Home Sweet Home

Hello friends,

It has been a while since I have done a house update! We have  lived in our house almost a year now and we have made a LOT of changes! I don’t think the previous owners would recognize it if they saw it. Not that that was our goal, but it is certainly nice to put our own stamp on the place. We are so happy with our little cottage and I wanted to share some before and after pics, just to remind us of how far we have come and all that we have accomplished! First some pics of the home when we first saw it:


On the outside there haven’t been too many changes…yet. I am planning on painting those brown garage doors a prettier, lighter color, but that will have to wait until the weather is a little more predictable. I can’t have unexpected rainstorms ruining my paint job!

On the inside almost everything has changed! We have removed nearly ALL the wallpaper in the entire house. That was a HUGE job because there was wallpaper everywhere…I kid you not!

The hallway looks so much brighter with a new front door, fresh paint, and new stairs ( just installed last weekend by my amazingly talented husband!)

The living room looks super sunny with the new yellow paint and all the heavy draperies removed from the windows…I do love to let the sunshine in!

The kitchen got a facelift with new paint on the walls and cabinets, plus a new light floor to cover the dark brown that was there.( Remember when I remade this table into this beauty??)

Our family room is a bit of a dark hole, with no windows and only one single door, but the yellow paint on the walls, and the white painted bricks help it look brighter. The mantle we added…it was a super simple project and relatively cheap too. We sure love having a real wood burning fireplace in there!

I started dreaming about redoing the sunporch as soon as we bought the house, and I think the first paint I bought was for this space! I just love the way it looks and we enjoy it daily. I had never experienced an enclosed sunporch before, but now that we have one I don’t think I could be without one! 20190710_095120

Upstairs underwent quite a transformation too, ofcourse, with the completion of the attic space, which then became my quilt room. This space is my haven. I love it in here, especially now that we have air and heat ;). ( And in a pinch it makes for a pretty sweet spot for guests to stay overnight!)

Last, but not least, our basement has been completely transformed too and is now a great bedroom, bathroom, and laundry room space, while still allowing us to have storage.

My Peter Rabbit garden is doing really well…a little surprising really, considering how little sunlight it gets. My veggie plants are all doing pretty well, and my little wildflowers are looking so good! There is still lots of work to be done in here, but I’m happy with all that I’ve accomplished so far!

So, are we done?? Not by a long shot! But the house is comfy and cozy and everyone has a place to call their own. All the other stuff will come along eventually. In the meanwhile we enjoy our little cottage home just as is. After all, it’s its inhabitants that make it a home…and I have to admit, the quilts don’t hurt either ;).

Until  next time~happy creating!









37 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. It’s absolutely beautiful!!!!

    On Sat, Jul 13, 2019 at 8:12 AM Farm House Quilts wrote:

    > farmhousequiltsblog posted: “Hello friends, It has been a while since I > have done a house update! We have lived in our house almost a year now and > we have made a LOT of changes! I don’t think the previous owners would > recognize it if they saw it. Not that that was our goal, but it ” >

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    1. Oh my gosh! What a difference. I can’t imagine all the work you have put into your new house. I wish I had a 1/4 of your energy! It’s beautiful. !!!!

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  2. What a great job you have accomplished, a very welcoming house through out, thank you for sharing, we have done the same thing with this house here up on the lake, a big job as well, a labor or love. Keep being creative, your a great inspiration to your ever growing followers.

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    1. It looks beautiful. I couldn’t agree more that the people in a house are the ones to make it a home. But fresh baking and beautiful things don’t hurt 😊🧵

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  3. You have accomplished so much in a short time and it looks so comfy. I love the way you have your beautiful quilts through out the house adding your touch.

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  4. Your new home is beautiful but yet quaint and charming. A lot of love, time and talent went into making it what it is today. Thank you to the previous owners for giving you a house with good bones to transform it into your home because you know it was well taken care of and just waiting for you.

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  5. WOW! !WOW! WOW! Your home looks wonderful! I like the paint jobs and floor coverings. It sure makes a difference. I like all the quilts all over too.
    I moved in my place a year ago last week-end, but I had to down size. I’ve had to let go a lot, but it has been worth it. I have my space and are seeing my son’s family almost every day. Thank goodness we all get along! I have to drive an hour to see my quilt group twice a month. Yet I have made new friends here. And lastly, I am now cancer free after dealing with stage 4 this past year.
    I had cervical, uterus, and some stomach spread.

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  6. Hi, Monique! Good-bye wallpaper and hello 2019! You accomplished so much! I want to put wood floors in two of the bedrooms and living room and hall upstairs hall. Contemplating the lighter grey tone, but want to know if it shows every speck of dust like a dark wood does? Since you have both, do you have a preference?

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  7. Wow, what a transformation, it’s so inviting and looks so cozy. I hear wallpaper is making a comeback, I wasn’t a fan of it then and doubt I’ll ever be. It takes great vision to see what a home can become if you can just look past paint and floors and dream big, allot of hard work but so worth it in the end. Thanks for sharing, it will serve as a reminder to me when we start our house hunting to imagine the possibilities.

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