You need this!

Hello friends,

image used with permission

Did you open this post to find out what you NEED? Are you thinking I’m going to try and convince you to buy some new quilting gadget or new book? NOPE! I am here to tell you that what you NEED is this:

Do something special for yourself every day.

Yes, every single day you should do something special just for you. Why? I counter with “Why Not”? You deserve it! I am sure that we all work hard every single day…some of us work hard at a job, some of us work hard taking care of elderly parents, some of us work hard to keep our houses clean and tidy, some of us take care of children every day. We all work hard at something most every single day. We are busy doing stuff for others… a lot. So it’s important that we do stuff for ourselves as well. Make it something special to you.

What can you do that’s special to you? There are so many choices!  I love to take some quilting time, just for me. Some days that’s not in the cards. But then there are the evenings when I can definitely work on some embroidery or hand stitching.

Sometimes I treat myself to a little online shopping. Other times I might just make a special mug of hot chocolate and add some whipped cream and enjoy that while watching a favorite tv show for a little bit.  Here are some other ideas for doing something special just for you:

  • burn a scented candle
  • use a new soap in the shower
  • diffuse some essential oils
  • take a long bubble bath
  • make yourself a nice cup of tea and put it in a special teacup
  • bake some treats
  • order dinner in
  • buy yourself some flowers
  • get a new haircut
  • meet with a friend
  • start a new book


There are so many ways in which you can do something special just for you! And don’t let anyone make you feel guilty about this…you deserve it!

If you have a favorite way of doing something special for yourself, please share it in the comments! I would love to read your ideas and I’m sure others would too!

Until next time~happy creating…and happy- treating- yourself!



19 thoughts on “You need this!

  1. I use to garden for the people going by my farm. Out front where I only saw it when I came home in the car. I changed it all so that when I go to do the chores I go past the gardens I designed for me. They make me smile many many times a day.

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  2. I enjoy your post so much! I am a believer you doing something creative everyday! I usually make more than one something and give some away. Just little “Just Because” gifts! The current thing was little torn fabric/button mini quilt flags to display on refrig. or on little stand on the tableI would send a picture if I knew how to send it here.

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      1. Thanks! Not only is it fun to share, but don’t feel so guilty enjoying myself so much! Ha Ha!!


  3. Just sit outside and enjoy the sites. Face it if you do for others and nothing for yourself at some point there is nothing of you left and everyone suffers

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  4. I try very hard to read something for myself every day. Even if I can only find time–and privacy–enough for a few paragraphs–I carve that out, often (if I may be so bold) in the bathroom. Then, when I am going about my chores and daily activities, I have something fulfilling to think about.


  5. It was so funny you began your post like we thought you were going to sell us something. I have spent the last two days weeding through patterns and putting them in a file cabinet so I could get them off the floor. I posted on Facebook that I had enough and that I was going to stop buying more patterns until I made something with what I have……except that I have to start that in August just in case there is something I need when I go to Montana. You just never know!

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  6. I definitely agree that folks need to do something for themselves daily. If we don’t take care of ourselves, we can’t take care of others nearly as well. It refreshes us to give ourselves a little treat. 🙂 Enjoy your day! 🙂 🙂

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  7. I loved this post. Good reminder for us all. I like to be creative everyday even if in a small way. Since I like to make things for others that is very fulfilling for me and for the recipient! I think for us creative minds, we’re always thinking of the next project. Somehow that feels like I am doing something for myself all the time! Loved your photos Monique. You brightened my day!

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