Family first

Hello there, remember me? I’m the person responsible for putting out fun, new blog posts about once a week….uhm, yeah, sorry about that, have gotten a little waylaid lately.

I don’t know about you, but our summer is just flying by! Someone summed up the year like this: Januareeeeeeeeee, Februareeeeeeeeeeee, Maaaaaaarch, Aaaaaaapril, Mayyyyyyyyy, June, July, August. That is exactly what it feels like to me too! I can’t believe that my kiddos go back to school in less than 3 weeks! My youngest requested that we not think about school or do any school shopping until the last minute, and I am totally good with that!

This summer was the first full one in our new home and we had fun hosting lots of guests! At one point we had an extra 5 people camping out but we found a spot for every single one of them. The highlight of the summer for me was seeing 2 of my cousins from the Netherlands who I had not seen in over 37 years! The 2 brothers came for 2 weeks and we did so many touristy things with them, which was fun for all of us ( and we might have made too many ice cream stops, but oh well!). I have yet another cousin coming later in August ( she hails from England) so this has really been the summer for family and friends! ( And in case you are wondering, I have a total of 18 cousins and they mostly live in the Netherlands, with a few in England, and 2 in Canada).

Obviously it would have been rude for me to go and sew while hosting company, so my projects have been few and far between! But I did manage to finish this little project!

This started out with some wonky, scrappy, low volume Courthouse Steps blocks:

I was thinking of turning them into a pillow, but I have so many pillows already….so I decided on a tablemat instead ( as if I don’t have enough of those already too 😉 )

Anyway, I simply LOVE this….I think it’s the soft, sweet colors…or maybe the pop of red in the centers…or maybe the scallops on the ends….or maybe the RED button-hole stitching around the scallops…..

I actually wrote down all the instructions for this project so I will add it under my tutorial tab in case you are interested ( just give me a few days!).

Well, that’s really all I have to share this time around. I can’t wait to dive into more quilt projects soon, but first I feel the need to make some changes in the furniture arrangement in my quilt/craft room…wish me luck…..and send chocolate ;).

Until next time~happy creating!


16 thoughts on “Family first

  1. Love your table mat, enjoy your family time crafting can wait , seems the older we get those moments become more precious maybe it’s because families are scattered about or our busy lives keep us apart. I love it when family comes to visit and we get to do touristy things sharing the things we love. I believe in staying in the moment and cherishing every day we’re never promised tomorrow. I’m loving on Grandchildren this weekend , balloon fights, pool time, s’mores lots of giggles these times are precious to me. Enjoy what’s left of the summer

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  2. Monique, I love the table runner you made with your scrap block! The semi circle border edging sets it off beautifully as do the colours you used for the borders.

    Great that you have spent time with overseas family-and been able to have the visit in your new home. Enjoy the rest of the summer holidays. It’s very cold down here in Aus so summer seems very distant!


    Kerrie ________________________________

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