It’s me again, just putzing away at little Christmas projects and decorations here and there….

I thought that by now I might have big sections of our house already decorated for Christmas, but the fact that I have been super busy ( doing what? I have NO idea!), PLUS the fact that our new windows need to be replaced is kind of halting me in my tracks.

I did add those new pillows to our sofa and guess what, no one even noticed ( or maybe my family is too polite to mention that they think it’s too early to decorate for Christmas…. speaking of which, do you know Christmas is only 32 days away? That’s not far off people! I fully intend to enjoy every last minute leading up to, and past Christmas Day, so if early decorating offends people that is too bad. 

I love pulling out my Christmas boxes! I have a LOT of Christmas boxes( too many, if you ask my hubby’s opinion, so let’s not 😉 ), but when I pull them all out at the same time it is a bit overwhelming ( not to mention messy!). So this year I thought I would go about it slowly and really savor the experience. So earlier this week I bought a flocked tree and put it up in my quilt room. Honestly, when you see this tree online it looks very uninspiring. So when I set mine up I added some Scandinavian looking fabric to the base ( to hide the ugly plastic legs) and then wove some Let It Snow ribbon through the branches ( the bobbin that it is on is hidden behind the tree so I can just wind it back up after Christmas!). Then I stuck some pinecones in the branches and added one of those scented stick things, and I love the cozy atmosphere it has added to my room ( so much so that I ordered 2 more trees, but shhhhh, that can be our little secret!)

In the evenings I have been busy making little ornaments and a pillow, all from this book that I shared during Book Club in our FB group This book has been around for a while, but it has the cutest primitive projects!  I made some adorable snowmen….  and now am working on this pillow inspired by a project in the book:  I think this will look adorable decorating our bed!

Other than the projects from the book, I am ready to start stitching the second to last block of my Winter Wonderland quilt!  Crabapple Hill pattern I bought this as a block of the month kit when we lived in Montana ( probably more than 10 years ago!) and I just never got around to working on the blocks. Working on them in the evening while keeping hubby company has been so enjoyable and I’m going to miss them when they are all done! Of course I then have all those pieced blocks to make so that might take another 10 years…..*insert an eyeroll here*…hahaha.

Anyway, I think it’s time to go and hang some Christmas quilts now…. sure to drive our oldest boys crazy ( they are coming home from college today for Thanksgiving break)…I am such a good mom that way…bwahahahaha. Have a great weekend and HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all of you living in the US!

Monique x




23 thoughts on “Falalalala….

  1. It’s beginning to look like Christmas in your house. Lovely. I’m so itching to put my tree up but with all the remodeling going on inside of this house, there is drywall dust every where. I plan to buy a feather duster and put my tree up tomorrow. The feather duster will be used to dust off the ornaments hung. Not going to let a little dust ruin my Christmas. Keep creating and sharing. Happy Thanksgiving.

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    1. Oh yes, drywall dust is the worst! It creeps in everywhere! But I like the feather duster idea….or have you tried the Swiffer dusters? They might be better because they grab on to your dust. Happy decorating and Happy Thanksgiving to you.


    1. For the snowmen I am using what was provided in my kit, which was DMC. These days when I do embroidery projects my favorite thread is Cotton Petites by Sulky. It comes off the spool in a 2 strand layer so you don’t have to seperate it, and it doesn’t tend to curl up and knot itself like some other thread. Plus it’s really affordable, even though it comes from Italy. I am attaching a link for you because it can be hard to find on their website! http://shrsl.com/1yvnj


  2. Good morning Monique!
    Love your little tree! Can’t wait to see pics of all your decorations. I’m sure you’re home will be beautiful and cozy. I just ordered the book you shared! I’m putting up our decorations on Sunday as my daughter’s family will be in town for thanksgiving and it’ll be the only time they’ll be at my house as we travel to their house for Christmas. I’m doing it for her three kids as they’ll love to see Gammy’s tree.😉🌲 Happy Thanksgiving!

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  3. Oh! Fa la la la back at you! That started so many memories 1st was my Dad and I would strart THE season hauling out all the decoration boxes , singing carols. We always started with a nod to Pogo ( for all those youngsters he was an comic strip character, an opossum) who loved Christmas but never could recall the words SO it went- Deck the Halls with Boston Charlie, Wally Wally Mass and Kalamazoo…I feed my secret Christmas urges during the year with projects I usually don’t decorate before December, (I find all my halloween dec’s and Thanksgiving orange, browns and golds just clash with all that red, green and snow! BUT taking it down may take a while!!!
    Enjoy! …

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  4. Here I am enjoying my Saturday morning coffee and reading your blog. It’s a normal Saturday practice for me. Your sewing room tree is so cute, makes me wish for a bit more room in my sewing space. Happy decorating, I’ve been making things and plan to start this weekend as soon as Thanksgiving is over.

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  5. Ok so I got to know why are you having to replace your new windows? Enjoy your visit with your kids being home, we are all so blessed and have so much to be grateful for.

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