Would you like a little peek inside my quilt room?

It has been a while since I hosted a tour of my quilt room and I thought it might be fun to show you where I create ( well, pre Covid-19 that is….these days my quilt room is mostly a classroom, but I was able to sneak in for some pics anyway 😉 )

As I have explained before, my room is always changing to make it work better for me, so it doesn’t look much like the space it did when I first moved in there.

Are you ready? Welcome and come on in!

Right behind my door I have a little rack with some fun little projects, as well as some business cards. On the closet door I hung a shoe organizer that holds all kinds of goodies, from trim to zippers, and little ready-made kits that I have collected over the years.


Right next to that are 2 fairly new additions: A baker’s rack ( a Marketplace find!) and a cheap bookcase ( Target, under 25 bucks). The rack holds more of my pretties..buttons…and special items made by my sister and friends. The bookcase was really a necessity. I have a LOT of quilt books and magazines  and was running out of room to store them. The bookcase is not particularly pretty but gets the job done. That sewing machine I found for 5 bucks at a junk shop. It’s not functional but I love the paint job!

Around the corner is my rubber stamp zone. I love to make my own cards and have collected stamps over many years ( I actually was a rubber stamper and scrapbooker before becoming a quilter!) 

My big desk mostly holds my papers and paints used for stamping, but the top holds quilt patterns and jelly rolls. 

I love jelly rolls! 

I also like to incorporate pretty little items in my space! Most of these come from junk shops or flea markets.

Next is my bookcase that holds odds and ends….some books that are not quilting related, plus some themed fabric: 

On top of this bookcase I have some more pretties and gifts from friends. 

Under my window at the back is another new bookcase. This one I’m still in the process of filling up. This one holds my special magazines that I cannot part with. 

I try and include little happy items every where I can…some made by me, some made by others, and others bought ( our youngest son painted that picture when he was maybe 4 or 5 and I love it!)

Next is my “everything” shelf.  It is made from a long bench, topped with a shutter, and on top of that a piece of plywood that I will paint a pretty color one of these days. These shelves hold all kinds of quilting and card-making supplies. 

Those little plastic containers hold my bigger scraps. These are proving to be GREAT because when I need scraps for a project the colors are all there for me to pick from. When I clean my room I sort my fabric into size and colors and place the smallish scraps into these containers until the next time they are needed. Bigger ones get folded into FQ’s and small ones get placed into my “strings” bin. 

Next up is my cutting table, which is really a free-standing kitchen island. It is very solid and heavy, and the perfect height for cutting on. It also has 2 drawers and 2 cabinet doors so lots of storage on the inside as well. 

My little button cabinet is a favorite! Every one of those drawers is filled with buttons…have I mentioned that I LOVE buttons?

The kitchen table my husband converted into a sunken-in sewing table for my machine. It is great to have a large workspace to work on quilts!

This little shelf holds a lot of my specialty rulers ( which I really must get out and start using more regularly!) 

Next up is my design wall, which I wish was bigger, but with a sloped ceiling there is not a bigger option. 

My pressing table is next. It is constructed out of plywood and 2×4’s so very simple to do yourself if you have a few tools. 

To hide the not-so-pretty legs plus all the junk under the table, I fastened a curtain rod to the front and sewed an old quilt top into little curtains that slide open and closed.

Some more pretties in this little corner of the room…  That door leads to a small walk-in closet where I store UFO’s and projects in progress.

Up next are my bookcases. I should point out that this is the ONLY full-sized wall in the entire room so this is the only place my bookcases could go.

Those plastic container in the middle are where I keep my fabric scraps that are cut into strips, as well as my “strings” and wool scraps. These have been another wonderful solution to organizing scraps. 

I organized my books by topic last year and that has been helpful when I’m looking for a particular book, although a lot of books fall into more than one category…I always place them where I think I will look for them first and so far that is working.

While I was taking my photos I had my little trusty sidekick, our rescue pup Dusty, helping me out ( well, he was busy pulling scraps of batting out of a basket, but we will pretend he was “helping” 😉 ). He actually does love to keep me company when I sew and has his own little pillow under my sewing table. 

Thanks for stopping by and I hope that some of my storage and organizing ideas might be of use to some of you.

Until next time~stay safe, and happy creating!



40 thoughts on “Would you like a little peek inside my quilt room?

  1. Monique, your sewing room looks so sweet. I love all of the jelly rolls, and Dusty is adorable, and I like the sign “to quilt or not to quilt, what a silly question” You have a lot of treasures too. I have a lot of treasures as well.
    Your space looks very cozy and inviting.

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  2. I love your quilting room and Dusty is so darned cute. My poor room has had to become the catch all room where everything our puppy, Charlie, chews on. I barely have enough room to get to my machine. I think that’s why I haven’t been sewing much lately. All that clutter stifles my creativity.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow, your room must be huge to get all of that in, so much creative joy all together. I completely understand why you have the bookcases on the one wall, it sounds like our bedroom which has a sloping ceiling and only one full height wall where we have to have the wardrobes.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh Monique, what a wonderful, bright, and cheery sewing room. You have given me many ideas,which I hope to incorporate into my own space. I especially like the way you have all your rubber stamps displayed. What a great idea.
    Thanks for the tour.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I want a dedicated quilt studio. Currently I use the kitchen island and breakfast nook table. I am thinking if I keep leaving it all out it will help persuade my financially responsible hubby that adding a studio in the attic (major $$$) is a good idea. LOL So far no luck.

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  6. Your workspace is so sweet! I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one who is continually revamping the sewing space to make it work more efficiently!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Esther,
      My strings bin is anything that is skinnier ( or too short in my opinion) to go into one of my other bins that I have sorted by size. ( My skinniest bits that I actually organize are 1.5 inch). So anything skinnier than 1.5 inches counts as a string. I actually don’t use them too much and might decide to get rid of that box….you can make a cute block with strings when you use a foundation, or some people like to make art backgrounds by sewing strings randomly to a background and then cutting that up and using it. Just google string quilt ideas and you will see some great ideas 😉


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