A new obsession….

Happy New Year friends! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season! I am slowly getting back into a routine, after a couple of weeks of absolutely NO routine…. it was nice and I highly recommend it once in a while.

I have to share a new quilty obsession…even though this method has been around for a long time, and I have even dabbled in it before, I am now seriously hooked…since 2 days ago….hahahaha.

Want to know what it is? It’s English Paper Piecing or EPP for short. You have probably seen a Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt. It was most likely EPP’d.

image via Pinterest

This is probably the best known form of EPP, but have a look at these samples of EPP!

photo source: http://thequiltingdee.blogspot.com/2013/05/wip-and-finishes.html
photo source
photo via https://patchworknplay.blogspot.com/2012/05/jazz-hands.html
photo source
image via lolarosepatchwork
Photo credit: lola rose patchwork


And probably the most impressive example:

photo credit: Millefiori la passacaglia quilt by Izy Denham
photo credit: Millefiori la passacaglia quilt by Izy Denham

This last one is La Passacaglia Quilt designed by a Dutch quilter name Willyne Hammerstein. Isn’t it impressive? And a little intimidating! But people who start this quilt just LOVE the process, and I’m beginning to see why!

In order to do EPP you need very few, but basic supplies…..some of your favorite fabrics, some paper, scissors, needle, and thread. That’s it. This is obviously a hand project, but I know many of you love handwork! I have picked up a few books on paper piecing and have started  a little project that I will share in detail in a next week’s blog post. Here is a little peek at it for now: First of all, this is my box of “supplies” ( which actually has a few other items in it as well..ie. unnecessary items 😉 ).

And here is a peek at one completed piece, and one in progress:

I realize that some of you may already be paper-piecers, and you are probably more experienced than I am, but next week I will share a blog post about how I approached these shapes and more about the process of paper piecing.

Until next time~happy creating!


27 thoughts on “A new obsession….

  1. So excited to read more about this! I have never done EPP and recently inherited some of my great grandmothers quilting fabric. I’d like to use the fabric to make a grandmother’s flower garden quilt to hang on the wall in my sewing room. Looking forward to next week’s blog!

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  2. I started a Grandmother’s Flower Garden using 30’s prints several years ago. All of the flowers are made for a queen size quilt I just need to put them together with white. Maybe your posts will inspire me to get this project off of my UFO list this year, or at least make some progress on it. I love the soft colors you are using, they will make a beautiful quilt.

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    1. We (usually, but not at Christmas) have an antique Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt at the end of our bed and I just love it! I will stay on your case until you finish yours ;). You will be so happy to have it to enjoy.


  3. yes. epp is super fun, especially if you spend a lot of time traveling around.
    I take my daddy to doctor visits (need to look busy so he feels like he is in charge even though he is 96 and hard of hearing)
    even though I have to listen haha, I also these projects to my doc appointments, and to the grandbabies while they are napping and other times I am sitting around waiting for something to happen. Sometimes I get a lot done.
    Your projects look marvelous.

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  4. I’m so happy to see you back after the Xmas break. Just LOVE your blog, it’s the best! I might even try your EPP project even though I have made an entire EPP grandmother’s flower garden wall hanging, and swore I’d never do another!

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  5. Hi Monique. It’s nice to see a blog again. I had decided I’d been dropped, but evidently not. I even checked my junk site and it wasn’t there, so evidently I simply missed them. So on to EPP, I’m doing one now, occasionally. More on that another time. Back in the late 1940s my mother was given some finished quilts to put together and quilt. My dad’s Mom and Grandmother gave them to her. One of the bunches she received was a pile of unfinished Grandmother’s Flower Garden. There were a number of blocks left to put together. And several finished ones as well. I think I was about 6 or 7 at the time, and with my mom doing the hand quilting I desperately wanted to do some sewing. She wasn’t interested in those blocks and never worked on them. I played with the blocks but couldn’t quite see how to do them. Forward about 30 + years and I’d been given those blocks. Forward another 10 + years and we moved to a small community “down south.” We had been living in Alaska and moved back down to Washington. I’d joined a small quilt guild, and one winter day I decided to see if I could put those blocks together. Wonder of wonders I did. However they were not paper pieced. And I didn’t know how to do that yet. Finally got all the blocks together and there they have rested for another 15 years. It is time to get them done. And I may decide to do EPP to get them done and into a quilt. So even though I’ve now had a class in Epp, I’ll look forward to what you have to share. Maybe before my life journey comes to an end (hopefully down several more years) I can finally get that quilt done. I know my grand and great grandmother would approve.


  6. Just recently, I have been drawn to paper piecing, also. Something about the hand work and slower pace is calling my name. Will be following your progress.

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