A different kind of post today!

Hello friends,

This week I thought I’d share some people and businesses and items that are inspiring me at this time!

First of all I would like to introduce you to a really fun and happy artist I discovered online. Her name is Tricia Robinson ( click) and I think I first saw one of her paintings on Instagram. Here she is at work:  And these are some of her art pieces: Tricia Robinson art

Tricia Robinson art

Aren’t they just the happiest pieces? I also thought they would make fabulous collage quilts ;). Tricia is full of happiness and I think it shows in her words and her work. I hope you will take some time to check out her work!

Secondly I want to tell you about a sweet little online shop I found: It’s called Hunniequilt  (click)  and is owned by Minju.


Minju has the nicest fabric bundles and her fabric is always discounted 10%. On top of that she also offers free shipping on orders over $35! She always includes a little extra in her shipments: a sweet personalized note and a surprise. I LOVE receiving orders from Minju!  Do go check out her shop if you are looking for a curated bundle of fabrics.

I had shared before that I had joined the Love&Hugs from Australia Facebook group (click). The designers in that group are sharing the most wonderful stitchery  designs and I am thoroughly enjoying working on them! Here are 3 of my blocks so far ….. 20200417_101636

I have to tell you that the chain stitch in the rainbow took me FOREVER,  but I do really like the way it makes the rainbow pop more.

And finally,  I found this sweet sew along/tutorial from Sunny Day Supply Company ( click):

image via Sunny Day Supply blog

This is called the Norah quilt and I love EVERYTHING about it! If you are an Instagram user you can use the #Norahquilt and you will see all kinds of amazing creations. This one is definitely going on my list!

These people/quilts/sew-alongs/stores have all brought me lots of joy this past week and I hope they bring you some joy as well! Take care, dear people, and stay safe.

Until next time~happy creating!




10 thoughts on “A different kind of post today!

  1. Your posts are always so full of cheer and have such beautiful things to make. I love, love, love today’s post ! Thank you Monique! Peace and good health to you and those you love.

    Liked by 1 person

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