Pretty versus functional

Hello there,

I hope you all had a great week! This has been our last week of summer vacation. Our boys all start school on Monday and then we are back into the school routine. Luckily my house won’t be completely emptied out in one go because my cousin from England is visiting at the moment. Time for pots of tea and scones with clotted cream..or so you would think, right? Unfortunately she HATES tea…how is that even possible?? Hahahaha! So I guess I’ll be having tea and she can drink her coffee ;).

The past few weeks I have been busy rearranging my sewing space somewhat. I have sewn in it for a while now and am trying to tweak things a bit to make the room more functional for me. The first thing I decided to do was add more light over my bookcases. I have a ceiling fan with light in that area but honestly it was not bright enough to search for books or fabric. So my hubby came up with a very easy ( and cheap!) solution. We bought 2 of these adorable lights at Target ( less than 6 bucks!), plus a power strip and an extension cord, and now I have “downlighting” ( everybody say “Ooohhhh”).

The powerstrip is hung on the wall and that’s where I control the lights, and the extension cords allowed me to reach the 2 lightcords. This way I don’t have to climb any chairs or stools in order to turn on the lights individually, they both turn on with one simple switch down below.

Another change I made was to move my sewing desk under the window. ( Yes, yes, I know that many of you had suggested that, but I was stubborn!) Now that I have a  blind I don’t feel like I’m sitting “on display” in the evening, and it is nice to have the natural daylight to sew by.

I also snagged this white table from our basement. It is not the prettiest but I thought it would come in handy when making bigger quilts because it gives me a supportive surface for the weight of the quilt. Not to mention that it gives me extra space for preparing my stitcheries and appliqués!

My cutting table got moved and is now accessible from 3 sides, which is handy as well  because the surface is rarely all clean so having a teeny corner where I can work from multiple angles is GOOD ( and yes, some of you had suggested that also!).

So this is what my sewing nook looks like now. I would love to pretend it’s cleaner than this, but it isn’t. So now you know the ugly truth ;). And it doesn’t look quite as “pretty” as before, but I’m hoping it will bring a lot more functionality to the space!

If you have a keen eye ( and follow me on Instagram and Facebook also), you may also have noticed this little addition to my ironing table:

It is a wool pressing mat and it came from Winnie at Nido Goods. Winnie is a fairly new quilter and has a small sewing space. She got tired of having to go from her dining room table sewing space to her ironing board and thus the idea of the wool pressing mat was born. Because the mat is 1/2 inch thick, and about 13 1/2 inches square, she is able to use this right on her dining room table for pressing her blocks while under construction. ( I will recommend that you test the mat with whatever surface you are working on just to make sure it is okay!)

Here are some other great uses for the mat:

  • you can pin right into the mat to keep pieces in place
  • it’s  washable
  • it’s non slip
  • steam collects in the wool and then pushes back to the quilt block so it’s being pressed from BOTH sides. This makes for a very nice, crisp seam!

Winnie has very generously offered a 15% discount for readers of my blog if you would like to buy your own mat. Just use code: FARMHOUSE15 at checkout. You can check out her product on her website  or go directly to the Amazon link:

Alright, that is enough sharing for this week! I hope you are enjoying these last few days of summer…I intend to!

Until next time~happy creating!



12 thoughts on “Pretty versus functional

  1. Looks like you have a much better functioning space now, glad to see it. My twin Barb has a really functioning but small space, mine works but I swear a lot while looking for things. Keep creating!

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  2. Sometimes we must give up on a lovely sewing space for greater sewing. My sewing space is a wreck right now. Loved your darling husband and your idea for the lamps and power strip. . Thank you. We can make it lovely and sit and admire or we can create, make a mess, and when it becomes too great a mess clean it up, repeat often.

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  3. I’ll take function over beauty anytime. That said you still have a pretty sewing space. Hubby and I were just commenting this morning that summer is almost over and though it’s been over 100 degrees most of the days we have gotten some breaks where it is in the low 90s. It hasn’t been a bad summer! Enjoy the last of it!

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    1. I’m sad that summer is almost gone…ours started late and was so cold and rainy at the beginning, and then we have had a whole bunch of yucky, too hot, humid weeks, but this weekend it’s supposed to be GORGEOUS and we are taking full advantage ;). You enjoy your last few weeks.


  4. I really like your space Monique. Such a happy place to do what you love and it’s all yours. I also purchased one of those wool mats and I love it. It also came with a small wool mat for small projects. I haven’t been sewing too much this summer as I sew in our basement and I’ve wanted to be outside. Now that it’s cooling down I’m more apt to work in my space. Plus, I’m realizing we are closing in on having to finished some of those projects I started in the Spring for Christmas gifts. Thanks for sharing your space!

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  5. Your lights are darling! Good idea! Table and pressing board too! Like your wall sign: “Do what you Love” need to create me one with some art on it! Blessings!


  6. Your room looks great, it takes time to figure what works and doesnt just for you. Enjoy your cousin’s visit, Im with her coffee forever, tea if I really have to. Take care xx.


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