Some finished and unfinished projects, plus an impromptu quilt show

Hello friends,

How are you all hanging in there? We have gotten used to our new routines pretty much, but have been lucky that we have not been issued a “shelter in place” order yet, like so many other cities. So we still enjoy our walks around the neighborhood while exercising  the dogs, all while staying an appropriate distance from any neighbors ofcourse,  and I was even able to enjoy some nice DRY weather and muck around in my little Peter Rabbit garden a bit earlier in the week. Our little pup thought that was great fun and has proven to be quite a good digger, which I must teach him NOT to do :).

On the crafty front, I have mostly been doing handwork, seeing as my quiltroom is currently a classroom. When I’m able to, I sneak in for a bit here and there, but I don’t want to distract the kids too much.

I mentioned the Lockdown Quilters group on facebook in last week’s blog post, and this week joined in and embroidered this sweet little nurse angel.  I was very disappointed to see my red variegated thread run like crazy, but was able to rinse and wash it until it looked not too noticeable. I think you know that I’m a big Sulky thread fan and I am definitely going to let the company know that their variegated thread is NOT colorfast ( but see the little red cross? Not one hint of dye weeping, so I definitely think it’s the variegated that is the issue!)

I also finished my Happy Little Hearts quilt ( when you do a “sewalong” , you actually have to work quite a bit in advance in order to iron out the details for the instructions you post!) and really, really love how it turned out! I might just have to make a larger version some day.

I also completed my quilt that used the tutorial from Sunny Day Supply Co ( also a link in last week’s blog post). I am busy hand quilting this one with a BIG stitch ( in green this time!) because I had such a good time using that method on my Happy Little Hearts quilt. Did you notice that the scraps I used in this quilt are leftovers from the heart one??

Last Saturday was National Quilt Day so dear hubby strung some line between our two big maples in the front yard and together we hung some of my quilts. I don’t know if other people enjoyed my impromptu quilt show, but it made my heart happy to see them blowing in the wind! 

I haven’t yet decided what my next project will be. Lord knows that I have plenty of UFO’s, but exactly how many of them contain work I can do by hand ( or let’s face it~I want to do by hand!) I don’t know….

How about you? Are you finding time to do some stitching these days? I hope so!

Until next time, stay safe, stay healthy, and happy creating!



17 thoughts on “Some finished and unfinished projects, plus an impromptu quilt show

  1. I’m doing well. I am so glad you and your family are doing well. You wall quilt and your tulip quilt are so pretty! That little puppy of yours is so cute!
    I decided to work on my UFO’s and get them all finished. I’m trying to not start anything new until I have them all done but then this person I know comes out with a sew along and here I go making a little quilt with hearts on it. 🙂 I haven’t completed it but will get to it. I’m working on a quilt I started 2 or 3 years ago. When that is done I will have another quilt plus 3 wall hangings and table runner to complete. I just finished all the hand applique on one of the wall hanging quilts. I’ve started finishing the hand work on the table runner. I’m doing embroidery on it. I’ll post pictures on Facebook. Thank you, Monique for keeping us all inspired.

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    1. Hahahahaha, I am SO sorry for distracting you with new projects….NOT! Good luck with all your UFO’s….this is a great time for pulling them all out, isn’t it? And I would love to see you share them in the FB group!


  2. Your little dog is so cute. Our puppy is growing like a weed and is constantly making us laugh with his antics. He too loves to dig so I’ve been busy trying to fill in the holes and keep him from digging up any of my plants. I haven’t been sewing much. Hubby had surgery Wednesday so I’ve been taking care of him. He’s recovering nicely. My plans are to finish some UFOs that have been sitting around for awhile. I’m happy to hear you are all well. Take care!

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  3. Oh Yes! It looks like you do little french knots around some of your appliques? Love you clothes line quilt display! we were driving down a different country road one day and there was a quilt spread over the railing on the porch. It looks so home I wondered if she did this for atmosphere or just airing the quilt! I Loved It!

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    1. I LOVE driving around and seeing quilts out! I think I might just “air” out my quilts a little more often this Spring ;). I’m not sure which applique you are talking about when you think you see french knots….


  4. Hi Monique. Love your Happy Little Hearts quilt and enjoy reading your blog. I’m especially fond of hearts. I can’t seem to get the heart template to download, so would you please send me an email link. Thanks. I couldn’t get your contact me link to work either. It sounds like I’m the problem!
    I’ve been working on long forgotten cross stitch projects. It’s fun to get back into it. Quilting kind of took over, and I haven’t done any cross stitching for ages. I’m enjoying staying put and not being allowed to go anywhere so, I can stay home and work on whatever. It’s nice not to feel any guilt for doing that.
    Glad you are doing well. We are too.

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  5. I’m managing to quilt a bit when I’m not busy homeschooling my granddaughter, I am happy to help and it’s bringing back lots of memories from when my kids were young. Working on numerous projects, my sons hockey quilt, Edyta Star’s new sew along from scraps gifted to me, and my Lori Holt vintage projects. Our shelter in place order has now been extended for 4 more weeks so I have plenty of time on my hands. Stay safe and enjoy life’s little pleasures.

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  6. Hi Monique, I love that I can stay in touch through your blog and look forward to it each week. Love seeing what you are working on and how that cute puppy is doing! I’m enjoying the Happy Little Hearts sew along and looking forward to the next instruction about the hand quilting. We had a Stay at Home order issued this past Tuesday at midnight, but had actually been doing that on our own for a couple weeks now. My husband is in the high risk category if he was to get this virus so we’ve been stuck in for a couple weeks now. He helped me get a design wall up in my sewing room so that was a perk of being stuck inside. Look forward to more fun projects that you’ll be sharing with us!

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