Hello! This week’s blog post is a méli-mélo of topics! I learned this word from one of my sweet readers who explained that it is a French expression for mish-mash or hodgepodge…seeing as I quite often have a variety of projects and subjects covered in a post I need to come up with lots of different ways of saying the same title, so méli-mélo it is this week!

Okay, so first up, my challenge project is complete! And even though my sewing machine was missing for about 3 weeks, I did manage to get her done on time! The idea behind this “mash-up” quilt was to take 2 or more quilt patterns or blocks and combine them into a new one. I got my inspiration from these 2 books:


I combined a block from the planner with the appliqued baskets from the book and made this to start:

Then, I added cornerstones using my handy-dandy block book by Judy Hopkins for reference.

I already have all of her books because they are just so handy when you need a block in a certain size and I picked up another used copy because I thought I could make someone else happy with it ;). Anyway, I added cornerstones….

….layered, quilted, and bound it with a cute red gingham, and ended up with this final result:


I am very pleased with it! I love the colors and the playfulness of the baskets and I think it has a French flair! 20190615_101555

When I finished this project I right away got started on another one that I had seen in a magazine:


It is a very simple pattern but I think it will make the sweetest picnic quilt! Hopefully I will get to work some more on this one soon, but in the meanwhile I have been making a new pillow cover for one of those loooong pillows you use to decorate your bed or sofa. I decided to add some embroidery and am in the process of machine quilting it: 20190619_150606

And finally, I offered to come up with a quilty project for a little local neighborhood magazine and was very excited to find out that my project is actually going to be on the cover! 20190605_145937

This is a super simple project because it has to be appropriate for non-sewers ( and no machine owners!) so hopefully this will be a success!

So there you have it…a real méli-mélo of topics this week :). Oh, and remember when I said I picked up an extra (used) copy of Judy Hopkins book? I would like to choose one of my readers to send it to. I think and hope that you will love it as much as I do. Just leave me a comment if you would like a chance to win it and I will pick someone at random and announce the winner in next week’s blog post!

Until next time~happy creating!


63 thoughts on “méli-mélo

  1. That little basket quilt inspired me too! Have it sitting on the cutting table as my next project, but need to finish the small 4th of July firecracker quilt first!!!! Great color combo in your quilt. Just a happy, happy one.

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  2. I’m heading out for garage sales but am I glad I checked your block before leaving. Number one on my list is a red/white/blue shirt that i can rip to make a flag block like yours. This would be fun to teach my little neighbor girl. Also, I would love to win a copy of Judy Hopkins’ book!!

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  3. I’m glad I finally got to see the final quilt with baskets. I wasn’t sure I liked it while you were working on it, but it looks GREAT. The quilt exceeded what I had in my mind. Also, I sure like all your smaller projects.

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  4. I love your quilts especially the one with the baskets. When I learned to applique I was hooked. I always lean towards doing things with applique. The colors you used are right up my alley. If I had a copy of “Around The Block” I might try designing my own quilt.

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  5. Love all your quilt ideas! In fact I made two of the flag mini quilts last week; one for my sister and one for me. Love love to be the lucky recipient of your extra book!

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  6. I absolutely adore the little quilt…it is so happy and cheerful and just shouts “summer is here” what a great selection of colors and fabrics and designs!!

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  7. J’aime que vous utilisiez mon expression française !!!
    J’aime beaucoup aussi votre mish mash de blocs, je suis toujours en amour pour les paniers.
    Ce serait un plaisir de recevoir ce livre, mais les frais de transport sont trop élevés, je laisse ma chance à une lectrice Américaine
    Et je vous remercie pour ce joli petit drapeau !!!

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  8. Your basket quilt mash up is adorable. It really does evoke a French countryside feeling. I’m trying to type on my iPad with the cat on my lap, he doesn’t appreciate my moving while he’s relaxing, spoiled boy. Gosh, he jumped down. I wonder if it was something I did, ha ha.

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  9. Oh, I absolutely love the basket quilt. Those cornerstone blocks set it off perfectly. The colors just make me happy. That book seems like it would be so helpful when searching for a needed block. I really love all the things that you do. I made a similar block to the flag for a pot holder and I love the idea of buttons for the stars. I am really with the lady who says she doesn’t know how to post photos of her projects to share with you. I am in the same situation – no smart phone or how to get a photo from the camera to the computer. I am wondering if maybe I can somehow remedy that in the future. In the meantime I could get a print and send it to you in the mail. Thanks so much. I look forward to catching up with you every time you post!

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    1. I wish I could help you with the photo problem! My camera has a cord that plugs into our computer so that I can upload photos that way…but I know some cameras can do it wirelessly. Sometimes Googling the name of your camera will get you an answer….good luck!


  10. Your quilt turned out perfectly, you always pick the best colors and fabrics. I love your chickens, I have a couple from Portugal that look like yours, hubbie hates them, but as soon as I find the box they are in they will be proudly displayed again. Have a great week.

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    1. Hahahahah, Guida, one of those chickens CAME from Portugal via my in-laws! They used to go and vacation in the Algarve. The other chicken I actually found at a local home decorating store….I love them too!
      Get yours out and display them proudly 😉


  11. Your quilt is charming! Love the colors! You always have such great ideas for quilts! Would absolutely love to win this book! Have a great weekend!😊

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  12. I love the idea of combining patterns and your did come out so pretty and bright. The flag has a sweet old-fashioned look. Love them both. Thank you for sharing.

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  13. Hello…. I sure hope you get this e-mail because I have something you might like. While out thrift shopping I came across a set of three small 1 1/2″ x 2 3/4″ small tins of English Teas Selections in Beatrix Potter designs made in the UK. I’m sure the tea has passed it’s expiration date, but knowing how you like Peter Rabbit, Miss Tiggy-Wrinkle, and Jemima Puddle- Duck the tins would be cute in your sewing room or next to a Peter Rabbit mug if you have one. I paid less than a dollar for the set….but I did think of you at the time. If you would like to have these little tins just let me know. Consider them a gift from one quilter to another.

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  14. WOW!! How timely. I have 2 grandchildren and a neighbor, all 8 years old. This little flag project would make them soooo excited (and me too!) Thank you

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