So many quilts, so little time!

Hello there,

As I was cleaning up my quilt room after all the Christmas wrapping and creating that went on on there, I happened to open a drawer of patterns ( do you do that too? You are supposed to be focussing on one thing, and then you get distracted by something that seems way more fun? Hahaha).  Anyway, I found a whole drawer full of patterns that I have collected over the years and I found some really cute ones that I MUST make…soon. So rooting through these patterns made me think about all the projects that I would like to work on this year….so I started gathering those together….and then I thought I’d make a list of said projects….  via

Yes, my quilt room is still a mess, and I’m embarrassed to say that I still have wrapping paper sitting around, but I did compile a list of everything I would like to at least work on this year, even if I don’t finish it! So here goes: Feel free to bug me about these projects in future months…keep me honest 😉 .

EPP: I want to at least finish my 6 stars to appliqué on my blocks and maybe, just maybe get this one QAYG-ed and finished??? I’m currently working on my last star so this seems very doable ….famous last words…hahahaha.

Collage quilt: I have a pattern that I bought fabric for but have been too chicken to start it! I received a collage KIT for my birthday and am hoping that that will kickstart that creative process! I am super excited to give this a try and hope it will be as much fun as everyone says it will be.  Have any of you made collage quilts? Have any words of wisdom for me?

 Embroidery:  I have a couple of embroidery projects I would like to work on. First, I am so close on finishing my redwork embroidery on this one! Just one more panel to go and then I have to make all the blocks that are also part of the quilt.

I would also like to start this one: That should keep me out of trouble for a good long time! But isn’t it gorgeous?

I also received this kit for Christmas and would love to finish it and frame it! image via Fat Quarter Shop

And finally, I have big dreams of opening an Etsy store and selling some wares, as well as developing and publishing my very own pattern. This is a big one, but it would be nice to make some money doing what I love and this seems to be a good route to go. image via Shannon Prather, Star Tribune

As you can tell I am planning on having a busy year! But you might as well go big or go home, right?!

This past week I celebrated my birthday and I would like to celebrate by giving one of you a chance to win my give-away! Would you like a little peek at the prize??  ***giveaway is closed****

All you have to do to enter to win is leave a comment on this blog post and tell me something that YOU are hoping to accomplish this year. Please don’t leave a comment on the Facebook page, because I will only count the ones left here! I will announce the winner next week, right here.

Until next time~happy creating!


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118 thoughts on “So many quilts, so little time!

  1. Happy birthday. It is mine too this week and I am treating myself to extra sewing and stitching time. My sewing goals include getting all of my Christmas presents done early and not having to panic in December. I have already planned some book covers and EPP bunting, with perhaps a few cushions and lap quilts too. Foy myself, I want to make some large project bags for my cross stitch. I realised recently that nearly everything I make I give away so this year I want to make something that I will keep. Thank you for a lovely giveaway. x


  2. I have a Laura Heine’s chicken too! My biggest advice is cut cut cut out lots of flowers! I love my AccuQuilt cutter to help with some of the flower cutting – especially large ones like the Clydesdale I want to do! Just finishing the binding on the bison.
    The chicken isn’t as big as others I have done so hoping it goes faster.
    It is fun figuring out where you want to put fabric. Makes you look at fabric totally differently.
    Have fun & enjoy the process!


  3. Hi Monique, I love the fact that you made a list of the things you would like to accomplish this year. I never get to actually making the list. I think about all the things I would like to do and then jump in and get distracted. Absolutely start an Etsy account. It’s much easier than you think. You will be so excited when you make your first sale.

    Thank you for your blog. I can’t wait to see your collage quilt.



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