Farmhouse Quilts

Did I ever share the story behind the name Farmhouse Quilts? Someone asked me the other day if I lived in a farmhouse when I started my blog.  The simple answer to that is “no.” Which made me think that I should explain why I called it what I did….

Years before I started my blog I was already thinking about what I would call my “business” if I ever had the guts to start one. Almost right away the name “Farmhouse Quilts ” came to mind.   When I think of a farmhouse, I think of a welcoming, somewhat worn, hard-working, and cozy place. Sorry, I have no source for this!

And when I think of a quilt I might find in a farmhouse I think of a comfy, soft, well-loved, maybe- a- bit- tattered- quilt that you grab and wrap yourself in. An antique quilt I was lucky enough to find!

Because I want my quilts to have that homey, comfortable, cozy- up- in- it- feel to it, Farmhouse Quilts seemed like the perfect name.

When I did finally start my blog, we just so happened to live right next door to an old Farmhouse. It had stood guard over the land that many years later became our neighborhood. I loved that house! And so it seemed like another great sign that I had chosen the perfect name.

So that’s the story behind Farmhouse Quilts. We don’t live next door to a farmhouse anymore, and we still don’t live in a farmhouse ourselves, but I will always strive to give our home and my quilts that homey feeling that  invites you to come, get cozy, and feel welcome. pattern by Carrie Nelson

Proving that orange isn't all bad...pattern by Farmhouse Quilts

Log Cabin quilt from a kitPattern by Homespun from the Heart

placemat design by Farmhouse Quilts, flower template by Lori Holt

Until next time~happy creating!


33 thoughts on “Farmhouse Quilts

  1. It’s amazing to me that a love for history and heritage of the farmhouse has led you here with all of us and all of the new memories we are making together with “your farmhouse.! Keep creating!

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  2. I too believe that you can live in any house and have the feeling of a farmhouse the minute you walk in the door, cozy, homey, well loved and comfortable. It’s really not about the structure but what’s inside. I’m so grateful my twin introduced me to your blog it’s brought much joy to my crafting life.

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  3. I think Farmhouse Quilts is a perfect name. I love your house (as I’ve said many times) and the way you decorate it. I’ve always loved your quilts, etc and the colors you choose. I try to make my little house warm and comfy, too. I hope to move next year to a slightly bigger house where I’ll have more room to decorate with the things I’ve made.

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  4. I think you take your home with you wherever you go. I thoroughly enjoy your home and visiting it … it looks like the kind of person I believe you to be … BTW, I love those dolls … Part of my love of home and fabric is filling it with dolls and Stuffies and Quilts … It’s the sharing that makes me happy. Is there a pattern available for the dolls? Thank you so much for sharing your home with us.

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  5. I too feel like visiting your home is like a ray of sunshine, which I think we all need these days, so Thank You very much for all the cheer. I also love the dolls and i love the idea of hanging some lovely blocks from a ribbon as decoration, I basically just make blocks for some charity sites, and this would would work for the ones i can not bear to part with.

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  6. Monique, I love the picture of the farmhouse with the quilts on the line-that’s always been the kind of picture that says ‘home’ to me! I love the picture of the three dolls-are they yours? I also love what you have done with the decorating in your new home-it looks lovely-you and your husband really have great decorating skills.


    Kerrie ________________________________

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  7. I too love old, slightly tattered, well loved, quilts. Many of the quilts being made today are so artistic and beautiful I wouldn’t dare to use them. 😊 I love everything about your blog and your Facebook page Monique. You always inspire me. I love your little dolls too. May I ask what pattern you and your sisters used? I’d like to get into doll making. Thanks !

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