Lazy days of summer?


Our summer has been super fun, but also super busy with 2 birthdays, plus visits from friends and family, which has not allowed me much time to be creative! Therefore the lack of a blog post last week ;).

This week I have a few little, teeny, crafty things to share, but I also wanted to update you all on my organizational schemes that I came up with when I moved into my new quilt space.ย 

You may recall that I decided to sort all my books by theme.

That is working out pretty well. Unfortunately many quilt books fit into more than one category but at least I don’t have to search through hundreds of books to find the right one! ย One thing that one of my readers suggested that I wish I had done is to put paper dividers with tabs in between my book categories so that the sections can be enlarged or made smaller more easily. Right now I have all the titles of categories taped to my bookcase and they require more effort to place somewhere new. Something to change in the future because I don’t see myself buying less books….hahahaha.

Placing my scraps into designated color containers has been good, but I find that searching through them for just the right fabric is sometimes tedious… img_5069

And cleaning them up and making them look tidy again doesn’t always happen right away…oops, guilty!

The fabric precuts that I organized by size are my favorite!

I have to admit that my “strings” one is the one I pull out most because I have discovered scrappy quilts and I LOVE them!
Bunny placemat can be found under “tutorial” tabย
Piggy quilt can be found under “tutorial” tab

So overall I would say the room is working well. I could use some better lighting in certain areas, but that is a pretty easy fix. Now if only I could carve out a little, bitty more time to spend in there everything would be pretty much perfect ๐Ÿ˜‰

Now for a few little projects that I have managed to work on…I did make another project for that little neighborhood magazine. I really like how this turned out. Again, everything handsewn because most readers most likely do not own sewing machines!

I also finally got to the binding for my first collage attempt:

And I’ve been embroidering away on my redwork snowmen panels…at this rate they might be done in a year or 5 ๐Ÿ˜‰

I hope you are finding more time to be creative than I am. And I love when people share photos of projects they are working on in my Fb group! You can ask to become a member by going here: Farmhouse quilts and friends.

Until next time~happy creating!



10 thoughts on “Lazy days of summer?

  1. I always enjoy reading your blog on Saturday morning while I have my coffee. I really like the collage quilt, just adorable. Iโ€™ve tried to get all of my housework, errands etc. done in the morning so I have a few afternoon hours free to sew, Craft, do embroidery or whatever. Sometimes, just sorting through my scraps or cutting them into strips or squares satisfies my crafty needs. Iโ€™m not always successful and sometimes my creative gene seems to have gone into hiding but I do manage a few hours every week.

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