Bits of this and that

Hello friends,

Every week it is always my goal to have something new and exciting to share with you all…sometimes, when you are working on a BIG project,  there is not much new and exciting to share unfortunately :).

I shared last week that I was ahead of schedule with my Irish Chain Sewalong project…well, that didn’t last long now, did it?! I have started quilting the sections ( I am quilting-as-I’m-going) but have 9 sections to do and that is a lot of marking, layering, and quilting….

I decided to do just a really simple criss-cross pattern in the patch blocks, and am quilting along the seams in the alternate blocks ( notice that the alternate blocks were constructed with less seams than traditional blocks, but I still want mine to look like the traditional block so I am “faking” some seams.

When all my sections are quilted, I will sew them all together, add a backing, and then quilt along all the blocks in the seam allowance to keep everything together nicely.

What I decided while quilting is that my machine ideally should be lower so that I’m not all tensed up trying to keep everything in its place. I had seen some of those fancy sewing tables where your machine sits in the table , but they are pretty pricey. So my dear hubby offered to make me my own sunk-in sewing machine table! He is a pretty handy woodworker so I have great confidence that I’ll end up with a great workspace! I ordered a cheap dining table from Walmart which will arrive next week and then I will be eagerly waiting! Stay tuned for photos of that project.

In my Facebook group I will be hosting a little Spring Sewalong. It was all inspired by this gorgeous quilt made by Helen Philipps: Via Helen Phillips blogspot

I think we all especially love the BIG hand stitching on this one and I’m looking forward to getting started on it. Our version will just be a little wall hanging, but if you would like to join in, you are very welcome! Just join our facebook group by going here:

Alright, that’s all I’ve got for you this week.

Until next time~happy creating!


14 thoughts on “Bits of this and that

    1. I have been thinking about that and I will definitely share the instructions, but at this point I’m not sure yet whether I will share the instructions somewhere on my blog as I write them or maybe when they are all finished… they will be available, but maybe not right away as a sew along format.


  1. Can’t wait to see that quilt when it’s completed, I love blue and white quilts or any 2 color quilt for that matter. I haven’t sewn for 2 weeks but now that my twin has flown back home guess I’ll have to think about getting back into my studio.

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  2. So you machine quilt each individual block with just batting on the back, them sew the blocks together,then put backing on back and hand quite in the ditches or machine sew in the ditches and bind Right?

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  3. Hi Monique

    The quilt is looking good! It must be exciting to see it growing into a quilt. How exciting that your husband will be able to adapt a table to allow you to get the most comfortable height for quilting-makes the job so much more fun.

    Kerrie ________________________________

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