The new normal

Who ever could have predicted that all of our lives would change so drastically in just a few weeks? Does it seem to you like we are living out a bad movie? It sure does to me, and I don’t know how many times I have said to my hubby: “…..this is so surreal…..”. Our two oldest boys are schooling the rest of their college semester from home. Our daughter’s place of work closed because it is considered “non-essential” so she’s now without a job, and our youngest has had his Spring break extended while the schools try and figure out how they are going to instruct online.

My hubby is a college administrator and he has been running (virtually that is…because of social distancing all meetings are conducted from the safety of everyone’s office or home) from meeting to meeting, because this Coronavirus protocol is ofcourse throwing lots of kinks into everyone’s life. IT IS A MESS. And don’t even get me started on the empty grocery store shelves…

My quilt room has turned into a classroom for the duration of this imposed social distancing protocol. I’m glad I have all that space and enough desks in there to accommodate everyone!

I miss going into my quilt room and working on a project. Now I check the schedule and see if anyone is “in class” before I head up there to steal some time. Mine are minor inconveniences, I know. People are dealing with much more serious issues, like their health or lack of paycheck. I am lucky and I know it. But it is just all so surreal!

Enough whining out of my corner of the world….let’s move onto some positive things that are a result of this worldwide pandemic! I just love the stories I’m seeing about the people in Italy making music together from the safe distance of their balconies. And how about the mobile home park that decided to put on a quilt show right in everyone’s front yard? This morning I saw a story that a hospital TV show has donated its supplies to real hospitals who need those supplies so badly right now….so many people are trying their best to make their little corner of the world a little bit brighter in many little ways and that makes my heart happy.

And then there are all the quilters who are providing free patterns to keep those who have been confined to home busy and entertained. So I thought I’d do my part and collect and share a bunch of those here so they are all together and you don’t have to go searching for them!

via Ameroonie Designs blog I just adore this quilt, don’t you? It is so sweet and cheery! You can find all the instructions by going to Amy’s blog right here:

Ellen, from Ellie’s Quiltplace, has started a new facebook group called The Lockdown Quilters, and she designed this sweet pillow just for members. Just go to the group and ask to be admitted to get access to the pillow pattern! via Ellie's Quiltplace

There is this free pattern from Fat Quarter Shop called Fat Quarter Flowers:

Via Fat Quarter Shop

I have been hosting  a little sewalong in the private facebook group that is just for followers of my blog and I wanted to share the instructions here also. As this is an ongoing sewalong, not all instructions are available yet, but there is plenty to keep you busy for now!

There is this great scrapbuster from Sunny Day Supply Companyvia Sunnydaysupplycompany

It looks super simple and look at all those happy scraps!

And finally, I came across this on facebook and love the idea! Today is National Quilting Day and wouldn’t it be fun to see lots of cheery quilts hanging in people’s yards and from porches?!

I hope these projects give you something to do while we wait out this social distancing time! And if you know of any others, please feel free to send me an email and share a link. I am happy to share more projects!

Until next time, stay safe, stay healthy, and happy creating!


30 thoughts on “The new normal

  1. I agree, It is surreal and I am starting to acknowledge the effects, anger, sadness, confusion, denial, just mostly exhausted
    I spent last week stocking my 96 year old daddy’s apartment with goodies (he is provided with meals, but they have trimmed the interactions at all Erickson communities now, which are independent living communities with cafe’s
    And going to a heart surgeon for hubbs.
    Now this week-end is the first time I have had a chance to sit and vegetate. I will try to get some house cleaning done in this state (I tend to focus better when I am pooped, so I will be a robot and do the cleaning today,) then I can sew all day tomorrow, watch some church on tv to stay strong
    I miss my 5 grand babies, my daughter just had our first baby boy in the family, and her third child. All of my grands are tots.
    We might do skype/facetime later this week-end with each of the families.
    Keep happy and strong. It is good to know we are all “suffering” and with internet and incredible ways to communicate, hopefully we can find people that really need some help and we can provide.

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    1. I feel a lot of the same and it is good to remember that we are all in this together. I miss my grown up kids my grown up grand children and our get togethers. My great granddaughters and sons. We FaceTime but we are all so busy right now cleaning lol and getting supplies organized, working from home it has all happened so fast !

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    2. Yes, aren’t we lucky to have the internet so we can still connect to each other, even if only virtually? Things are bound to get better at some point so let’s look forward to that time. Congrats on becoming a grandma again…xx


  2. Thank you for all the patterns! I jumped ahead on the little heart quilt and I sewed 6 blocks in a row instead of 5. For some reason I thought I was behind and now I’ve jumped ahead. I love the tulips. My mind is reeling with ideas for those. I will have to do some online shopping. 🙂

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  3. I always look forward to reading your blog, especially now! I also feel like this last week is completely surreal! When I wake up, it’s still reality.
    I find myself constantly cleaning and wiping down everything, washing my hands and then doing it all over again.
    I took on organizing my kitchen and food supply in my cabinets and freezer, my bathrooms have never been so sanitized!
    So onto dealing with my stress and anxiety comes your blog, reading tutorials and just looking at patterns and fabrics and wondering why am I cleaning and organizing and not just getting into my sewing room and get busy on so many projects?
    It’s prioritizing I know it’s the nurse in me that won’t stop preparing for the possible and being most prepared. But I will get thru this as we all will! Just my story for today. Stay safe

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  4. Thank You for the delightful quilting projects! since it’s Nat’. Quilt Day I’m going to hang my 2 Favorite Quilts outside and take a picture for Facebook! Thanks for the idea!

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  5. Reading your blog has kick started me for today! I was getting bogged down with the thought of not seeing my grandchildren much, even when they are only a door away. My husband and I are in an in-law-suite of the house. I usually would babysit two days a week, but not now (I’m 71). Better finish up my hearts quilt and start the new things you have added, Thanks Monique

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  6. Loved your suggestion to hang up a quilt outside on National Quilt Day. My sweet husband made that pissible. I can’t figure out how to send the picture to you, but it is lovely.

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  7. It’s is surreal but it’s our reality for a bit so we just need to make the best of it. I think we will all grow our families stronger as we survive this health crisis. I am so blessed I have a hobby to keep me busy and am grateful to the many crafters and designers that are being so generous and sharing patterns to help us through the long days. Today I jumped in and started sewing along with Laundry Basket quilts she has a new sew along and I just felt like I needed a change of pace, I love her style. Thanks for all you do to keep us crafting. Be well.

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  8. Feeling the same way here in NZ. We are a bit behind where you are, but have shut many facilities, like libraries, council offices, some universities, etc and asked 70 year old plus to stay home. We have had no deaths yet and our schools are still open. That will continue to change. Grandma lives next door so we set up church on line for her this morning. A new experience for her. Thank you for your post as we work out accepting our new normals

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    1. Oh dear, well I hope you are paying close attention to what’s happening elsewhere and taking precautions accordingly. We are finding a lack of certain supplies ( toilet paper and hand sanitizer being the biggies) but also lack of rice, beans, cheese…. Stay safe!


  9. Thanks Monique for giving links to free patterns. It is great that for us crafty folk our creative pursuits can provide a sense of normal in the midst of anything but normal. Glad that your family is doing okay, and lovely that you have your sewing space for them all to use as they seek to do the normal work/study aspects of life!


    Kerrie ________________________________

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  10. A lovely selection of ideas, thank you.
    It’s all very surreal round here too, it does feel a bit like the calm before the storm, the weather here in the UK is great so I’m sitting outside in the garden, drinking a cuppa. I feel blessed to have so many hobbies that boredom will not be an issue, and that the internet keeps us all connected. Do take care x

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