My visit with Mary

Last Saturday my hubby and I decided to take a pretty drive down to Bedford, Pennsylvania. My destination was Mary’s Quilt Shop, owned by Mary Koval, who is a quilter, quilt shop owner, and antique quilt collector, among other things!

Let me start by saying that the town of Bedford is super charming and quaint! Almost all the stores are located in old historic buildings, and all of them had beautiful flower boxes out front.  Mary’s quilt shop is located in an 1813 building and it is beautiful, from the outside to the inside!  ( And she offers quilt retreats and classes, right there in that beautiful building!)

When we walked  inside we were greeted by Mary herself! I love meeting people ( especially quilters!) whose pictures I have seen and about whom I have read lots of stories. Mary and her husband Joe collect antique quilts and they travel to various shows and have written books about their quilt collecting. I really wasn’t expecting to meet her in person, figuring that she would be too busy to work in her quilt shop, but there she was!

I asked her if she would mind if I took pictures of her and her store for my blog and she graciously agreed…here she is cutting some of MY fabric choices :).


( That’s my sweet hubby sitting there reading a book…he is clever that way and always brings a book to entertain himself while I shop!)

I picked up a few special books at Mary’s shop too, one of them signed by her ( I now own 4 quilt books signed by “famous” quilters, all signed when I met them in person, so that is very special to me!). And Mary shared a little secret with me too….her shop will be featured in the Fall issue of Quilt Sampler magazine ( and she told me I was allowed to share that secret 😉 ).

After the quilt shop we walked through the rest of the town and visited some other neat stores and then we were on our way home again. But on the way out of town I had to snap this photo of possibly the prettiest gas station in existence!

Isn’t that beautiful?

Next time we go I want to visit the Fort Bedford Museum  and the National Museum of the American Coverlet, as well as Historic Bedford Village!

I hope you enjoyed “visiting” Bedford with me! And now for the book give-away…in last week’s post I talked about the used copy of this book that I picked up and want to give to one of my readers:

And the randomly chosen recipient is………


Congrats Susan! Please email me your mailing information and I will get that book out to you ASAP!

Until next time~happy creating!


34 thoughts on “My visit with Mary

  1. Enjoyed reading about your day in Bedford, Pa, with your hubby at your side. The quilt shop looks warm and inviting. And the town clean, quaint and peaceful. I’m not sure what caught my eye first, the flag quilt or the stuffed chickens.

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    1. Yes there is a translate button all the way at the very top. There is a strip above the header. On the left side. I agree, she is a very sweet happy blogger


    2. Oh just checking. I know dutch and can read it well. Some dutch words do not translate very well.
      The word strijke means iron. I love dutch, it is a funny cute language


  2. Wonderful congratulations to Susan. This will be a treasure for her. Sweet blocks and a win!

    Your trip to Bedford was a success! What a nice day for a day trip. Now I want to go there!! It would be about a two hour drive for us. I used to drive a two hour trip to Messiah College when my daughter went there for two years. So this trip would be similar. I would drive up from Rt 15 in northern Virginia.
    I love this shop, and these mountains of course, I love them, and Mary looks so friendly. Wow her shop is neat and tidy. She has a LOT of inspiration in her shop
    The gas station is so cool. What a treasure. I would love to know the history of that place.
    Thank you for sharing your adventure

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  3. That little town really looks charming and her store is adorable. It’s so nice to visit with shopkeepers, who are truly warm and friendly, and not just out for your money!

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  4. Such a treat to hear about your visit to such a cute town, might just have to look that area up next time we are in that neck of the woods. Thanks for sharing, going to borrow your husbands idea and keep a magazine in the car for my hubby might just help him pass the time while I shop he always says to take my time but I always feel like I have to be fast on account he can look pretty bored .

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  5. I love these beautiful, historic towns. What a beautiful shop! And how clever to have a seating area. My husband doesn’t take a book when we go. He loves talking to the shop keepers.

    Thank you for sharing such a lovely shop.

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  6. This sounds a lovely town to visit and love all the photos. Mary’s shop looks very interesting and colourful and her quilts collection would be interesting to see. Love the street view also. We did a road trip in America in 2013 (from Australia) and found in so many of the old towns that all the building were boarded up and not much happening in their town. So glad that Bedford still exists (I will have to look up my atlas to find where it is). Always good to have a day out and see something different. Thanks for sharing.

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