Under the wire!

Hello friends,

Here I am, Friday afternoon, and I’m just starting my blog post for tomorrow! Usually I start writing it way earlier in the week and then revisit it a couple of times to check for flow, spelling, good photos, correct links, and all that other good stuff that comes with writing a blog ( If only I had spent this much time on essays while in college! 😉 )

Anyway, I had such a prolific quilting week last week, you just knew that there was no way that this week was going to come even close, right?! I do indeed have no new finishes to share….I have been doing remarkably little crafty things, but instead have been busy putting together little parcels to send overseas and finishing Christmas and birthday shopping ( did you know that in our immediate family we celebrate a birthday, then Christmas, and then 3 more birthdays in January? And that doesn’t even count a niece, my sister, and my mother in law, who ALL celebrate birthdays in December too! Our family obviously plans very poorly! Ha!)

So, no quilty projects to show, but I do have some sweet Christmas decorations to share with you!

I pulled out a lot of my Christmas quilts and have been placing them all over the house:




My smaller quilts I like to tuck in little nooks and crannies:

My quilty friend Colleen made me these two quilts that I hung over my rustic ladder:

I have a few other quilts that are out and about but I haven’t finished the decorating around them, so I will share those next week! But I do have a few other little vignettes that I can share:

This is our chalkboard in the kitchen that I like to write a special message on each season:

Our kitchen window is all decked out too!

I have a gnome watching the dining room table from up high…

He’s keeping a good eye on all these little gnomes in my tiered tray that might be up to no good!

And finally, some pictures of the living room, where we have made a second “fireplace”, complete with antique mantel and an electric fireplace….

And finally my little putz houses that are probably some of my favorite Christmas decorations:

I have so many more decorations to pull out, but this was enough for one day. Next week I will share the others,  as well as some other quilts that you have not seen yet.

Have a great week, try and do something crafty and relaxing for yourself at this busy time of year. I’m going to try and do the same!

Until next time~happy creating!


16 thoughts on “Under the wire!

  1. Oh, Monique! Everything looks so nice! I especially love the lap-sized quilt with the trees! I think it may be my favorite one so far. Although, the others are just so darn cute. I have been slow to decorate this year. But I can sure sit back and enjoy yours though.

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  2. Love your little quilts here and there! We purchased a gas stove to replace the wood burning stove for our kitchen this week. Looking forward to getting it in use! Your electric fireplace is pretty!

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  3. Hi Monique
    I quite understand about not getting to crafty things with all the birthdays and Christmas preparations.
    On the positive you have done lots of lovely Christmas decorating-everything looks so cheerful and Christmassy.
    I have a Christmas tree skirt cut out, and a Christmas bunting, both ready to sew but not sure when I will get to it. Still trying to crochet bootees for twin grand daughters and hairbands for the older grand daughters; not to mention all the end of year activities for my volunteer activities. Oh well, maybe they will get done or not😊 I’m sure Christmas will be lovely whether they get done this year or even ready early for next year!

    Blessings to you Monique-the time you give to write the blog and oversee the facebook group is much appreciated❤️


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