Oh yeah, it’s time again…time for one of these posts that has a little bit of this and a little bit of that…no theme at all…expect these are things that have been keeping me busy this past week ( or maybe a little longer!)…

So, first of all, a little bit of home renovation updates: We had ALL our windows replaced! Yep, ALL. It took 3 days and we’ll be paying for these for years and years and years to come, but it was time to bite the bullet.  Our new windows are amazing because they OPEN ( yes, little things like that are important 😉 ), they don’t leak when it rains ( yayyyy!), and we are able to see out of them ( no more cloudy windows due to broken seals!). I am also looking forward to their energy-efficiency come winter…hopefully no more cold drafts down my neck!

We also finally painted our garage doors! They were an ugly, faded brown and definitely needed a facelift. After some debating, we decided to match the color green that is also on our shed. Aren’t they so much better-looking? We are planning on painting the wood around our front porch as well, just to carry that green color a little further. And p.s. if you have thought about painting your garage doors but are dreading it, this was probably the easiest paint job we have ever done! If you need any hints or advice, just ask.

On the quilting front, I started a cute little project. 

I am combining the idea behind 2 patterns that I shared here a few weeks back  and am using these sweet, happy Fall fabrics. Hopefully I will make some headway on these soon so I can display one and give one as a gift before the season is over ;).

Another fun thing I shared in both my facebook page and group earlier this week was the launch of my “shoppe”.

I have been cutting Fat Quarters from my stash and curating them to make nice bundles to sell. I was very happy and surprised to get so many orders already, so a great big thank you to all of you who ordered! I still have a few Fall bundles left so check them out.  I am planning on adding new items every now and then so make sure to check back once in a while ;).

For next week I am working on a tutorial on how I approach fusible applique so stay tuned for that. And if you are part of my Facebook group  and are participating in the pincushion exchange, I matched you all up so please go find that post and contact your partners ;).

Lots of fun and exciting things to look forward!

Until next time~happy creating!


10 thoughts on “Hodgepodge!

  1. Hi Monique, I envy you the new windows. All of ours need replacing too. We’re just not ready to make that commitment yet! Love the green color you chose for your garage door. It looks really nice. I haven’t been on Facebook for a while so I missed out on your pin cushion swap and your fabric sale. Darn it !!!! 😊 I’ve started to get the quilting bug again now that my garden is pretty much done for the year. I cut out some sunflowers for an Autumn pillow I want to make. Hope to get that sewed up soon. I’m glad to have received your blog email this morning. Your ideas always inspire me. Take care!

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  2. Your windows look fabulous and will pay for themselves with the money you will save on heat loss. I love love love that color green. We need to repaint this fall or maybe spring and are looking for a green, might have to ask you then to share the color. Visited your new shop, word fabrics were all sold right away, not that I need anything, good for you. Keep creating and sharing so we can create. P.s. thank you for not writing about a jelly roll.

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    1. Thanks Sandi, I will be happy to share the paint color with you when you are ready. I think it’s perfect ;). And thanks for visiting my shoppe. Yes, I figured those word bundles would go quickly and they did but you never know when I might add more ;).


  3. Happy Saturday Monique! I always look forward to your blog. Congrats on your new windows and I love that color green, one of my favs. Thanks for the pin cushion exchange. It was fun to try something I had never done before. I’m looking forward to more of your swaps. Your scarecrow project is adorable! I’m definitely going to stay tuned for the appliqué tutorial as that’s something I’ve also wanted to learn. Enjoy your week my friend!

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  4. Hi Monique. Your new windows look great. We need to replace some of ours too but something else keeps popping up that needs fixing and they get put on the back burner. I think the table runner is so adorable. That little girl and the fabrics are so happy and fun. Our front door is painted the same green as your garage doors. I really like that color. So much that hubby made me a cabinet for the vacuum and broom and painted it the same color. Our HOA doesn’t allow us to paint the garage doors a different color from the house so we decided our front door needed some color. Have a wonderful weekend.

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