It’s the most wonderful time of the year….

Hello friends,

It’s that time of the year again….I have to admit it’s my most favorite time of the year, these weeks leading up to Christmas!

I may be sneaking in a little Christmas decorating here and there already, but shhhh, don’t tell my kids! They like to pick on me for starting the Christmas season way in advance ;). But the radio started playing carols and there were some teeny snowflakes the other day so I figure it’s allowed!

Because I know many of us love to make homemade decorations and gifts to give at Christmas I thought I’d compile a list of fun, pretty, cute, or simply marvelous gifts and home decorations for you! So let’s get started, shall we?

These snowmen look so sweet pulling their little carts with their Christmas trees! This pattern is great for beginners and uses fusible applique so will be a quick project! You can find the pattern by clicking here: Snowmen table topper.


If you want to make a really fast and easy project, start with this sweet panel! It measures 36 by 44 inches and you can add some quick, simple borders and have it done in no time:

You can find this panel by clicking here: Red Truck Panel.


These little wool felt coasters would make a great gift for someone, AND you could use up some scraps at the same time 😉

coaster You can find the pattern for these coasters here: Christmas Tree Coasters.


These homemade fleece blankets caught my eye…I especially love the one with the pompom trim!


You can find the tutorials for these right here: Fleece blankets with trim.

These cookie mix gift bags are soooooo cute! And you could easily make a whole bunch of them  to give to teachers, neighbors, the mail carrier…you get the idea!

You can find the instructions for these by going here:  Cookie Gift Bags.


For those of you who have Tea-drinking friends ( me, me!), I think that this quilted Tea Cup would be an AMAZING present!

I have never seen anything like this and am completely in awe of the idea that I could have a tree filled with quilted teacups ;). You can find the pattern for this by clicking here: Quilted Teacup.

For those of you who enjoy embroidery, I found this sweet little Deer Christmas Tree pattern:

This would be an enjoyable project to work on in the evenings, don’t you agree? You can find the pattern here: Deer Christmas Tree.


Okay, I made this pattern last year, but I love him so much, I just had to include him in this list! You could make this guy as an ornament OR you could make a bunch and make a cute garland, or hey, he could even be a gift tag!


You can find the pattern and instructions for him right here: Christmas Gnome.


If this list has not inspired you to make anything yet, I would like to suggest this magazine:

 It is filled with ALL kinds of Christmas gift ideas and includes crochet, knitting, quilting, and sewing…a little bit for everyone. Right now this 150 page magazine is available for instant download and is less than 6 bucks! You can’t beat that price. Click here for the link: Annie’s Christmas Magazine.

I hope that this collection has inspired you ( and I won’t tell anyone if you want to start singing Christmas Carols and put out some decorations already 😉 ).

As always, when you purchase through one of my links, you support my little blog while not paying one cent extra out of your own pocket and I do thank you for that!

Do let me know which one of these projects is calling your name, and , as always…

Happy Creating!


16 thoughts on “It’s the most wonderful time of the year….

  1. I love the tea cup, fill it with tea and a honey stick and it would be a great gift.or fill with home made cocoa mix in one made out of fun bright holiday fabric. Lay a snack size bag filled with mini marsmellows on top and perfect.

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  2. I love some of these, especially the tea cup and embroidery. I could see the tea cup filled with spools of thread or buttons. Have a good morning. I’m reading your blog while I finish my coffee then it’s off to work. I’m loving my new job so far, I mean, who wouldn’t love to be surrounded by fabric all day?

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  3. Oh Monique I do look forward to your Saturday posting. I love the cookie bag idea and am going to make them for my book club ladies. Thanks for such an easy idea! I was at my daughter’s house all week and their tree is up and all their decorations. We made a craft I’ll post on your fb page. All your projects are so cute!!! Happy weekend friend.

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  4. Oh yes! It’s happened here! Had an early Family Thanksgiving today. I always have the Christmas tree up, Mantel decorated and wreaths in the windows and outdoor lights on the house because the family doesn’t come back for Christmas. It’s a good way to enjoy Christmas longer and speed up the Christmas decorating.

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