Little things….

Hello friends,

Can I tell you a little secret? Little, simple things bring me joy. A HUGE amount of joy. It can be the song of a little bird hiding out somewhere in the yard, or the cozy feel of a cloudy sky, which promises a day of hiding inside and spending time with my family.

Every afternoon during the week my daughter and I enjoy a cup of tea. Just opening up that tea cupboard and seeing all the choices brings me joy.

Stepping into my sewing room and seeing a project just waiting makes my heart sing. And taking the dog for a walk on a crisp morning and being able to crunch the leaves is so enjoyable.

Am I weird? Probably! But I think that if you can find joy in little simple things then you can find some joy in every day, even if every day is not a perfect day ( and I know some days can be downright hard). So this week I just want to share some pictures of things that are bringing me joy. And ask …what brings you joy?

Until next time~happy creating!


20 thoughts on “Little things….

  1. Reading blogs bring smiles. Seeing what my computer friends are doing and hearing their daily posts. Watching the squirrels playing out my window. Spending time with the kids and Grandkids. Just going thru my fabrics. Making to give a way. A good deep belly laugh where you can’t catch your breath and end up crying.


  2. Sitting outside, feeling the sun on my face, hearing birds sing, playing with the dog or having the cat on my lap. All of these bring me joy. An unexpected call or text from a friend, making something for someone and seeing how happy they are, my husbands smile, helping someone find the perfect fabric for their quilt. I could go on and on.

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  3. Reading your blog and seeing what your are up to. Opening the dishwasher and seeing my beautiful Fiestaware colors! Watching my 16 year old poodle still being able to do her round in circles dance when she gets excited. Riding by the local duck pond every time I go out. Hearing from my son. I have been making pieced heart blocks, totally improvised, just because I love hearts. I love your little heart quilt. Thanks for keeping us motivated!

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  4. Reading your blog makes me happy. Leaving the tv off and picking up my knitting needles while drinking a mug of hot tea makes me happy. Looking out the kitchen window watching the birds at the feeders, the deer at the mineral lick and the hillside makes me smile. Looking at quilt blocks in magazines and books and knowing I will make the perfect quilt someday makes me happy as I have a wonky block in every small quilt I have ever made. Well a girl can dream of a perfect quilt, can’t she? My husband and family make me happy on most days.

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  5. Watching three wild turkeys leave the flock, run like crazy to see what has dropped from the bird feeder, then slowly walk back. Their secret spot. This makes me laugh. A vole tunnels through the snow to grab a seed. It lives under the deck and hopes the cat doesn’t see him!

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  6. My oldest and best friend’s visit, we have known each other for 38 years and haven’t seen each other for about 4 years, so it was a lovely time catching up. Our cat and dog, watching them or just being with them makes me feel good. Waiting for the weekend so that I get to see my hubbie, he works away during the week, its always good to have him home and a little sad come Monday morning when he has to leave again. Looking at all the green around our backyard and the rest of the town, its so uplifting after such a long drought. Thinking of all the crafty things I want to make and hoping Autumn comes quick so I can do them. Love all your simple pleasures, take care my dear.

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    1. Oh Guida, I know how hard it is to not see your husband until the weekend…that is exactly how we lived for 8 months…absolutely no fun at all. But I’m happy that you are seeing green finally after all that drought AND that you got to see your best friend! xx


  7. As I have gotten older I have noticed the simpler things in life bring me joy, the smile and hug from a grandchild, the way my husband of 43 years still holds my hand when we are out, the sun on my face and my toes in the ocean, a visit from my twin, even watching the birds in the feeders while I quilt bring me joy. There is joy around us everywhere, everyday, we just need to take the time to notice .

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  8. Thank you for this post, sometimes we need to be reminded to look for joy when life is hard. Starting a new book, finding a book that I have been waiting to read at my favourite second hand book shop, baking a cake, talking to my oldest friend on the phone (we have been friends for 39 years and get to see each other once a year so I cherish our calls), finally finishing a piece of cross stitch or sewing, smelling a bar of chocolate (for some reason I always do this before I eat it), a very occasional hot chocolate, a rare face timing session with my daughter who lives abroad, spring flowers, an empty ironing basket. All joyful, thank you again for the post. x

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