket and flower applique from the second book. At first I wasn’t sure if the size of the baskets would work with the block size so I made the block first and then eyeballed the baskets to see if they would look good ( I decided they would look just fine, but if I could have enlarged or made them smaller with the help of a photocopier!)

Next it was time to choose the colors and fabrics I wanted to use in my quilt. I really like the look of the quilt on the right so decided to take my inspiration from that!

(Most of the fabric I used is called Gretel By Amy Smart, but I added in a bit of green from my stash too). These scissors are awesome btw! They have a small serrated edge and I bought them for collage quilting but they are great for cutting out applique shapes too. I love that they have such big openings for my fingers, but a small, precise tip for cutting detailed items! ( They are by Tim Holtz and I found mine online at Joanns.com)

I followed the directions for making the block exactly from the pattern. Then, when I was done, I determined how wide to make my borders for my applique pieces.

My appliques were about 5 1/2 inches high so I cut some border fabric at 6 1/2 and just as long as my completed quilt block ( 16 1/2) in my case. Then I got to tracing my shapes, ironing them to scraps, cutting them out and placing them on the borders. This was definitely my favorite part! Especially because it was a dark and gloomy day and these baskets were brightening it up considerably!


So I now have completed my four borders and need to appliquilt all these baskets and flowers …this will take a while! I don’t have the 4 corners figured out yet. I do know that they are 6 1/2 inches square so I could go to one of my handy dandy block reference books and see which blocks are that exact size and make those as cornerstones. Or, if I wanted to make it really easy I could just cut 4 squares that measure 6 1/2 inches and use those. You don’t need to make this more complicated if you don’t want to. I also could have cut 2 of my borders as long as my quilt plus 2 side borders…all kinds of clever ways to not have to think too much or make things too complicated ;).

Anyway, this is where I’m at right now with my quilt mash-up:


I am loving it so far and am excited to see how it ends up looking when it’s all done!

I hope that this explains a little bit how I go about making a mash-up quilt and that you will give it a try sometime. It really increases the number of quilts you can make and I love that the quilt will be so uniquely yours!

If you have made it all the way down to the end of my post I want to thank you for reading it and have a little surprise for you! I am giving away a copy of the latest Quilt Sampler magazine that just came out recently!

Just leave me a comment at the bottom of this post and I will randomly select a winner and announce her in next week’s blog post!

Until next time~happy creating!


53 thoughts on “Quilt Mash-Up

  1. Can’t wait to see your finished quilt, my mash up is in progress but a bit stalled on account of my twin visiting and my travels, When doing my Appliqué center I made it a bit larger so I could fudge a bit with the next pattern addition, hoping for success upon its completion.

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  2. I guess I missed last week somehow, but love the whimsy flowers baskets. They just make me smile. Think I will be using them for my “monthly mini quilt change out” that hangs at the end of my kitchen cabinets. Thanks for sharing your creativity.

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  3. I love your idea for mash quilt. I have done this several times, however sometimes it
    came out more like “smash” quilt!! But it was fun, and for charity so they loved it anyway!!

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      1. What a great mash up. I’m wanting to make a sampler with a fabric line in my stash. I think I could use a similar inspiration search as you did. Thanks for the idea..

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  4. Way above my lever as a beginner. I am still doing mainly pot holders and mug rugs. I have branched out to making my own designs for them, though. I love what you do. Thanks so mch for sharing with us!

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  5. I’ve made several mashup quilts before and I love it! I get just the look I want and stretch my creative muscles which are about the only ones I’ve been stretching lately!

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  6. Love your creativity in combining the two different quilt patterns. Is it going to be a table topper? Would love to win the magazine as a local to me quilt shop is featured.

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  7. Looking forward to seeing your quilt next week. It looks good now! A great idea to bring 2 PATTERNS together. We all have so many….why not?

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  8. I’m intimidated by one-way prints or checks. Looking at your blocks, I’m inspired to give these fabrics a try! They add so much to the design & outcome of the blocks. The extra effort will be worth it 😊

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