Buttons and lace and linen too

Hello and happy weekend!

I love weekends, don’t you? We always start our day with a cup of tea and a bagel with cream cheese and it’s the best way to start the weekend! I just love the relaxed feel and the possibility that the weekend brings!

image used with permission


I am sad to report that I am STILL without a sewing machine! It has been more than a week and I called to ask ( very politely and with much constraint) how my sewing machine repair was going…I was told that they can’t repair it because they are not an actual Bernina dealer….seems to me that I could have been told that when I brought it in…so anyway, now I’m stuck bringing it to a dealer more than an hour away and it will probably be out for at least another week. Thank goodness for a back-up machine! If anyone ever tries to tell you that you don’t need 2 machines, ignore them! ( And maybe you need to have this many back-ups! 🙂 )sourced from not-martha sewing

Even with a back-up machine, there has not  been too much sewing going on around here…I have been mucking around in my garden and am very slowly making progress! I now have my tomatoes planted, as well as red onions and squash. On Wednesday I added some strawberry and basil plants, as well as rhubarb ( we LOVE rhubarb and I’m hoping the plant will do well here!) I also planted some sunflowers because I’m trying to attract bees and butterflies and this particular type is supposed to be very good at attracting pollinators.

find these seeds at Annie's (https://www.anniesannuals.com/plants/view/?id=3462)
Lemon Queen Sunflowers

The little bit of sewing time I have had has been dedicated to 2 projects: My thrift store fabric quilt and my redwork embroidery. My blocks for my quilt are coming along nicely and I have all the blocks partially sewn, with 2 completed all the way. I know it won’t take much time at all to finish all 9 blocks and then I will use the QAYG method on the blocks before putting the whole top together. But I really need to come up with a better name than “thrift store quilt”!

The redwork embroidery that I just finished is the 3rd one in a looooong list of panels  that I need to get done before I even start the piecing of the accompanying blocks…but at least it was a BIG one and the others all get smaller so shouldn’t take as long:

I truly love working on this at night while keeping the hubby company while watching TV.

This week I also revisited the fabric and yarn thrift store to scout out some more finds 🙂 . These are this week’s goodies:

Some linen fabric ( I love to embroider on this!); some pretty floral; some white buttons ( I am a button addict!); different varieties of trim and lace; a red bundle that I think will look very French ( oui, oui); and some new to me quilt books.  And I only came home with a little bit of blue fabric! But come on, who could resist those cherries?!

I really think that every town should have a thrift store just dedicated to craft supplies, don’t you think? I think it would do very well, plus we would all have a place to donate our unwanted goods! Win-win situation 😉

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and don’t forget that the deadline for our quilt mash-up challenge is coming up on June 15th. Still plenty of time to join in if you haven’t already. You can find the details in this post.

If any of you have any wonderful names for my thrift store quilt, please help me out! As a matter of fact, let’s make it a little competition! Leave your suggestion in the comments and I will choose the title I like best and send the person who thought of it a little something in the mail! Fun!

Until next time~happy creating!


27 thoughts on “Buttons and lace and linen too

  1. Reminds me of my “Grandma’s Flower Bed”. She was a quilter and gardener, who also worked in a dress factory at one point. There were always cutoff scraps she brought home for her quilts in her sewing area….

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  2. Just love reading your blog on Saturday mornings. You’ve inspired me to make some ice tea as I sit outside hand sewing some binding. Love love cherry fabric. Just picked some up last weekend. I’ll have to ponder a name for your new quilt. Happy Saturday!

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  3. Happy Saturday. I just helped my 7 yr old granddaughter make a purse. I think your quilt looks like Lady Shabby to me. So feminine and soft.

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  4. I hope they fix your machine soon. Love all your finds and yes I adore that cherry fabric, I wouldn’t leave any of it behind and the lace is just gorgeous, but the buttons oh dear those buttons lol. Your blocks remind me of quaint cottage gardens. Take care.

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  5. Love your thrift shop finds. How about friperie quilt. That is french for thrift shop. I spent most of the day helping our daughter plant her containers with tomatos and flowers.

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